June 2019 Japan Candy Box || Japan Candy Box de Junio de 2019

June 2019 Japan Candy Box || Japan Candy Box de Junio de 2019


Hello and happy Sunday. Today I’m bringing you one of my favorite types of unboxings because I love snacks and I love trying new candy. The reason why I’m so into Japan Candy Box is that I get so many products in a single box, and every month I get to discover something new, and it’s a fun treat to receive. I also love the fact that I don’t have to pay for shipping because it already comes included in the subscription price. Anyway, let’s get started, shall we?

Kabaya Fruit Can Gummies

Gummies are only second to chocolate in my candy ranking. I really loved everything about these, from the packaging to the actual candy that looks like orange slices, to their texture and flavor. I even tried to get them through the Japan Candy Store but they were out of stock, so you know that many people think like me.

Ginbis Ginza Rusk White Vanilla

Okay, in theory, this could be amazing because we all know I love cookies, or anything crunchy for that matter. The thing is, the execution of these snacks wasn’t for me at all. The texture is kind of chalky, it’s the kind of food that kind of dissolves in your mouth, and I don’t like that. I also have a problem with the way Japanese vanilla or cream in general tastes because I feel it’s super buttery.

Yaokin Strawberry Roll Candy

This is literally the Japanese version of a Fruit Roll-Up or a Fruit By the Foot. I’m Colombian, so I don’t think I’d ever tried something like this although I knew about it, and I thought it was amazing.

Fortune Telling Strawberry Milk Candies

You were supposed to ask questions before you ate these or something, but I don’t like to play with my food, I just eat it. These taste exactly as it’s described: strawberry milk, so more like strawberry milkshake. They were good, but nothing remarkable.

Yaokin Long Chu Grape Taffy

If the other candy was like a Fruit Roll-Up, then this can be the Japanese version of a Laffy Taffy, only this was shorter and softer. I would prefer this to a Laffy Taffy actually.

Salty Lemon Kakipi Rice Crackers & Peanuts

I’m not kidding when I say my mouth watered as I was typing the name. These were amazing and I would totally eat them again. It’s common in Colombia to have lemon-flavored savory snacks like chips and peanuts, so this wasn’t really weird to me. Based on the texture and size of each cracker, I’d compare this snack to peanuts.

Marukawa Crushed Ice Cola Bubble Gum 

I have an issue with Japanese gum, and it’s that it loses its flavor and texture too quickly. It gets slimy and almost liquidy in a matter of minutes, which is annoying. I’d rather get chewy candy that isn’t gum for that matter.

Fruit Forest Mochi Candy

I think this fits into the “gummy” category, but it’s the kind of gummy I don’t like. The squares were tiny and hard to chew. The flavor was alright, but considering the size of each individual piece, it was hard to enjoy it. Also, the basket it came from was made of this carton-like wafer. All in all this was a fail for me.

Glico Pretz Extra Crisp Basil & Olive

I honestly didn’t think I’d like this at all and I totally did. I don’t know if I’d buy these pretzels again, but it was nice to try them out. They’re kind of oily when you take them out of the pack, which isn’t super fun, but they have a nice flavor.

Puré Green & Gold Kiwi Gummy

I love Puré gummies. I love the chunky sugar the gummies are coated with and I like that the candy is always sour. I’m not a huge fan of kiwi, but I liked how the gummies tasted.

Which of these would you like to try and why? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila




Hola y feliz domingo. Hoy les traigo uno de mis unboxings favoritos porque me encanta la comida y me encanta probar dulces nuevos. La razón por la que me gusta tanto la Japan Candy Box es que me llegan muchos productos en una sola caja y cada mes puedo descubrir algo nuvo, y es un premio que es divertido recibir. También me encanta que no hay que pagar por el envío porque ya viene incluido en el precio de la suscripción. ¿Comenzamos?


Gomas en Lata de Frutas Kabaya

Las gomitas tienen el segundo lugar después del chocolate en mi ranking de dulces. Realmente me encantó todo de estas gomitas, desde el empaque hasta los dulces que se ven como gajos de naranja, a la textura y el sabor. Incluso traté de comprarlas a través de la Japan Candy Store pero estaban agotadas, entonces muchas personas deben pensar como yo.

Ginbis Ginza Rusk de Vainilla Blanca 

Bueno, en teoría, esto podría ser excelente porque todos sabemos que me encantan las galletas, o cualquier cosa crujiente. La cosa es que la ejecución de esto no era para mí. La textura es un poco como de tiza, es el tipo de comida que se disuelve en la boca, y eso no me gusta. También tengo un problema con la forma como saben la vainilla o la crema japonesa porque se siente como mantequilla.

Yaokin Dulce en Rollo de Fresa

Esto es literalmente la versión japonesa de un rollo de fruta. Soy colombiana, entonces no creo que hubiera probado algo así aunque sabía de eso, y me pareció increíble.

Dulces de Leche de Fresa Que Dicen la Fortuna

Se supone que uno tenía que hacer una pregunta antes de comerse esto o algo, pero a mí no me gusta jugar con mi comida, yo solo me la como. Estos saben exactamente como los describen: leche de fresa, entonces más como una malteada de fresa. Estaban bien, pero nada memorable.

Yaokin Chu Dulce Largo Masticable de Uva 

Si los otros dulces eran como un rollo de fruta, entonces estos eran la versión japonesa de una Fruna, solo que más suave. Preferiría esto a una Fruna, de hecho.

Galletas de Arroz Kakipi & Maní con Sabor a Limón 

No estoy molestando cuando digo que mientras escribía el nombre se me hacía agua la boca. Estos estaban increíbles y me los comería otra vez. Es común en Colombia tener snacks salados con sabor a limón, como papas y maní, entonces esto no fue raro para mí. Basándome en la textura y el tamaño de cada galleta, compararía esto con maní.

Chicle de Cola con Hielo Picado Marukawa  

Tengo un problema con el chicle japonés, y es que pierde el sabor y la textura muy rápidamente. Se vuelve viscoso y casi líquido en cuestión de minutos, y eso me molesta. Me gustaría más recibir dulces masticables que no sean chicle, para esa gracia.

Dulces de Mochi de Frutos del Bosque 

Creo que esto entra en la categoría de “goma,” pero es el tipo de goma que no me gusta. Los cuadrados son muy pequeños y difíciles de masticar. El sabor estaba bien, pero considerando el tamaño de cada pieza individual, era difícil disfrutarlo. También, la canasta en la que venía estaba hecha de esta oblea con textura de cartón. En general, esto fue un fracaso para mí.

Glico Pretz Pretz Extra Crujiente de Albahaca & Aceituna

Honestamente no pensé que me gustaría esto y me encantó. No sé si compraría estos pretzels otra vez, pero me gustó probarlos. Son un poco grasosos cuando los sacas del paquete, lo que no es muy divertido, pero tienen un buen sabor.

Gomas Verdes & Doradas Puré 

Me encantan las gomas de Puré. Me encanta el azúcar gruesa en la que vienen recubiertas y me encanta que los dulces siempre son ácidos. No soy una gran fan del kiwi, pero me gustó cómo sabían estas gomas.

¿Cuál de estos dulces te gustaría probar y por qué? Cuéntame en los comentarios.

¡Feliz domingo!

Con amor, Miss Camila

August 2019 Kawaii Box

August 2019 Kawaii Box

Hello and happy Sunday. Scheduling posts in advance, or even planning to write something with months of anticipation is funny because I always want to say “it’s been a while since I’ve done this” but you’re probably still getting those posts consistently because I wrote them a while before. Anyway, this is a Kawaii Box unboxing and I am always excited to make these, especially since my subscription is over and I will not be unsubscribing. I am a teacher, so most of the items I get, go directly to my classroom because I used to have a “market” every month and my kids could get rewards in exchange of sticker points they earned. I’m clarifying because you might be wondering why I get this box only to leave everything in my classroom.

Kawaii Desserts Erasers

I don’t know why but I love erasers that don’t look like erasers. At some point, I had a chocolate-bar-shaped one, a carrot-shaped one, and yes, I felt very tempted to keep this cute dessert plate with candy-shaped erasers for myself, but I thought my students would enjoy them more.

Nekoni Mini Puffy Stickers

I can’t see clearly which stickers these are, so I don’t know whether they went into my classroom or I kept them for myself. I like having these stickers too, even though nine times out of ten they go to my students.

Mystery Kawaii Snack 

These were matcha/powder milk snacks and let me tell you, the texture is pretty weird. I would advice to get a glass of water or milk or something with these because they’re powdery. I’m not a huge fan of matcha but these were alright.

Shimmery Mt Fuji Pen and Donut Bunny Pen

These pens are the cutest and the ink is amazing. I already have many, so I decided to leave them for my students, even though they’re still in elementary and don’t use pens yet.

Lollipop Highlighter Set

This was the first thing that one of my students got when I did the “market” thing. That is, this set of lollipop-shaped highlighters was the first thing that went, and honestly, had I been a student, these too would have been my first choice.

Shibanban Sticky Notes

In hindsight, I should’ve kept these to myself because I’m running out of ones and I never get around to buying sticky notes. I am sure one of my students is probably enjoying them now.

Fluffy Bunny Dancing Ears Hat

I’ve never worn this and I probably never will, but I’m keeping this just in case in the drawer where I have all sorts of accessories. What if one day I decide to dress up like a bunny for a lesson?

School Girl Aiko Notebook

In my class last school year I had three boys and one girl. The girl got this notebook. She always waited to have enough points to get the “big” items.

Which of these items was your favorite and why? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Splendies #2 Haul

Splendies #2 Haul

Hello and happy Sunday. It’s time for me to come to terms with the fact that I’m a panty hoarder. Okay, that sounds totally wrong, but maybe some of you, like me, have a box full of panties and you never seem to run out of them, even after a long trip or not doing laundry for a while. I know I can go over a month without having to wash my underwear because that’s how much I have.

The thing is, I would wait until I traveled to the States and I’d buy my panties at Victoria’s Secret taking advantage of the famous “buy 5 for $25” sale. The thing is, I haven’t been traveling to the States and Victoria’s Secret is a horrible company. Luckily, though, I found Splendies and I truly feel like it’s changed my panty game. In the previous post I talked about the different plans Splendies offers, but what you need to know is that each month I get three panties and I’ll show them to you.

This is my second month with Splendies. As you can see, the three pieces are in different styles because I chose a variety pack. The thong is sexy without being straight-up lingerie. I really like that it’s a deep navy and not black, which might be a classic, but it’s a bit overdone. The gray panties are my go-to for days when I’m not feeling particularly sexy. Look, I’m a teacher and there are days when I don’t want to feel a piece of fabric between my buttcheeks. You know, on casual days I want a bit more freedom. I love the gray because, again, it’s a change from the colors we usually get. Finally, we have the granny panties, or what I call “period panties.” This is a style I’d never seen: it’s almost like a thong in the front, but it has full coverage in the back.

I have no clue where the gray panties are. I’m sure I wore them once but I don’t think I’ve seen them since. If I find them I’ll probably throw them away anyway. What’s your favorite style of underwear? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

June 2019 Glam Bag Plus

June 2019 Glam Bag Plus

Hello and happy Sunday. Last week I shared with you my final Ipsy Glam Bag haul and today it’s time to do the same with the Glam Bag Plus. I’m honestly not upset that I only got two boxes because they weren’t really good. I’m going to go over the items but I won’t share links because I wouldn’t recommend any.

If you remember, besides my May Glam Bag Plus being super late, it didn’t come with a booklet explaining the products. This one did, but again, I got no makeup bag. I think I made a mistake in last week’s post and I mentioned the Tetris x Ipsy palette, but I actually got it in the Glam Bag Plus, not the regular one. The color selection is a shit show: you get a matte beige, a super light brown, a purple, a pink, a blue, and a silver, all of which, might I add, were shimmery. In my opinion, there was no color story there. The Ipsy value was $25, which means that it almost covered the cost of the entire box.

Then we had the Suva eyeliner and brush, which I get, can be useful for people who are learning to apply eyeliner or who prefer a softer touch than the one from liquid eyeliners. It is also a female-owned brand, so that adds points. The downside is that you must “activate” the product using water, and that added step is annoying enough for me to either use regular liquid eyeliner or not wear any at all. The value estimated by Ipsy was $26. I’m not paying that for some black paint I seldom wear on my eyelids.

My anger is increasing because we’re now going to discuss the 111 Skin booster or whatever. It isn’t even clear what it does to the skin, and honestly, it has the texture and scent of spit. Yes, I’ve had spit on my face. Don’t ask. It is a male-owned brand, which I wouldn’t be too eager to support, and its estimated value is $180. No, thank you.

Previously I told you how I hate that I get the same type of product over and over. Well, this time I got my second tube of mascara in a month. This one is from Pür, which is a female-owned brand. The estimated value of this product is $21. I think at that point the people at Ipsy weren’t even trying to “personalize” my boxes or bags.

Finally, I got the liquid lipstick at the top. It’s from Ciaté, which is a female-owned brand, and as you can see, it is very similar to another Ciaté lipstick I have, which I got from another Ipsy Glam Bag. The color is undeniably gorgeous, although at $19 I wouldn’t buy it.

This frustrating haul has come to an end. Now I’m going to put on my PJs and play Sims. While I do that let me know your thoughts on subscription services that offer “upgrades” for an added value.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila


May 2019 Glam Bag Plus

May 2019 Glam Bag Plus

Hello and happy Sunday. Just last week I was telling you about my subscription with Ipsy ending and the reasons why I’m not resubscribing. Yes, the Glam Bag Plus I was anticipating so much arrived over a month after the end of my subscription. I get that I’m going to have to wait more time to get my stuff since it arrives at a P.O Box in the States and then is sent to Colombia, but this box was actually sent to me after May was over, which means it wasn’t a mailing problem but an Ipsy problem. I don’t know, it felt like when someone says they want to give you a present and then they’re so shitty about it that you’d rather not get it, only this wasn’t a present but a subscription service paid with my money.

Because I’m being more conscientious about what I buy, I did my research and found out that only Il Makiage, which is the mascara brand, is male-owned. I think 4-1 is a nice ratio and an empowering example for Ipsy subscribers, considering that Ipsy itself is female-owned. Now,  that’s just about the only positive aspect of my experience with the Glam Bag Plus. The box itself was a pain to open and it was all tattered and smushed. My first thought when I saw it was “things in the glam bag are more protected than this.” I don’t know, it might sound silly and like I’m being extremely nitpicky here but if I’m paying $15 extra for this service, the quality of the packaging should improve, no? Additionally, I thought that on the first month of one’s subscription you got a makeup bag, which I didn’t, and I didn’t even get one of those booklets that come with the products.

As you will going to see just about now, the products didn’t make up for the crappy experience. In my opinion, they were unnecessarily overpriced and I wouldn’t even consider buying them myself. I’d rather spend those $25 on Colour Pop makeup.

GlamGlow Bubblesheet

Ipsy price: $7.65

Real price: $9


Ipsy price: $30

Real price: $30

YENSA Tone Up Primer

Ipsy price: $28

Real price: $35

Wanderess Palette

Ipsy price: N/A

Real price: $25

Il Makiage Mascara 

Ipsy price: $25

Real price: $25

If anything, my price research concluded that Ipsy’s prices are actually lower than the real ones, which is awesome since I always think the estimated prices of items in subscription boxes get inflated. I’m pretty sure we have another month of the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and then we’ll be done with this subscription service. What did you think of it? Do you like it when services have “upgrades” like this one? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

December 2018 Japan Candy Box

December 2018 Japan Candy Box

Hello and happy Tuesday. I thought my Japan Candy Box had been a one-time purchase, but apparently I subscribed, which means in December I got a box. And I ate all the candy before taking a picture for the thumbnail, so instead you have that glossy magazine paper that comes with each box to illustrate what I ingested. Let’s get started, shall we?

Kanro Candemina Assembly

These are like blocks you can actually put together and “build” stuff. I think that’s the selling part of this, rather than the actual flavor. The pieces of candy are supposedly sour, but they taste so chemically that you can’t even sense it. I ate the entire bag (obviously), but I think if there’s a next time, I’ll just have one or two, for funsies.

Christmas Umaibo Chocolate Flavor 

This apparently was a very forgettable chocolate bar because I don’t remember it at all. Chocolate is good. The fact that it’s forgettable means that I didn’t hate it, so at least there’s that.

Black Thunder Christmas Minibar

You know from last week’s post that I love crunchy chocolate bars, especially those with cookies in them. I can’t say a lot about this one because I really don’t remember it, but it must have been good. I know this isn’t the best review ever, but I want you to see the different kinds of snacks and candy included in the box, and for you to sense how varied it its.

Tohato Christmas Caramel Corn 

In Colombia we have caramel snacks like this. Imagine the original Cheetos, but instead of tasting salty or having a cheese flavor, they taste like caramel. This is what these snacks were, and I’m pretty sure for some reason there were some stray peanuts at the bottom of the bag as well. I like that these were included because even though they’re sweet, they qualify more as a snack, so I think they’re an option for people who don’t really like candy, but who still enjoy caramel.

Bourbon Petit Cinnamon Biscuits

These cookies take the cake when it comes to this Japan Candy Box. They are teeny tiny tea cookies that taste like cinnamon and Christmas and love. I thoroughly enjoyed them and I wish the box had come with more. I’m not even a huge fan of cinnamon, but given that these cookies were so small, the amount was just perfect and not at all overpowering.

Ginbis Christmas Shimi Choco Corn Snack 

I’m trying to remember this, but I’m having a hard time as well (sorry, I know I suck). In Colombia we also have chocolate-covered corn snacks, so I think that’s what these probably look and taste like. Again, the fact that this isn’t really considered candy makes it a very interesting option for people who just want a taste of something sweet.

Bourbon Tsum Tsum Xmas Biscuits and Yaokin Merry Christmas Fugashi Snack

I’m sorry, I really can’t help you with these ones. I have no idea what they are or what they taste like.

Glico Caplico Atama White Milk Chocolate

This was chocolate in the shape of an ice cream cone, and my only memory of it is that I wanted to drink a glass of water after I ate this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good chocolate, but to me it was way too milky and sweet. If you like rich chocolate, that is thick and dense, then you’ll love this.

Fortune Telling Ramune Candy

Like the brick candy, these are cool because of the way they are presented, rather than because of their flavor. They just come like pills, and have different colors and designs on them. Other than that, they’re just like any other candy out there.

That’s it for today’s haul. In the comments below tell me about a subscription box you’ve tried recently and you’d like me to try as well.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila


April and May 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Haul

April and May 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Haul

Hello and happy Sunday. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I’ve been slowly falling out of love with Ipsy. I will tell you more about it in another post, but sadly, I feel that now that it’s a bigger, more established brand, it has become so commercial that the personalized aspect of it is gone and everybody is basically getting the same products regardless of what they bought. Maybe my taste in makeup has changed, or I’m just not as excited to get the stuff I used to. Anyway, here’s the breakdown of the glam bags I got in April and May of 2019.

April 2019


Huangjisoo Broccoli Plumping Mask and Red Fruits Brightening Mask 

Size: I got the actual masks, so they’re the full-sized product.

Price: Each pack of 5 is $30. This means that each individual mask is $6.

*I feel like clarifying that I got two packs of individual masks, so I only got two masks.

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I like masks and I’ve come to like sheet masks even more. I appreciate the fact that I was sent two because I shared one with my mom, but honestly, do you really think I’ll spend $6 on a single sheet mask? If so, you don’t know me.

Nomad Cosmetics Eyeshadow in Kreuzberg 

Size: I’m not sure if this is the size of the shadow in the palette (0.05 oz or 1.5g) or the size of an eyeshadow single (0.08oz or 2.2g).

Price: The single eyeshadows are $12 each, however, Kreuzberg is not available. It is available in a palette that has 15 shadows and is $37.

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I wouldn’t buy that eyeshadow for several reasons. The first one is that the color is this minty green that I honestly have worn like once or twice. It is not a shade I’m drawn towards. Besides that, I think the price points are kind of shady. Why is an eyeshadow palette so cheap compared to separate shadows? The difference in size and weight is not that big, is it?

Purlisse Blue Lotus Balancing Moisturizer 

*I didn’t get this in my Glam Bag. I exchanged it for points, and they sent it to me along with the Glam Bag products. I thought the clarification was in order. 

Size: I got the only size available in the online store, which is 1.7oz or 50mL. I’d say it’s a travel-size product but it seems to be sold as a full-size.

Price: $45

Buy? Yes/No? Why? Would I spend $45 buying a product I’m sure is sold as a full-size even though it is travel-size? Not in a million years. Don’t get me wrong, this moisturizer is amazing and I’m sure some people will find the price justifiable given its benefits. I’m not one of those people, though. I think this is straight-up overpriced and I’m glad I got it in exchange for points and technically didn’t have to spend anything on it.

The Balm Creamy Lip Stain in Namaste

Size: I got a sample-size version (1.7 mL or 0.057 fl oz). The full-size version is 6.5 mL or 0.22 fl oz.

Price: The full-size product is $14.

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I have many lip products, and I have many lip products that are way cheaper and better quality than this “lip stain.” It looks creamy, but it has the sensation of vaseline on your lips, and it never dries. Can you imagine trying to live your best life with magenta smeared on your lips not knowing when and where it’ll transfer? Lip stains were cute five or six years ago, but they’re not an original or inventive product. I won’t waste my money and I hope you don’t either.

Tarte Base Tape Primer 

Size: I got a 10mL or 0.33 fl oz sample. The full-size product is 30mL or 1.014 fl oz.

Price: $30

Buy? Yes/No? Why? Okay, here’s the moment when you’ll think something’s wrong with me because I would consider buying this if I actually had the money. You know I go through many different products at the same time, but I’ve used my mini sample for the past five months and I ran out of it a couple of days ago. What I’m saying is that this product lasts, which means I’d ultimately be saving money with it. Besides, I love the smell and the feel of it on my face. The texture is a bit too liquid but other than that, it’s great.

Doucce Punk Volumizer Mascara

Size: I got the sample-size version. The full size is 0.46 fl oz or 13.5 mL.

Price: $24

Buy? Yes/No? Why? I would not buy this mascara. I think mascara is one of those products you should never make a big investment on because it literally dries out after six months or even less. I think you should have many different cheap mascaras, and $24 is not cheap. Besides, I’ve worn this one twice and I’ve hated how it looks on my eyelashes. It makes them look long and lanky, like spider legs, and I’m just not about that life. Additionally, this is a male-owned brand and I’d like to support more women in the business.

May 2019

Oryza Nude Shimmer and Contour Eyeshadow

Size: I got the full-size product (0.025kg).

Price: $19.82

Buy? Yes/No? Why? Are they serious with that price point? No wonder why they had to include their eyeshadow palette in a subscription service because I don’t think they’ve sold any. Don’t get me wrong, I adore this palette, but I wouldn’t pay more than $8 for it. It has four shades, and out of those, only one is a matte. It’s a great gift for someone who’s learning or for a person who really likes nudes, but I wouldn’t spend almost $20 on it. Besides, when I researched the brand owner, I got really shady information. According to what I found, it’s a male-owned brand, but now I’m not even sure if that information is accurate. Please don’t come for me if it isn’t.

Pixi by Petra Endless Silky Eye Pen in RoseGlow

Size: I got an eyeliner pencil, so I got the full-size product.

Price:  $14.91

Buy? Yes/No? Why? Again, what is wrong with brands and their absurd prices? This is a gorgeous eyeliner pencil, but it is just that: a pencil that I have to sharpen in order for it to work. I’m not paying what I would pay to go have lunch with my mom for a pencil eyeliner. It is just not worth it.

Goldfaden MD Vital Boost Even Skintone Daily Moisturizer 

Size: I got a 0.5 fl oz or 15 ml tube, which is actually available for sale.

Price: $25

Buy? Yes/No? Why? No, clearly. This is a male-owned brand, and we all know I’m steering clear from those because I want to support more women in the industry. I can’t understand how someone would spend $25 on a sample-size tube. Honestly, I can’t even talk about its quality because I haven’t tried it yet, but I’m almost certain that even if it is absolutely amazing, I wouldn’t consider buying it.

Papa Recipe Eggplant Clearing 5.5 Cleansing Foam 

Size: The sample size I got was 15 mL. The full-size product is 120mL.

Price: $12.74

Buy? Yes/No? Why? This would be a hard maybe. This brand is male-owned, so I’d rather try one of its female-owned alternatives. Besides that, I did feel that the scent was a bit too chemically, and I’m not particularly sensitive to those smells, so I don’t know how much I’d enjoy this on a daily basis. That being said, I do appreciate foam cleansers because I think they’re the most effective, and for what we’re getting the price is pretty alright.

Bare Minerals Dew Mist Setting Spray

Size: I got a 10mL sample size. The travel size is 30mL and the full-size is 100mL.

Price: $12 for the travel size and $28 for the full-size.

Buy? Yes/No? Why? This was just okay for me, so my answer doesn’t hold as much passion as with other products. I think the price is a bit up there but not too extreme, and if this were a product I really loved, I’d go for the full-size product because it’s clearly a better deal. Bare Minerals is all for natural looks, in my opinion, and that’s just not me.

Now, as always, I’d like you to tell me which product you’d definitely buy and which is a hard pass and why.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila


March 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag

March 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag



Hello and happy Sunday. Today we are going to explore and review the contents of the Ipsy Glam Bag I got for the month of March 2019. Let me just start by saying that I loved the actual bag everything came in and I almost felt tempted to give it to my sister by decided to keep it instead. What can I say? I love an uplifting quote every now and then.

Ciaté London Lip Lustre In Kiss Me

This would have been right up my alley a few years ago. Now, not so much. I would have enjoyed a neutral tone or perhaps a red a lot more than I did this one if I’m being completely honest. Besides this isn’t really pigmented at all, so it is more like a lip topper. I’m wearing it in the picture below, as a topper for a matte lipstick from Colour Pop. I got the mini version that weighs 1.8 mL. The full-size version weighs 2.7 mL and is the equivalent of $19.49. I’m guessing no.


Pür Afterglow Highlighting Skin Perfecting Powder

Add all the adjectives you want, but I’m almost certain that a few years ago I got a highlighter from Urban Decay with this exact name and a similar shade. Granted, this one is way more golden, and it makes my skin look absolutely gorgeous, but still, no one likes a copycat. The sample I got weighs 2.5g, and I couldn’t find the contents of the full-size version. I did find that it is $26, which we already know, is a big no for me.

Sol de Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream

You won’t be able to see where I applied this lotion (hint: the bum bum), but I can tell you that my body thoroughly enjoyed the scent and the feel of it. To me, this smells like the beach, like going somewhere warm and sunny and getting a suntan. I got a very generous 24mL purse-size tube, which costs $10. The full-size version, which has ten times as much content is $45. I would stick with the travel-size, which contains 75mL and is $20.

Tarte Maneater Voluptuous Mascara

What’s up with that name? Seriously, I hate it, and I think it makes me reach for this mascara way less often than I should just so that I don’t have to see it. The tube itself looks cheap, with that animal print and the lilac color. Besides, I don’t see this doing anything more than adding some color and length to my eyelashes, which is what every mascara out there does. The travel-size version I got weighs 4.5mL and is $12, which means I could buy at least two full-size Push-Up Angel tubes from Maybelline for this same price. Guess what I’m buying instead of the Maneater?

I Dew Care Disco Kitten Illuminating Diamond Peel Off Mask

This isn’t Ipsy’s fault at all, but I’m currently trying to steer clear of peel-off masks. I tried this once and I think in the picture we can see that my skin looks glowy and healthy and that this isn’t just because of the highlighter. I got a sample size, but oddly enough I couldn’t find this online. I guess they made it especially for Ipsy or something. The full-size version weighs 85mL and is $23.

I would clearly choose my Bum Bum cream as today’s highlight, but I’d like to know what your choice would be. Let me know in the comments.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Mi “Lucky Box” de L’Occitane

Mi “Lucky Box” de L’Occitane

Hola y feliz domingo. Hoy quiero compartir con ustedes los productos que recibí en mi Lucky Box de L’Occitane. Para las personas que leen este blog por primera vez, hola, soy Camila y me encanta L’Occitane. Esta es de las únicas marcas en las que me permito gastar más porque sé que todos sus productos son de buena calidad.

Hace unos meses vi que habían sacado la Lucky Box, que es una caja con cuatro productos en travel size. Ya no se encuentra disponible, por lo que no puedo incluir más información, pero L’Occitane siempre tiene kits similares a esta caja por muy buen precio.

La caja incluye una cosmetiquera, en la que ahora guardo algunos de mis útiles de manualidades y un estropajo que hace parte del kit que armé para la casa de mi papá. Además de esto, la caja trae una crema para manos que es especial para piel seca. Esta la cargaba en un bolso pero se la regalé a mi mamá recientemenete. También trae aceite de almendras y leche corporal de almendras. Este ingrediente es uno de mis favoritos porque tiene una fragancia suave y deja en la piel una sensación de humectación que dura horas.

¿Qué tipo de productos les gustaría ver en una Lucky Box? Cuéntenme en los comentarios.

¡Feliz domingo!

Con amor, Miss Camila

December 2018 Owlcrate

December 2018 Owlcrate


Hello and happy Wednesday. This is what happens when you plan to write a post way in advance: you end up forgetting everything you had gotten by the time you actually get to sit down and write. Luckily, I saved the card we get that says all the goodies I got inside my Owlcrate for the month of December 2018. The theme for that month was “power of illusions,” and you know I love me some magic tricks.

Do you see that cute little candle right there? I love the lavender color, but I especially love its scent. As you might know by now, I don’t light candles in my room, but my mom and my sister do, so this cutie from Flick the Wick made my sister’s room smell like a dream. Honestly, every time I went inside, I had to take the unlit candle and give it a sniff. I wish there were a perfume that smelled like that, I’d totally wear that.

Because it was the December box, we got an ornament from Juniper and Ivy Designs. Now, in my house, we no longer decorate the house for Christmas, but I have my wooden ornament from this box, as well as the one we got in 2017 with the Everything Everything quote hanging from my corkboard. And yes, when I get my place and decorate for Christmas, these will for sure be my ornaments.

I got a magnet from Ink and Wonder Designs, which is now accompanied by three other magnets that I’ve gotten from Owl Crate. I love how these boxes have led me to have collections of cute stuff all over.

Judging by the stuff I’ve hauled and what’s still left for me to talk about, I can surely say that this box went above and beyond. The next item I got was a tote bag from Stella Bookish Art. Now I believe that this is the third tote back I’ve gotten from Owl Crate, and I love using these instead of plastic bags. I will have to go through all my tote bags and maybe get rid of some because I have too many by now.

The next item is one I use every single day, and it’s the magical monthly reading planner. I believe that the improvements made from the planner they sent out the previous year to this one were spot on. I love my planner with the passion of one thousand burning suns, and I even made a post about how I use it. This was made in collaboration with Blue Star Press.

This is not listed in the spoiler card, but I’m sure you can see it in the thumbnail. It is a sneak peek of King of Fools by Amanda Foody. I don’t know what this book is about, but I will read what I was sent and let you know what I thought about it.

Finally, we have the book, Amber & Dusk by Lyra Selene. This book was actually signed by the author, which is even cooler than getting a signed bookplate. Additionally, we have an exclusive Owl Crate cover. I don’t know anything about it, so you’ll have to wait for my review once I’ve read it. With the book, we got a necklace and you know that I’m a total sucker for jewelry.

What is one thing you’d like to get in an Owl Crate, and one you can totally do without? Let me know in the comments.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila