Splendies #3 Haul

Splendies #3 Haul

Hello and happy Sunday. Welcome to another post in which I show you my undies. If this is your first time here, hi, my name is Camila and I got myself a one-year subscription of Splendies, so every month I get three panties delivered to my home. Let’s get started, shall we?

First, we have the granny panties, which honestly I think I only wore once and then never saw again. That’s the nice thing about living with other women, right? I personally wasn’t a huge fan of these panties because their cut was too low, so it hit me below my belly and I prefer those that cover it. That’s why I wasn’t really mad about losing them.

The thong has become essential when I wear leggings or tight pants because the material is so thin and so fitted that it doesn’t show. I love thongs and would wear them every single day, but this is especially comfortable.

The pink ones are nice for when I’m not trying too hard. Yes, they also hit below the waist, but they’re more comfortable than the granny panties and they’re cute and playful.

Which of the styles featured is your favorite and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila


June 2019 Glam Bag Plus

June 2019 Glam Bag Plus

Hello and happy Sunday. Last week I shared with you my final Ipsy Glam Bag haul and today it’s time to do the same with the Glam Bag Plus. I’m honestly not upset that I only got two boxes because they weren’t really good. I’m going to go over the items but I won’t share links because I wouldn’t recommend any.

If you remember, besides my May Glam Bag Plus being super late, it didn’t come with a booklet explaining the products. This one did, but again, I got no makeup bag. I think I made a mistake in last week’s post and I mentioned the Tetris x Ipsy palette, but I actually got it in the Glam Bag Plus, not the regular one. The color selection is a shit show: you get a matte beige, a super light brown, a purple, a pink, a blue, and a silver, all of which, might I add, were shimmery. In my opinion, there was no color story there. The Ipsy value was $25, which means that it almost covered the cost of the entire box.

Then we had the Suva eyeliner and brush, which I get, can be useful for people who are learning to apply eyeliner or who prefer a softer touch than the one from liquid eyeliners. It is also a female-owned brand, so that adds points. The downside is that you must “activate” the product using water, and that added step is annoying enough for me to either use regular liquid eyeliner or not wear any at all. The value estimated by Ipsy was $26. I’m not paying that for some black paint I seldom wear on my eyelids.

My anger is increasing because we’re now going to discuss the 111 Skin booster or whatever. It isn’t even clear what it does to the skin, and honestly, it has the texture and scent of spit. Yes, I’ve had spit on my face. Don’t ask. It is a male-owned brand, which I wouldn’t be too eager to support, and its estimated value is $180. No, thank you.

Previously I told you how I hate that I get the same type of product over and over. Well, this time I got my second tube of mascara in a month. This one is from Pür, which is a female-owned brand. The estimated value of this product is $21. I think at that point the people at Ipsy weren’t even trying to “personalize” my boxes or bags.

Finally, I got the liquid lipstick at the top. It’s from Ciaté, which is a female-owned brand, and as you can see, it is very similar to another Ciaté lipstick I have, which I got from another Ipsy Glam Bag. The color is undeniably gorgeous, although at $19 I wouldn’t buy it.

This frustrating haul has come to an end. Now I’m going to put on my PJs and play Sims. While I do that let me know your thoughts on subscription services that offer “upgrades” for an added value.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila


June 2019 Glam Bag

June 2019 Glam Bag

Hello and happy Sunday. Like I told you in my post about my Ipsy subscription ending, this will be my last Glam Bag haul. Lorena, from Forty, Flirty & Fabulous commented on that post and suggested Boxy Charm, which I might try in the future, but for now, I think I’m done with makeup/beauty subscription boxes. She agrees, though, that Ipsy hasn’t been great lately, so it’s not just me.

Since this is our last Glam Bag haul, let’s change things up a little bit. We all know that I’m not going to purchase either of the products I got because 1) they’re probably overpriced, 2) I already have them, so why would I buy them again, or 3) they’re something I wouldn’t normally reach for anyway. I do have some notes though regarding which products were female-owned and which weren’t. 

The reason why I think it’s important to research the owner or CEO of the makeup brand you wear is that the makeup industry still is majorly targeted towards women but oddly enough the heads of big corporations remain to be men. We’re basically feeding a chauvinistic system by giving money to the same men who for centuries have had the power to tell us how to look. It’s ridiculous.

We all know that Ipsy was created by a woman, so it would make sense that she’d want to support more female entrepreneurs. Both the palette and the blending brush are by Ipsy in collaboration with Tetris, so they’re at least partly female-owned. I also need to add that I love the skinny blending brush and I use it often to work on my crease.

I couldn’t find who the CEO of Look at Me was, and trust me, I searched. Like I told you in a previous post when I was researching the CEO’s or owners of different makeup brands, I think that is just shady. Additionally, as you might have seen if you’ve been following these hauls, this was the third time in a row that I got sheet masks, and as much as I love them, it was too much.

Pixi is a female-owned brand and one that I really like. I don’t know if this is coincidence or what, but all the products I’ve gotten from them have come in neutral tones, which I appreciate because it’s a way to ensure I will wear them. The lipgloss I got has been one of my go-to products since. It smells like mint, which surprised me a bit, but I actually really like how it feels on my lips.

The highlighter is from Sugar Cosmetics, which is a brand I’d gotten stuff from before in my Glam Bag. It is co-owned by a woman and I really like that. The highlight is alright, but I had gotten a similar one in a previous Glam Bag, so it’s not a product I’ll be reaching for a ton.

Finally, we have Benefit, and the CEO is a guy. I got a teeny tiny tube of brow mascara, which is nice, but the size is super inconvenient. Benefit is sold in Colombia and it is stupidly expensive.

Is there any subscription service you’ve fallen out of love with? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Splendies #1 Haul

Splendies #1 Haul

Hello and happy Sunday. Today I’m starting a new series in which I show you my underwear. No, but really, I got a one-year subscription to Splendies and I want to share my joy with you. Because of shipping and handling and all that stuff, I don’t really know what month I’m getting if that makes any sense, so I’ll just keep track of the haul number for you. The panties have themes for every month, which can make it easier to decipher, but I’m not going to sit down and guess. You can do it, though, if you want to.

For anyone who doesn’t know what Splendies is, you’re probably super confused right now. Let me explain. Splendies is a  subscription service that sends you three panties for $14.99 a month. Yes, every month you pay $14.99 (or less, if you get the three, six, or twelve-month subscription) and you get three panties. Do the math, it’s cheaper than Victoria’s Secret, and quite honestly, better quality.

There is a straight-size and plus-size version of Splendies. We all know that I’m on the fatter side, but I’m a size M in panties (please don’t send me underwear, I was telling you this only for reference). The straight-size goes from S to XL and the plus-size goes from 1X to 4X. Just to clarify, Volupties, which is the plus-size service is $16.99 every month.

Once you get your size figured out, you can decide the type of underwear you want to get. You have the surprise variety package, the no thongs one, and then one that has all thongs. This is for Splendies. With Volupties you can choose between surprise variety and no thongs. Now, I’m a lover of thongs, but I need a break every now and then from them, so I selected the surprise variety package.

If you look at my thumbnail you can see that the styles of all three panties are very different. Each month I get a thong, which I like because it’s a flirty piece, but it’s not all lace or straight-up lingerie, bikini-type panties, which I love for every day since I’m a teacher and sometimes I don’t really care about having sexy underwear, and a what I call granny panties. The granny panties are still super cute, don’t get me wrong, but they’re full coverage and they’re perfect for when you’re on your period or when you don’t plan to leave the house.

What kind of panties are your favorite to wear? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

May 2019 Glam Bag Plus

May 2019 Glam Bag Plus

Hello and happy Sunday. Just last week I was telling you about my subscription with Ipsy ending and the reasons why I’m not resubscribing. Yes, the Glam Bag Plus I was anticipating so much arrived over a month after the end of my subscription. I get that I’m going to have to wait more time to get my stuff since it arrives at a P.O Box in the States and then is sent to Colombia, but this box was actually sent to me after May was over, which means it wasn’t a mailing problem but an Ipsy problem. I don’t know, it felt like when someone says they want to give you a present and then they’re so shitty about it that you’d rather not get it, only this wasn’t a present but a subscription service paid with my money.

Because I’m being more conscientious about what I buy, I did my research and found out that only Il Makiage, which is the mascara brand, is male-owned. I think 4-1 is a nice ratio and an empowering example for Ipsy subscribers, considering that Ipsy itself is female-owned. Now,  that’s just about the only positive aspect of my experience with the Glam Bag Plus. The box itself was a pain to open and it was all tattered and smushed. My first thought when I saw it was “things in the glam bag are more protected than this.” I don’t know, it might sound silly and like I’m being extremely nitpicky here but if I’m paying $15 extra for this service, the quality of the packaging should improve, no? Additionally, I thought that on the first month of one’s subscription you got a makeup bag, which I didn’t, and I didn’t even get one of those booklets that come with the products.

As you will going to see just about now, the products didn’t make up for the crappy experience. In my opinion, they were unnecessarily overpriced and I wouldn’t even consider buying them myself. I’d rather spend those $25 on Colour Pop makeup.

GlamGlow Bubblesheet

Ipsy price: $7.65

Real price: $9


Ipsy price: $30

Real price: $30

YENSA Tone Up Primer

Ipsy price: $28

Real price: $35

Wanderess Palette

Ipsy price: N/A

Real price: $25

Il Makiage Mascara 

Ipsy price: $25

Real price: $25

If anything, my price research concluded that Ipsy’s prices are actually lower than the real ones, which is awesome since I always think the estimated prices of items in subscription boxes get inflated. I’m pretty sure we have another month of the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus and then we’ll be done with this subscription service. What did you think of it? Do you like it when services have “upgrades” like this one? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

My Ipsy Subscription Ended

My Ipsy Subscription Ended

Subscription Revision.png

Hello and happy Sunday. Today I’m in the mood for a rant, but one that’s been on my mind for a while. If you’ve been here since 2017, then you’re probably familiar with my Ipsy Glam Bag unboxings and reviews. I’d been subscribed to Ipsy basically since it started, and now that my subscription has ended, I have made the decision not to resubscribe or renew, and in this post, I’m telling you the reasons why. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Every month I get the same type of products

I know that the way these subscription boxes work is by making arrangements with certain brands to be provided with sample or travel-sized products for them to feature in the boxes. I understand that some months might be better than others in terms of these arrangements. However, for a few months there I was getting the same products in my glam bag every single month, and the only thing that changed was the brand. Every single month for a while I would get mascara, a pencil eyeliner (sometimes even from the same brand), a sheet mask, and a lip product. I even got two Ciaté liquid lipsticks that were pretty much the same shade, only one had glitter and the other didn’t. The idea of these subscription services is to explore different brands and products, but if I’m getting the same every time, I won’t be able to really get to know new things and play with makeup, and I’d ultimately have so much that I’d have to give it away.

2. Some stuff I get is not even functional

I pride myself on having a lot of makeup, okay? But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have some useless stuff sitting in my makeup boxes collecting dust. Some examples of totally useless products I’ve gotten on Ipsy Glam Bags include a blue liquid highlighter, a blue powder highlighter, and blue loose pigment. Seriously, though, the highlighters have only come in handy once, when I dressed up as rain for Halloween. When I say I want to be adventurous with my makeup I mean I like wearing bold lipstick colors or bright eyeshadow, not that I want to have a streak of sparkly blue powder across my cheekbone.

3. The quality of the stuff has decreased

This, I think, has to do more with the selection process of the products. Like I said in a previous item, I do think that some months are better than others and that it has to do with the business side of the subscription service. However, to me, the brands have become more commercial, more “drugstore.” Before, I would search for the brands of the products I got and find out they were female-owned and vegan and all these things, and I would feel like I was really supporting a group of people into doing what they love. Now I get the same brands that I could easily buy in stores or online, so the magic has been lost. I’m not saying I’m getting bad stuff all the time, but that the brands are now super commercial, so the overall feel of the bag has changed.

4. The glam bags don’t seem to be personalized anymore 

I cannot attest to this 100% because I checked all the boxes when I did my quiz, which means I was in for a surprise every month. I can say, though, that by looking at other people’s unboxings, everybody seemed to be getting the same stuff. It was as if there were pre-set bags already made and subscribers would get one of them, instead of having a unique bag that catered to their specific tastes and needs. I’m not mad at subscription services that give everyone the same set of products, but if that’s the case, then they shouldn’t advertise that their glam bags are personalized.

5. The Glam Bag Plus is a total joke 

Starting from the whole campaign they did in anticipation, which was a fiasco, to the subscription process itself, and ending with the cherry on top which was the bad, overpriced products, this is a joke. I know now that there’s even a more expensive version of this and I don’t understand how can someone pay for it, but that’s their decision, not mine. Because I was subscribed to the regular glam bag, I was told I had this “early” access to the plus subscription, which meant I didn’t have to wait months for it. I could also change my regular subscription to the plus one by paying like $30 extra or something. What ended up happening was that for some reason that subscription was super delayed, even though they did charge me for it, and that I ended up getting both the regular glam bag and the plus one. Because the plus was delayed, I got it like two months after I was supposed to receive it, and when I opened it, I realized that I hadn’t gotten the makeup bag they advertise or the booklet with information about the products. Besides that, the five items were ridiculous, and so were their prices. I’m still mad about that whole shitshow.

Are you subscribed to Ipsy or any makeup service? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

December 2018 Japan Candy Box

December 2018 Japan Candy Box

Hello and happy Tuesday. I thought my Japan Candy Box had been a one-time purchase, but apparently I subscribed, which means in December I got a box. And I ate all the candy before taking a picture for the thumbnail, so instead you have that glossy magazine paper that comes with each box to illustrate what I ingested. Let’s get started, shall we?

Kanro Candemina Assembly

These are like blocks you can actually put together and “build” stuff. I think that’s the selling part of this, rather than the actual flavor. The pieces of candy are supposedly sour, but they taste so chemically that you can’t even sense it. I ate the entire bag (obviously), but I think if there’s a next time, I’ll just have one or two, for funsies.

Christmas Umaibo Chocolate Flavor 

This apparently was a very forgettable chocolate bar because I don’t remember it at all. Chocolate is good. The fact that it’s forgettable means that I didn’t hate it, so at least there’s that.

Black Thunder Christmas Minibar

You know from last week’s post that I love crunchy chocolate bars, especially those with cookies in them. I can’t say a lot about this one because I really don’t remember it, but it must have been good. I know this isn’t the best review ever, but I want you to see the different kinds of snacks and candy included in the box, and for you to sense how varied it its.

Tohato Christmas Caramel Corn 

In Colombia we have caramel snacks like this. Imagine the original Cheetos, but instead of tasting salty or having a cheese flavor, they taste like caramel. This is what these snacks were, and I’m pretty sure for some reason there were some stray peanuts at the bottom of the bag as well. I like that these were included because even though they’re sweet, they qualify more as a snack, so I think they’re an option for people who don’t really like candy, but who still enjoy caramel.

Bourbon Petit Cinnamon Biscuits

These cookies take the cake when it comes to this Japan Candy Box. They are teeny tiny tea cookies that taste like cinnamon and Christmas and love. I thoroughly enjoyed them and I wish the box had come with more. I’m not even a huge fan of cinnamon, but given that these cookies were so small, the amount was just perfect and not at all overpowering.

Ginbis Christmas Shimi Choco Corn Snack 

I’m trying to remember this, but I’m having a hard time as well (sorry, I know I suck). In Colombia we also have chocolate-covered corn snacks, so I think that’s what these probably look and taste like. Again, the fact that this isn’t really considered candy makes it a very interesting option for people who just want a taste of something sweet.

Bourbon Tsum Tsum Xmas Biscuits and Yaokin Merry Christmas Fugashi Snack

I’m sorry, I really can’t help you with these ones. I have no idea what they are or what they taste like.

Glico Caplico Atama White Milk Chocolate

This was chocolate in the shape of an ice cream cone, and my only memory of it is that I wanted to drink a glass of water after I ate this. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a good chocolate, but to me it was way too milky and sweet. If you like rich chocolate, that is thick and dense, then you’ll love this.

Fortune Telling Ramune Candy

Like the brick candy, these are cool because of the way they are presented, rather than because of their flavor. They just come like pills, and have different colors and designs on them. Other than that, they’re just like any other candy out there.

That’s it for today’s haul. In the comments below tell me about a subscription box you’ve tried recently and you’d like me to try as well.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila