Paranormal Audiobook Review

Paranormal Audiobook Review

Hello and happy Wednesday. David Pandolfe readers, please let me know if Streetlights Like Fireworks can actually be considered a paranormal read or if there’s a more accurate term for it. Thank you, and please keep on reading.

I feel like my audiobook game has been kinda weak lately and stories like Streetlights Like Fireworks help me get back in the game. First of all, the narrator was amazing; his voice was so calm and soothing I just wanted to stay home and listen to him read to me all day. The story itself wasn’t long, so I went through it in about two weeks or less, and it was super easy to follow.

I love the fact that the plot of the novel was so original because Jack, the main character, along with Lauren, who becomes his partner in a road trip across the United States, has this visions and this sensitivity towards paranormal stuff. They can see and feel the presence of other people and get flashbacks as if they were other people.

The fact that there’s a road trip involved was also great, and music being the basis of everything. I appreciated a lot the way Lauren and Jack’s relationship evolves throughout the story without taking the “spotlight” away from the real core of the plot. This is an original, refreshing read you’ll enjoy, especially if, like me, you have some sort of a fascination towards paranormal stuff.

By visiting you can get the free ebook version of Streetlights Like Fireworks. If you do get it and read it, let me know what your thoughts were!

Happy Wednesday!

Love, Miss Camila

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