Swimwear Haul/Unhaul: Swimsuits and Separates

Swimwear Haul/Unhaul: Swimsuits and Separates

Hello and happy Friday. I have a tattoo appointment for later and I have a super long list of things to do, so this post is kind of all over the place. Today I’m going to show you the rest of my swimwear collection. Let’s get started, shall we?

This cutie is one of my new best friends. I love that it’s revealing but at the same time it’s high-waisted, which means that my insecurities are covered. I got it from Adore Me for the standard $40, and I’m clearly keeping it around for a while.



I got these bottoms from ThredUp (they were new, don’t worry), but they are tiny. I’m sure I could fit in them, but I wouldn’t be able to move for fear of making a show. I’m unhauling them.









This swimsuit is super cute but it’s also the oldest piece of swimwear I own and I think I was only keeping it for the sake of memories. I mean, I wore this before my surgery, that’s how old it is. The time has come for us to say goodbye.








I went through this phase in which I wanted to swim professionally, so I asked my mom for all the gear. I could barely fit into this swimsuit but I’d say nothing because I was kind of embarrassed, and now that I show off my bod and don’t swim at all, I don’t need this any longer. It’s a Speedo, by the way.






I’m getting rid of this Swimsuits for All top because it’s a halter and I really can’t stand the neck and head pain. It’s cute and all, but comfort comes first.









I’m giving this Raisins top that I got from ThredUp one last chance because it looks nice and because I don’t want to get rid of all my tops.









Do I have to explain why I’m parting ways with this top? Seriously though, I just got it because I spent 4th of July in the States, but I’m not going to wear this again, at least not unironically.








This top is from Swimsuits for All and, sadly, it is a halter neck, so I’m getting rid of it.









Another halter from Swimsuits for All which, oddly, is big on me. That never happens. Still, I hope that someone will truly enjoy it.








Finally, we have these bottoms that I am keeping since I’m getting rid of the other ones. These are from Swimsuits for All.

What is your preferred style of swimwear? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila

Swimwear Haul/Unhaul: Bikinis || Haul/ Unhaul de Bikinis

Swimwear Haul/Unhaul: Bikinis || Haul/ Unhaul de Bikinis


Hello and happy Friday. Today I’m going to show you my entire bikini collection, which is really not as impressive as I thought it would be. I am getting rid of the first three items you’ll see in the pictures so I will be left with a total of six bikini sets. That’s a pretty unimpressive number if you ask me. Let’s get started, shall we?


I got this from Adore Me and it was technically free since I got it in a BOGO sale. I think I like it, in theory, more than I actually like wearing it. The top is just awkward and it falls right below my armpit, which is a problematic area for me.

This style, also from Adore Me, didn’t last long on the site. I don’t know if it didn’t do well enough, or maybe it sold out very quickly. I bought this in a large and the top was just too big on me. I only wore it twice, and the second time I did, it actually fit better because I’d gained weight but still. I think this style is too grandmotherly for me.






This is the first bikini that I bought and it’s absolutely gorgeous, but it has lived its life already and it’s time for me to move on. The top is a mess to tie on the back, and that always discouraged me to wear it more often. I got this from Adore Me as part of the BOGO sale I told you about, but now it’s time for someone else to enjoy it.





From this cutie on, all the bikinis that you’ll see are from Swimsuits for All and I am keeping them. This is a flirty, cute little thing. It’s a LLB and you know everyone needs one. I love how this looks on me and I will try to wear it more often.







This print is super colorful and festive, and the style is the one I reach for in most of my bikinis. I love the combination of prints and how they are strategically placed. Honestly, bikinis like this make me look and feel stunning.







This is gorgeous and I’ve only worn it like once. I love the colors, and I love that it accentuates any tan that I might get. The bottoms look a little more daring, like they’re still high-waisted but barely, and I’m living for them.








This style is cute and super classy. Again, we have a daring bottom and the top I love because it gives me all the support. I need to go on a vacation to the Mediterranean or something so that I can rock this cutie.







This style goes in line with the previous bikini since to me it looks classier than the stuff I usually reach for. The top actually is covered by wide ruffles, so it looks like a bandeau, but the boobs still get all the support. The clasp in this is a pain, so that deters me from wearing this set more often.







If you would be able to look at my brain, it looks like this. It’s a mess, but somehow it all fits together. I love that the red is not super aggressive, but it’s there and makes a statement. This was the first bikini I bought from Swimsuits for All, so I’ll probably be unhauling it soon.

Where do you buy your swimwear? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila




Hola y feliz viernes. Hoy les voy a mostrar mi colección completa de bikinis, que realmente no es tan impresionante como yo pensaba. Me voy a deshacer de los primeros tres artículos entonces me va a quedar un total de seis conjuntos. Ese es un número muy poco impresionante si me preguntan. ¿Comenzamos?

Esto es de  Adore Me y técnicamente me salió gratis porque lo compré en una oferta de pague uno, lleve dos. Creo que me gusta, en teoría, más de lo que me gusta usarlo. La parte de arriba es incómoda y el hueco para los brazos termina debajo de la axila, que es una zona problemática para mí.







Este estilo, también de Ador Me, no duró mucho en el sitio. No sé si no le fue muy bien, o tal vez se agotó muy rápidamente. Lo compré en una talla Grande y la parte de arriba era demasiado grande para mí. Solamente lo usé dos veces, y la segunda vez me quedó mejor porque había subido de peso, pero igual. Creo que este estilo es muy de abuela para mí.






Este es el primer bikini que compré y es hemoso, pero ya vivió su vida y es tiempo de seguir adelante. La parte de arriba es muy difícil de amarrar, y eso siempre me desanimó a usarlo con más frecuencia. Lo conseguí en Adore Me como parte de la oferta de la que les dije, pero ahora es momento de que alguien más lo disfrute.




De esta belleza para abajo, todos los bikinis que van a ver son de Swimsuits for All y me los voy a quedar. Esta es una cosita muy coqueta. Es un Pequeño Vestido Negro y ustedes saben que todo el mundo necesita uno. Me encanta cómo se ve y voy a intentar usarlo con más frecuencia.







Este estampado es muy colorido y festivo, y el estilo es uno que escojo en la mayoría de mis bikinis. Me encanta la combinación de estampados y cómo están ubicados estratégicamente. Honestamente, los bikinis como este me hacen ver y sentir increíble.






Este es hermoso y solamente lo he usado como una vez. Me encantan los colores y me encanta que acentúa mi bronceado. La parte de abajo es más arriesgada, con una cintura alta pero que casi no lo es, y me encanta.








Este estilo es bonito y tiene mucha clase. Nuevamente, tenemos una parte de abajo arriesgada y la parte de arriba que me encanta porque me da todo el apoyo. Necesito irme de vacaciones al mediterráneo para lucir esta belleza.







Este estilo va en línea con el bikini anterior porque para mí tiene más clase que lo que normalmente escojo. La parte de arriba tiene unos boleros anchos, entonces parece una banda, pero me da mucho apoyo en el pecho. La parte de enganchar es horrible, entonces no uso este conjunto con tanta frecuencia.






Si fueran capaces de ver mi cerebro, así luciría. Es un desorden, pero de alguna manera todo cuadra. Me encanta que el rojo no es muy agresivo, pero está ahí y envía un mensaje. Este fue el primer bikini que compré de Swimsuits for All, entonces probablemente me desharé de él pronto.

¿Dónde compran sus vestidos de baño? Cuéntenme en los comentarios.

¡Feliz viernes!

Con amor, Miss Camila



Swimsuits for All Try On Haul

Swimsuits for All Try On Haul

Bellelily Exclusive Tops Up To 60% Off

Hello and happy Saturday. Last time I did a swimsuit haul, I realized none of the items I showed you were on sale, so I went to Swimsuit’s for All ‘s site and got me some bikinis at awesome prices. Let’s get started, shall we?

Here, I want to focus on the bikini top, which I got for $9.98. It’s called the Soloist Warwick Underwire Top. I usually don’t like halters because they make my neck and head hurt, but because the back has clasps like the ones in a bra, there is a lot more support.

This is the Author Triumph Top, and I know it looks very similar to the previous one, but the cups are larger, so there is more coverage. I got this top for $14.98.

I fell absolutely in love with this little black bikini called the Heartthrob Black Underwire Bikini because it’s simple yet super classy. I got it for $19.98.

Now this is probably the cutest bikini I got. It’s the Originator Wonder High Waist Bikini, and just so you know, all my bikinis are high waisted and most are strapless. That’s just the way I like them. I love the soft colors, and the pattern. The only thing I’ll say is that the clasp in the bra is super hard to handle, especially if you’re by yourself and don’t have an extra set of hands to help you. I got this bikini for $29.98.

I just noticed by looking at the picture that the top seems to be a little large on me. This is the Celebrity Magic Underwire Bikini and I got it for $29.98.

This is the Darling Underwire Bikini, and it’s super classy, especially judging by the detailing on the top. I got this for $27.98.

Finally, we have the gorgeous Celebrity Tillary Underwire Bikini, and I’m in love with the colors of this garment. It has yellow, green, and orange, and I just want to wear it to the beach. I got it for $27.98.

Now I want you to tell me in the comments below which was your favorite bikini and why.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila