My Second OK Cupid Experience (2/2)

My Second OK Cupid Experience (2/2)

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Hello and happy Saturday. Let’s just continue with part two of my most recent fail story when it comes to online dating.

It was the day before I had to come back to Bogota. Daylight savings had happened the previous day and I still felt like an hour of my life had been stolen. I woke up, listened to my teacher bff’s voice note, replied, and then went back to sleep. I was woken up a second time by a text. I would’ve ignored it, except the yellow Snapchat icon meant that text could belong to only one person. Yes, MHD was texting me in the morning of my last day in Baltimore.

He wanted sex. He wanted it so badly, at first he told me he would go all the way to the apartment where I was staying just to sleep with me. I told him I’d meet him for breakfast, to what he replied he’d buy me breakfast if we had sex first. We talked from 8:30am to 11:30am, and as time progressed and our conversation didn’t, he told me he couldn’t drive all the way to where I was, but maybe I could go to where he was. You see, he works (worked, I have no idea) from 1pm to midnight, so there was no way he could go to Baltimore, have sex, and then go back to where he worked on time. We then decided that meeting that morning wasn’t going to happen, so maybe he could just come over to my apartment after work.

I know it was a booty call, okay? But that was going to be my only chance at seeing my man in person, and I was going to take it. That day I got to my apartment early-ish, took a nice shower, redid my makeup, put on fancy lingerie, and sat down in bed to watch Teachers until MHD got out of work. When he did, he texted “just got out of work,” and then, nothing. I replied letting him know where I was staying, but he didn’t even see the text. I thought he might be driving or something, but then an hour went by and I had no information of him. I knew he wasn’t driving to where I was because he didn’t know where I was, so I just figured he went back to his place. After an hour I texted him I’d just go to sleep.

I had to be at the airport at noon, so I had a few hours in the morning, and I thought, if he woke up earlier like he’d done the day before, then maybe we could meet. Dumb as I am, I even thought he could take me to the airport. Well, I texted him super early and started getting ready. He did reply, you know when? As I was walking to the gate where I had to wait for the plane that would take me back to Colombia.

Then, a weird thing happened. We started talking a lot again, mostly about sex, I’m not going to lie. When I told him I was at the airport and he sent me a sad face emoji, I asked him “next time?” to which he replied “yeah. Next time.” I was still hopeful, after the 8263 opportunities I’d given him and us, I still thought, “well, we’re still talking, aren’t we? March wasn’t our time to meet, but May for sure will be.”

It all went to hell the last two weeks of March. You see, in Snapchat we had the golden heart emoji, which means we were each other’s best friends. One morning I texted him, and he opened the message but didn’t reply. That’s not the worst part, though. The worst part was that our golden heart, which we’d kept for almost a full week, had been replaced with the smiley face emoji. That’s the emoji that tells you “yeah, he might be the only one you’re texting, but you sure aren’t his only one, honey.”

Telling you that I went into crazy overthinking mode is a total understatement. Here’s where all my jealousy and insecurities kicked in. I saw the open message, the other emoji and his Snapchat score, which was significantly higher, and I immediately thought “he’s talking to another girl.” I mean, I was this girl he’d been talking to for two months without meeting, and I’d recently told him we wouldn’t be able to meet for at least another three months. Meanwhile, there are these other girls he can see literally whenever he wants to because they live close to him, and they will satisfy the urge for sex that is apparently his top priority in life.

I was smarter this time than I’d been in February when he disappeared on me, and that’s because I took advice from Mark Rosenfeld as opposed to my friends. I’m going to write a whole post about dating advice, so be sure to check it out, but basically what I did was give him time. I gave him two full days in which I didn’t text him. I was giving him time to text me, but that didn’t happen, so on day three I sent him a cute selfie with a “happy Saturday.” And he replied!

The thing is, I was still feeling like he was talking to another girl, or maybe even other girls, and he was keeping me in the back burner, you know, just in case. We talked a bit more that day, and then he disappeared again, and again I gave him two days. I texted him (yes, I know, I was desperate, and I think deep down I just wanted to make sure I hadn’t wasted almost three months talking to this guy and then nothing), he replied, and you know the rest.

I gave him his two golden days, and I thought, “okay, we’ve been through this before where he just disappears and I keep texting him, and then he reappears, I’ll have to do that.” Was that a good choice? Of course not. By then I should’ve just moved on, but I kept thinking about him and the fact that we indeed had a future together. I didn’t move on, and I know now that if I had, this story would’ve had a different ending.

For about four days, I sent him a good morning text or a selfie (some more provocative than others, but still keeping my clothes on). Then, I don’t know why but on day five I just couldn’t take it anymore. He hadn’t even looked at my text via Snapchat, so I went to OK Cupid. Now, when he disappeared on me in February, I also sent him messages on this app, and he read them but didn’t reply to them. I had to reenable my account because I’d disabled it when we started talking again and we had the Snapchat golden heart, and to my surprise I found MHD was online.

I’m not proud of this, and it’s going to take me a while to tell anybody (other than you) about this, but I just started bombarding him with messages. I was like Danielle on 90-Day Fiancé. Because MHD was online, he read my messages immediately but wouldn’t reply to them. So I kept insisting. This is going to sound completely insane, but it was kind of fun, to just text him all of this and to know he was reading it. Then I went to refresh the website to discover he’d blocked me.

Our two months of talking ended up with him blocking me. I think he also deleted me on Snapchat. I blocked him on Instagram so that he’d stop following me (although I did unblock him later), and to this day we haven’t had any contact. Now, despite all the red flags he raised, I obviously have to take the blame on the way things ended. Yes, he wasn’t going to confront me and tell me he didn’t want anything to do with me anymore, but I just acted plain crazy.

The reason why I ultimately didn’t block MHD on Instagram will probably become obvious to you in a future post, but I did take steps to avoid having the temptation to talk to him. I deleted the Snapchat app from my phone because I was only using it to text him. I also made a few changes to my OK Cupid profile and started talking to some guys, but then decided to delete that account altogether. I will open a new one, but I’m giving myself a full month to process what has happened, to think of ways in which I can be smarter when it comes dating, even if it’s just online for now, and to basically change my whole mindset.

I think MHD and I weren’t compatible because we were looking for different things. He is at a stage in his life when all he wants is sex, and I was looking for a boyfriend, maybe something else. And I think we both tried to see what we wanted in the other person because there was a point when we did like each other. I do hope MHD is getting what he wants. Talking to him made me explore my sexuality way more, and that’s something I’m grateful for. In trying to be sexy for him, I discovered I liked being sexy for myself too, and now I enjoy buying and wearing lingerie.

Moving on with my life and focusing on myself gets easier as days go by. Even though I still considered myself to be single while talking to MHD, I missed feeling single. I missed not worrying whether someone is texting me or not, like receiving a message would be a sign of validation. I missed not feeling like I needed that validation. And so, in giving myself that time, I want to go into dating still feeling the way I do now about myself and my life, and I need to be smart about it. I would give things with MHD another chance, but the terms and conditions definitely have to change, on both our parts, and it wouldn’t be a matter of him taking me back, but rather us starting over.

Have you had a bad breakup or a situation like mine, in which you felt like you needed that abrupt end to stop and reevaluate aspects of your life? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila

My Second OK Cupid Experience (1/2)

My Second OK Cupid Experience (1/2)

Announcement.pngHello and happy Saturday. If you read the original post on my  OK Cupid Experience , then you probably know by now that what’s coming is another fail story. I’m going to be more detailed with you on this one, which is why this story will be divided into two. It’s certainly not fun for me to go through this again, but I feel that I’ve learned stuff that’s worth sharing with all of you. Let’s get started, shall we?

Let’s go back to the beginning of 2018. Literally, it was the first week of the year and I was home after spending New Years with my dad and his family in a house away from Bogota. I’d been on OK Cupid looking for guys to talk to before my trip to Baltimore in June, but so far I’d been unsuccessful. That first day back home, while I was getting ready or putting away the clothes I’d taken to the trip, or whatever else you do on your last week of vacation, I was also checking out guys using the “Double Take” feature, which is basically just like Tinder.

I had the paid version of the app, which means I could see the guys that had liked me without having to like them back. As I was swiping, I came across this guy’s profile. I liked him immediately, both in the app and in real life. He just had the kindest looking eyes, and a mouth that is to die for, and what was even better, he’d also swiped right on my profile and messaged me a few moments after we matched.

We had one of those conversations many people dream of, you know? For a week there, we just talked about everything, from the things we were doing at the moment to stuff about ourselves, and of course my plans of moving to Baltimore. After that first week, I told him to follow me on Instagram, and that we could chat there. I thought IG was a good alternative to OK Cupid without having to give him my number just yet.

We tried talking via IG for about three days, but it was a big fail. He texted me first, and I didn’t see his message until a day later, and then it took him another full day to reply, so I told him to go back to OK Cupid because it was working better for us. A week or so went by, using OK Cupid again. He was following me on Instagram, and I’d requested to follow him, but he hadn’t accepted my request, so I told him to let me follow him, and he did immediately, saying he’d thought he’d already done that.

His IG profile would’ve raised a few red flags to virtually any other thinking person, but of course I decided to ignore them. Why am I saying that? Well, for one, I noticed that his OK Cupid pictures were taken from his profile, but that they were taken two years ago. The second red flag was the amount of pictures he had with his ex. The issue with the pictures of his ex was kinda awkward to notice, but when I told him about it, he said that if he found a person with whom he felt a real connection, he’d delete them. That clearly made me want to become that person.

I also addressed the issue with his pictures not being recent by actually sending him a text that went something like “I want to see a recent picture of you, preferably shirtless.” He asked me whether I had Snapchat, I told him I did (which is true, I had an account, but I hadn’t used it in years because I’m 24, not 17, so I had to download the app), and that very day we started using that app.

Now, on that first day of using Snapchat, it was all great. He told me he’d send me a “shower selfie” and I replied “no dick pics,” which he respected, and I thought “wow, this guy asked me before sending a dick pic, and then didn’t when I said no, what a catch.” (I did ask for one the following day because I was super curious, and let me tell you, I wasn’t disappointed.)

We kept our regular texting dynamic, only now via Snapchat, which did include pictures, but very decent ones, I promise. We even had those conversations I love that last for hours, until I could barely keep my eyes open and had to tell him, “dude, I’m going to sleep, talk to you tomorrow.” In one of those conversations, he told he his birthday was in early February, which meant that if everything went right, we’d still be talking by then. I decided to get a special something for him, that we could both enjoy once we met in person. Yes, I got those two piercings between my boobs for him.

I sent him a picture of my piercings (with a very nice bra on), and a message that said “Happy birthday, MHD,” which is how we’ll refer to him from now on, okay? His response was “Lol. Very sexy. Thanks.” I wanted to take a plane, go to where he was, and slap him. Honestly, I’d thought about this super sexy and suggestive gift that we could both enjoy (if you know what I mean), and his reply was the stupidest thing ever. He couldn’t even articulate a sentence. Again, that would’ve been a red flag for anybody with self-respect, right? Well, not for me.

Around that week, things started to get weird. We’d already been talking for a month, and it was pretty clear to me that, at least his intentions were to wait for me to be in the States and see what happened between us once we met in person. He even told me on more than one occasion that he wasn’t having sex with other girls, and that if he were to, he’d tell me because he thought it was the honest thing to do. I told him I’d rather not know, and honestly, I’m not sure whether that was a smart decision or not; I mean, I was trying to play it cool, but I’m a very jealous person in reality, and you’ll see in part two of this story how the jealousy and insecurity played me over.

After MHD’s birthday, I noticed that he texted way less frequently and with the sole purpose of talking about sex whenever he did. I remember very clearly that on the Saturday following his birthday, I had to work, but still I texted him, and he went straight to sexting. By this point, he didn’t ask whether he could send me dick pics, he just did. I told him I was at work, and he kept on with with the sex stuff like I’d told him nothing. Then, I replied to him “I’m not your sex toy.” He read the message and didn’t care to reply.

When I tell you he didn’t care to reply, I mean two weeks went by, with me texting him good morning, and him just opening the message and not saying anything. You have to understand that I was really super into this guy, and I’d already dedicated a whole month to talking to him. I was also going to Baltimore a few weeks after that, and the plan was to meet him. So, I basically texted him every day. I’d only send him one message, and he would open it. I would also send him pictures (with my bra on, thanks for asking), until one day he replied.

Our conversations sort of went back to normal, in the sense that we would text back and forth somewhat consistently, but now the only thing he talked about was sex. Don’t worry, as I type, I can tell how bad it all was. Remember I’m telling you a fail story here, not an “I found the love of my life” one, if that even exists. Anyway, when I went to Baltimore, two months after his first text, we were still talking.

He was probably the first person I told I’d landed in Baltimore. Not even my parents or best friends because that’s how crazy I was (for him). His response was “Lol welcome,” and then nothing. When I say nothing, I mean I was only going to be in Baltimore for a week, and I would wake up every morning of my trip, knowing that I was one day closer to coming back home, and he hadn’t said a word to me.

That’s when I started thinking that I’d been catfished. This thought, of course, was encouraged by my best friend’s words of wisdom. And, I mean, it totally made sense, no? I’d been talking to this guy, who at first was awesome, and then with time he wasn’t that awesome, and finally when we were literally a half hour away from each other, he  disappeared. Add to my paranoia the fact that I watched an entire season of catfish while eating fries when the temperature was too low to go outside.

Halfway through my trip, when I’d moved on to watching 90-Day-Fiancé, I decided I needed to send him paragraph-long texts, and that Snapchat wasn’t going to do it for me, so I contacted him via Instagram. The messages, oddly enough, were pretty similar to what I’d sent him when he disappeared on me in Bogota. Stuff like, “don’t you want to meet me?,” “if you want nothing to do with me, then let me know,” and texts of the sort. I honestly felt defeated because I thought we’d both been waiting for that trip in March to come so that we could meet in person, and now it seemed to me like he didn’t care at all. I didn’t expect for him to pick me up at the airport and be with me every second of every day, but at least a dinner date on day two would’ve been nice. I was even counting on him spending some nights with me.

That’s how this half of the story ends. In the comments, let me know what you think is going to happen next, and whether you believe I was catfished.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila


I Tried E-Harmony for a Month

I Tried E-Harmony for a Month

Laser Hair Removal.png

Hello and happy Friday. When it comes to online dating, you know that I’m open to trying new apps or sites, even if I always end up going back to my beloved OK Cupid. A few months ago, I decided to test one of the most “serious” services out there: E-Harmony. The monthly subscription cost $60, so of course for that price my only thought was “man, I hope I do find my future husband on here.”

I don’t know if this is one of those sites that works wonderfully for some people but sucks for others, in which case I belong to the latter. You have to fill out a profile, just like on every site, but I found that the questions in this site were targeted towards long-term relationships. In the end, that’s what people look for on this site, no?

The first sign that this wasn’t the site for me was the fact that, even though I specified I wanted to meet guys between the ages of 24 and 30, my “matches” often were outside of that age range. Other preferences weren’t really taken into account, so I was basically getting random matches for $2 a day. There were still guys I found interesting, and according to the algorithm, we were “compatible,” so I “liked” them, or whatever you call it on E-Harmony.

I thought, “okay, I’m getting a few nice matches,” and I basically sat down and waited to see who would talk to me. Call me Miss Controversial all you want, but I very rarely message first, and I wasn’t going to change that. Was that a mistake? Probably, but still, even in my worst days on OK Cupid I get a couple of messages. Do you know how many messages I got on E-Harmony during a month? One. One guy messaged me. Do you want to know what the message said? It said “gorgeous.”

We can all agree that E-Harmony is not the site for me, or maybe I’m not the kind of person who would take full advantage of a site like this. Either way, one month and $60 later, I felt like this experience was a complete failure.

As I’m writing this, though, I feel like I have to update you on something, and it’s the fact that I might have met an interesting someone on OK Cupid. When I say “met,” I mean strictly online for now, with the promise of seeing each other in person soon. I’m telling you this because it might seem like I try all these sites and they don’t work, and what happens is that I’m trying to make the real stuff work, and for that I need to keep it to myself. I will say, though, that I’m hopeful and I’m happy, and honestly that’s all that matters to me right now.

Do you know of any e-harmony or success stories? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila

My OK Cupid Experience

My OK Cupid Experience

Ebook (1).pngHello and happy Friday. I’ll give you thirty seconds to go pee, get a drink and some chips and then come back because I’m here to tell you a juicy story. Are you ready? Alright, let me tell you about this particular experience of mine with OK Cupid, which led be to almost get engaged.

It all began last year, I want to say in March but I can’t remember. I was on OK Cupid, probably after watching Scandal and getting that urge of having a boyfriend, and I remember coming across this guy’s profile. He only had one picture but he looked nice in his picture, so I clicked his profile and read through it and decided to “like” the guy. Now, I’ve tried to think about his username but I totally forgot it.

A week or so after that, this guy sends me a message along the lines of “it’s too bad that we live so far away from each other, by the way my name is J,” and that made me want to talk to him SO BADLY. So I guess it was that day when we started talking via OK Cupid, but timing was an issue because he lived in the UK so he was six hours ahead of me, and that just sort of sucked for me because I wanted to keep talking to this guy and he had to sleep.

We then moved on to texting via whatsapp and started sending each other voice notes. I’m very picky about a guy’s voice, and J’s wasn’t the kind of voice that attracted me particularly, but it wasn’t like a squeaky voice or anything like that. Why am I telling you this, you might ask, and the answer is that by that point I had sort of resigned to the fact that 1. I didn’t feel that attracted to J physically and 2. I didn’t really care for his voice. And I know maybe I sound shallow, but these two things matter to me, especially when I’m not in front of a person because I need physicality and if I can’t have it, then I need to know that once I see the guy in person he’ll be just what I expect.

J wasn’t just what I expected, and I know it now, but then I got carried away by his amazing ability to make conversation and by the way in which he went along with the crazy things I said and planned. I know he probably did fall for me because of the things he told me, and the thing is, I kept talking to him because I enjoyed being the recipient of those compliments and sweet nothings. I’d never had a boyfriend, and honestly up to this day I haven’t, so when I started getting those nice comments from him, that were deeper than the “hey cutie” I usually get, I was excited and I got giddy.

I may sound cruel and immature at times, and maybe I was both of those things, but that’s why I think people should be more careful when getting into online relationships. While J was apparently super serious about me and the “relationship” we had, I just got carried away and in my mind kept thinking “yay, I found this guy who will assure that I’m not going to end up a spinster with 7 cats.”

He said he didn’t want to come to Colombia for security reasons but also insisted on me going to visit him, said he’d get me the tickets. I’m not dumb, and even if this guy had proven to me that he was real and totally not catfishing me, I didn’t even consider his offer. We Skyped once and talked on the phone three times, and kept sending each other voice notes and stuff.

J kept telling me how he’d told his friends and family about me, and I guess I was so pressured that I ended up telling my best friends and my sister about him. That’s what I regret the most, I think, but it’s what, at the same time, made me stop and question what I was doing, which had been going on for two months or so. By then, I was also not-so-innocently flirting with a guy at work, and that also got me questioning why I had to be “tied” to this guy I didn’t even know and who lived in the UK, when I spent literally every single day with this other dude who I had a crush on and seemed to feel the same way towards me.

Time kept passing by, though, and I told J, maybe out of boredom, maybe to test him and his “love” for me, that he should buy me a ring and send it my way. He’d already gone to Holland for work and bought be this keychain he sent to my P.O box (I didn’t keep it, I gave it to my best friend, though it was pretty darn cute). It was from that moment on, from the moment when we had our ring conversation, when J started telling me he loved me, and the worst part is that he pushed me to say it too. What he didn’t know was that a) I didn’t love him, and b) I don’t throw those three words around that easily, like I don’t even tell my family members I love them, let alone this guy I DIDN’T EVEN KNOW.

One day I just sort of had it with J and decided not to waste our time anymore, so I told him I didn’t want to talk to him for a while. Of course, “a while” meant forever, but I don’t know when he got that message. I blocked him from whatsapp, Facebook (even though we weren’t friends), Skype, and Instagram, and I deleted my OK Cupid account. I did, after a few months open a new one with a different username, and to me it’s like J just vanished from my life, not that I miss anything from him.

So yeah, now you know this story about me, which some people close to me knew only bits of. Have you had a similar experience? Tell me about it!

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila

My Tinderventure in Cartagena

My Tinderventure in Cartagena

Hello and hAnnouncement (2).pngappy Friday. As I was writing my previous posts on meeting foreigners in Cartagena, I was debating whether I should include one last story in one of the posts or rather make a separate one. I decided to write a post exclusively on this story and also make it like a “thing”. Let me explain: I’m going to talk about a particular experience of mine using Tinder in Cartagena, and maybe in the future I can tell you more about some other of my Tinderventures.

I’m pretty open about using Tinder. My family and friends know I use it, but then again I don’t take it as seriously as other people do. I’m constantly downloading and deleting the app on my phone because I get bored easily. I mean, Tinder requires some effort looking through pictures and actually deciding whether you like a guy or not, while other apps like OK Cupid (I’ll talk about it in another post soon) allow you to be less active and still get people to send you messages, you know?

If you don’t know, probably you’ve never tried Tinder. It basically goes like this: you’re presented with people’s pictures, according to your gender/age/location preferences and you swipe left if you don’t like them and right if you do. If they like you too, then it’s a match, and what that means is that you can actually chat with the person. You can not talk to a person you haven’t matched with or with a person who either unmatched you or you unmatched (this is also cool because it’s happened to me that I swipe right only to realize I don’t like the guy that much).

I use Tinder mostly when I’m traveling because it’s a good way of meeting foreigners, which given my recent posts you know I love. What I’ve noticed is that Tinder is still sort of taboo among Colombians, so even if I match with a Colombian guy, he won’t talk to me. Americans are super into Tinder and I feel like they use it way more casually, but that might just be my impression.

On our last night in Cartagena, which was a Tuesday night (I talked about it in my last post), we spent a while at a gay bar and I was getting tired and also super bored but I really wanted to go dance, so took out my phone, opened the Tinder app and started looking through my most recent matches. I sent the message “Hi. Are you in Cartagena?” to four or five guys, and one replied almost immediately.

I knew the guy was hot, or at least cute for my standards because I’d seen his pictures, and I know some people can lie or whatever, but it’s not like he started talking to me without me really liking him, you know? I was sure that if we met in person I’d be alright with the way he looked. Basically the way I think in these cases, even with Roman and the cute foreigner from the previous nights, is that I could perfectly make out with them. And, in my books, if someone’s alright to make out with, then he’s alright to talk to and hang out with.

Joe, the guy who replied to me, was going to have dinner with his friends and then dancing, so he asked me what my plans were. I told him I was going back to Getsemani, which was a ten-minute walk, so we sort of texted back and forth for a while, just sort of planning when and where we’d meet.

At around 12:30 we ended up meeting in front of the church at the town square (I know it might sound romantic but it was actually super casual). I was with Sebastian and he was with two friends, so we just sat there and talked for a while. By then I knew we weren’t going to go dancing or anything like that, but also people were leaving the town square so it wasn’t as fun to stick around for long. Sebastian and I left a few minutes before 1 am and I think Joe and his friends did too. It wasn’t this super sexy moment, but it wasn’t awkward or anything, as Tinder dates sometimes are. It wasn’t even a date, really, we just met to chill and talk, and my little Tinderventure did make my night more interesting.

Have you met anyone via Tinder? How did it go?

Happy Friday,

Love, Miss Camila

Meeting Foreigners Part 3

Meeting Foreigners Part 3

Announcement (1).pngHello and happy Thursday. I bring you part 3 of my “Meeting Foreigners” mini series, and I hope you’re enjoying reading about these stories as much as I enjoy telling them.

Last time I told you about how my Monday night in Cartagena ended up, so now let’s talk about Tuesday night, which was our last one there. In my last two posts I mentioned Sebastian, a friend I traveled with, but I was also joined by Felipe, who on Monday had dinner plans with some guys he met at the beach earlier that day. On Tuesday, though, the three of us were together, at least for most of the night.

Monday night had been good, and I had this idea that Tuesday would be better. We had dinner reservations at this cute restaurant in Getsemani because of Felipe’s birthday on Wednesday, so we planned to go to the town square after dinner and basically sit down and meet foreigners just like we’d done the previous day.

We had dinner at Di Silvio, and it was the best pizza I’d had in a while (probably because it wasn’t made with chia or almond flour…this was a real pizza and we each ate a whole pie). We then went to the town square and immediately noticed it had way less people than the previous day, but that didn’t worry me because I thought it probably was because on Tuesday more clubs are open. We decided we’d go to this club in Getsemani a guy on Tinder suggested and then maybe we’d go to this gay bar at Centro Histórico.

The mood in the town square wasn’t really like the one we’d experienced on Monday. There were less backpackers and more families or older couples chilling there. One of those older couples was the one Felipe had met the previous day on the beach, so we approached them, just to say hi and ended up talking to them for about 20 minutes until we all got desperate to go. They left with us and actually walked us to the bar I’d been suggested.

It was still early, so I understood why the club was nearly empty when we got there, but I wasn’t just going to stick around and wait until it had a decent amount of people. We decided, then to walk from there, in Getsemani, to the gay bar my friends wanted to visit. It wasn’t the longest walk but I was wearing wedges and my feet were starting to hurt, which is something you don’t want when you are planning to dance. Luckily, when we got to the bar, we all had a chance to sit down. Felipe bought a beer for himself and I was able to rest my feet while he drank it. Turns out that bar was dead too. There were people but nobody was dancing. Again, I was starting to grow impatient.

After about twenty minutes sitting down and doing nothing else, each looking at Tinder (them looking at Grindr) and trying to find a way to make the night better, I declared I wanted to go back to Getsemani. At least there we could sit down and maybe meet someone.

Back in Getsemani, we sat down in the town square (again!) and Felipe ditched us to go meet a guy (again!). Next to us was a guy I thought looked cute. He looked like your typical American guy, all broad-shouldered and big and muscular. Then he talked to us. In Spanish. Turns out he was Argentinian, and not even from Buenos Aires, which Sebastian and I have visited together. No, he was from Cordoba.

We started talking to him. He told us his name was Juan and he’d been staying in Cartagena for over three weeks but he was planning on moving to Medellin to be a cook. I literally couldn’t understand three out of four words he said; I’m not sure if it’s because he was drunk or high or if his accent was just like that, but man, he was annoying me. Just like Roman, he talked A LOT, but I didn’t think he was as cute or interesting. I stuck around only because I didn’t have any other place to go.

At some point Juan decided he wanted something to eat (is it just me or are backpackers always hungry?) and he left us there. Our night wasn’t over though, we were missing one last bit I’ll tell you about in tomorrow’s post. In the meantime, let me know what you like to do at night when you’re traveling. Do you go out to dance? Have dinner? Stay in sleeping?

Happy Thursday,

Love, Miss Camila

Meeting Foreigners Part 2

Meeting Foreigners Part 2

HellAnnouncement.pngo and happy Tuesday. Yesterday I started telling you about how I met these cute, very nice backpackers over my trip in Cartagena, and I promised I’d share part 2 of the story, so get ready for it.

That Monday night, after meeting Roman and that other Mexican guy, we went club hopping at Centro Histórico until Sebastian (my friend) and I found a place we didn’t entirely hate. It was a weekday so most clubs were empty and that annoyed me a lot, but we got to this gay-friendly place that had a respectable amount of people. I danced with Sebastian for a while and then this group of people came in. I’m an expert in spotting hot guys, or at least not-so-terrible-looking-guys, so of course when I saw this group of people I quickly identified the one I liked.

Here’s the deal: when you go to a club with just one person, even if it’s just your gay friend who also wants to meet people because we’re in a different city filled with, yes, you guessed it, hot foreigners, it’s really hard to mingle with other people because you’re sort of stuck together all night long. That’s what happened, so for half an hour I would just look at this cute guy while dancing with my friend. At some point, though, I sort of ran out of patience and very nicely asked Sebastian to tell me whenever he felt tired so that I could go ask the cute guy to dance.

Of course, that was sort of a bitchy move because that forced Sebastian to tell me to go ahead and dance with the guy while he sat down and stared into the distance, but I wasn’t thinking about that at the moment, really. (Peki, sweetie, if you’re reading this, I’m sorry for having being selfish but I’m not sorry about dancing with the cute guy.)

I hadn’t gone out to party in a while, but from what I remembered when I went out, I almost never had to ask a guy to dance, they were the ones who asked me. Still, I crossed the small space of the club and poked cute guy in the shoulder until he turned around to look at me. Even though he clearly was a foreigner (who else wears a cap in a closed space if not an American guy?), I stupidly asked him in Spanish “¿bailas?”, and I said this about twice until I realized he didn’t speak Spanish and I did speak English. So I asked him whether he wanted to dance and he said yes.

It’s safe to say I’ve never laughed so much while dancing with a guy and I’ve never made a greater effort while dancing. I don’t consider myself the best dancer, but I’m decent; besides, I’ve been doing Zumba for almost three years now, so I know the moves to all the basic rhythms. This particular song was a merengue by Juan Luis Guerra that I dance in my Zumba classes (okay, sorry if I sound like a bit of a snob here, especially to those not familiar with the song or the rhythm).

Merengue is a kind of music you dance with a partner. It has like three or four basic steps and is really easy. Cute guy, however, probably never danced merengue in his life and thought, like many foreigners do, that it was just about spinning his partner around. The first two spins were fun, but after that I was glad I’d had a light dinner and hadn’t drunk any alcohol because it wouldn’t have been cute to throw up on him.

At one point I just told the guy to look at my feet and try to imitate what I was doing, and that sort of worked. I was so focused, though, on him not stepping on me or spinning me around yet again that I didn’t ask him anything, not even his name or where he came from. He was older than the guys I usually go for, probably in his early 30’s, but he was okay for just that one dance.

After that, I went back to where Sebastian was sitting and ordered a bottle of water, which I drank almost entirely. We danced some more until it was almost 1 am and the music got super heavy and I wasn’t enjoying myself, so we left for our apartment and it was the end of our first night meeting foreigners.

Do you like dancing? What do you do when your partner is not a good dancer? Let me know!

Happy Tuesday,

Love, Miss Camila

Meeting Foreigners

Meeting Foreigners

Hello and happy MAnnouncement (1).pngonday. Today I thought it would be cool to share a story with you about a trip I went on with two friends and how we met many cute foreigners.

I don’t know if I’ve said this before but I live in Bogota, which is the capital of Colombia. Bogota is cold and very big. It is not really a touristic city; most people who travel here do so because of work or businesses or just for a short while before going somewhere else.

During spring break this year I went to Cartagena with two friends from university. Now, Cartagena is located in the Caribbean coast. The weather is hot, there’s a lot of breeze from the sea, and it’s basically the number one touristic city in Colombia. We wanted to do the whole tourist plan so we took City Sightseeing tours, and walking tours, but we didn’t just end up seeing places but actually meeting some nice foreigners, most of them backpackers, which are some of my favorite kind of people.

We weren’t really planning to meet all these people, it’s not like we were hunting for foreigners, we just happened to go one night to Getsemani and sat in the town square. We got there at around 10 pm after having dinner near our apartment in El Laguito. I’d gone to Cartagena before but had no idea about Getsemani, so we just sat there to chill, seeing all the people there talking to each other.

Of course I couldn’t stop looking at the hot backpackers and that’s how we met Roman, this German cutie with the sweetest accent who insisted on speaking Spanish to practice. He was sitting next to my friend Sebastian and me, but he was talking to other people, so when I saw that he’d taken a break from his conversation I asked him in my most innocent voice whether he knew of a place where we could go dance. That was our original plan, going dancing. The thing is, it was a Monday and basically every club in Getsemani was closed and apparently the place to be was the town square.

Roman told us exactly that, and though we were kind of disappointed, we thought about looking around because maybe we could find a place. Because it was still early, we decided to sit for a while. Sebastian got up to buy something to drink and I stayed where I was sitting, taking it all in. Now, I don’t think I’m an ugly girl or anything like that, but I’m not the kind of girl hot foreigners approach to talk to, you know? So I was obviously a bit surprised when Roman started asking me questions.

We talked to Roman and to some Mexicans for a while (I don’t know their names) and it was really cool. They told us their stories and plans, and at the and we just got up and left in search of a nightclub, which we found after bar hopping for a while at Centro Histórico. I honestly had never just sat down and talked to backpackers, but everything was so relaxed and the environment was so nice that it felt right, you know? Now that’s sort of what I want to do whenever I travel, get to know other people and listen to their stories.

Do you have a similar story? Tell me about it! I’ll be writing another post telling you about our second day meeting foreigners.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila