Desktop Tour

Desktop Tour


Hello and happy Tuesday. I don’t know why I’d been wanting to do this, but the day has come and the post is here. This is my desktop tour. I’m currently spending a lot more time here than usual, so I need it to be a space where I can feel comfortable for hours.

In the background, we can see the glass board my dad gave me when I graduated from school or university or something…I don’t really remember. It’s dirty, which means I’ll probably clean it as soon as I finish this post. Here is where I’ll make a list breaking down my to-do’s and I’ll erase them as I go. It is also a nice tool for taking notes or just writing stuff down. I think if I didn’t have this board, this desk would probably be filled with note pads all over.

On the left corner, I have my calendar. Here is where I write my “big” tasks, such as working on my online courses or on TpT. Space is very reduced so I try to be concise. Here is where I write any appointments or other social engagements I might have, or just anything I need to do on that day that I might be prone to forget. I have a special green pen for this calendar.

Then there’s my Magical Monthly Reading Planner, which in reality is my blogging planner. I’ve already dedicated an entire post to it, but it is what keeps my blogging/ TpT life organized. I highlight each task and item both from my calendar and my planner so that I know they’ve been accomplished.

Next to my computer is a sweet tea tumbler from Cracker Barrel that I made into a pen holder. It seems to be overflowing with a random assortment of pens and pencils, but in reality, I’ve gone through a selection process and I’m constantly throwing old supplies away. I like to have different colors for my blogging planner. I think it makes everything happier.

My computer is my baby and the center of the show. I use one of those tray thingies with a cushioned bottom that you’re supposed to use when working with your computer while in bed, just so that it can be propped higher on the desk and I can be more comfortable. I have a mouse attached because I feel weird using the laptop one.

On the other side of the computer, I have a little health and beauty station. I have a cup with paper clips that I’ve never needed to use, a bottle of anti-bacterial spray and lip balm because I need to refresh every once in a while. Then, on the right corner, I have a jewelry box that I turned into a supply organizer. It has three drawers: the first one with flair pens, the second one with whiteboard markers, and the third one with highlighters and a board eraser. On top of the box, there are two post-its I need to have within my line of vision at all times.

What is your desk like? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila

Organizing My Supplies Closet

Organizing My Supplies Closet

Hello and happy Saturday. Every few months I’ll tackle the task of removing every item in my supplies closet at home and reorganizing said closet. I’ll get rid of stuff I’ve been hoarding, as well as the growing piles of things I tell myself I’ll deal with later.

This is the “before.” I think it was at its worst moment, with things everywhere and not a logic behind where I put them. Look at the space close to the floor, it’s a mess, too.




I didn’t get rid of a ton of stuff, I just decided to be smarter about where I put it. All the arts and crafts supplies I had on the top shelf (that didn’t need to be there), were placed in a cardboard box in the bottom shelf, and the teaching materials I won’t be needing at the moment were moved to the plastic box where my pencil cases with pens and markers used to be.

Since I reorganized,  I have found a box to store the pencil cases, so they are no longer on display. The other things you see on the top shelf are supplies I use on a regular basis. The wrapping and contact paper that used to be on the bottom shelf is in the closet on the left, standing against a corner.

How often do you organize your work supplies and what system do you use? Let me know in the comments.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

Organizing My Beauty Shelves

Organizing My Beauty Shelves

Hello and happy Sunday. Lately, I’ve been in the mood for organizing stuff but especially getting rid of things that either I no longer use or are super old. I did this with my beauty/skincare shelves and I’ve even sort of developed a system to avoid hoarding.

You might have noticed that now some of my makeup products have numbers written in them. This is because I divided them by category and numbered them so that every time I get rid of one, I move on to the next. This way I ensure that I’m using up everything and throwing it away as soon as I’m done.

Most of this stuff is gone by now because I’ve used it up. This is also a good way for me to rediscover products that I’d forgotten about.










This is a part of my shelves that I don’t usually show because, to be honest, it’s kind of embarrassing. All these cases and bags were filled with stuff, and I went over each of them to throw away what I didn’t need, or relocate things. I ended up not needing one of the bags altogether.






This is simply disgusting. It was the makeup bag I took for trips, but as you can see, all the makeup looks old and a bit disgusting. I threw it all away and I will be reconfiguring my travel makeup bag with stuff I get from Ipsy. Stay tuned because there might be a haul coming soon.







I used to have two nail care bags and one big thing for face masks, which I don’t even apply that often. I relocated the brush and the masks to what formerly was my makeup bag, which made more sense since it’s not a lot of stuff.







I threw away many nail polishes that were dry or that I hadn’t used in a long time. I will do an unhaul on them soon so that you can see that process in detail. The stuff related to nail care is now in a bag inside the nail polish case, so everything is kept together.







Here’s my new reasonably-sized face maks bag.










These are the contents of my travel bag. I don’t know if you can see, but there are empty jars of product I am just carrying back and forth. Also, who needs four razors? Honestly.

I looked through all this stuff and ultimately came up with a separate bag of toiletries I will be taking to my dad’s house for when I stay over.






This was like that closet grandmas have where they keep everything they can’t find a place for. I have tissues, wet wipes, sunscreen, lotion, shaving gel, you name it, it’s probably there.

I looked through all of this and decided that the lotions could have a place outside and that I would use them up as daily use products. The tissues, hand sanitizer, and wet wipes were relocated to a bag, where they’ll be more useful. The other stuff remains in a case of its own, where it’s going to be easier for me to find it when I need it.

What is your organization system for beauty and skin care products? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

Organizing My Bookshelves

Organizing My Bookshelves

Hello and happy Wednesday. I’m excited about today’s post because I love everything related to organization, and I think rearranging my bookshelves was long overdue.

This is how my main bookshelf looked before. You’ll notice that there aren’t any criteria behind the arrangement, besides size, probably, but I say “probably” because if you look closely, you’ll notice some books here and there that clearly are not where they’re supposed to be.

There’s even a hardcover, which should have been in the other shelf, but spoiler alert, I only noticed I didn’t return it to its original home until after I was done organizing.

This little cutie is where I have my hardcovers. I’m not a fan of hardcovers because I find them unpractical to read, but they are pretty, and I have gotten most of these titles either in subscription boxes or for very cheap online, cheaper even than the paperback edition.

Like its mother shelf, there was no real rationale behind the organization of this baby, but I still wanted to change the order of the books a bit, make it seem like I did something.

Also, I’m sure you noticed that stray copy of An Abundance of Katherines. It is waiting in the pile with other books I will be reselling or giving away when I’m done with them, which is why it isn’t on the bookshelf.

This is the final product. I put all the books down, cleaned the inside of the shelves, and then arranged the books by color. I’m thinking about doing a haul series, in which I haul the books by color in each post, so I’m not going to go in detail today about the titles I own.

The top row has my books from Alfaguara, one of my favorite publishing houses in Spanish. Then we move on to the purple and pink books. The next shelf is for the black and gray titles. The bottom row is comprised of white books, then yellow, then red and orange, and finally green. My previously unoccupied bottom shelf now holds the blue books and the teal/aqua ones.

This is the new version of my hardcover shelf. I don’t know if it’s just me, or if it looks as if there are more books now. I wanted to go with the rainbow theme too but gave up on it because this is a very small shelf and there are many big bulky titles I have to fit in. I finally decided to be practical instead of creative.

I do feel that this organization is more aesthetically pleasing, more inviting, although I guess you’d have to be the judge of that.

How do you organize your books at home? Let me know in the comments below, and if you can, link me to your shelfie, I’d love to see it.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

Teacher Binder Essentials

Teacher Binder Essentials

TpT Cover Design.jpg

Hello and happy Saturday. A few weeks ago, I posted about my new teacher notebook and how it has everything I can possibly need. I’ve used it for almost a month now in my new job and it is pretty awesome, but I know fancy notebooks like that one are expensive and not everyone wants to spend a ton of money on them. I also know that a notebook is not convenient for all teachers, and that some of us prefer a binder that we can customize.

In today’s post I bring you a little something to help you with your teacher binder. It’s literally an essentials pack, so you don’t have to sort through a bunch of formats just to select what you really consider necessary. You can check out the resource here .

Last year, I had a binder I put together both with free resources I found online and my own formats, that is, formats I created, which helped me be more organized in my job. I decided to share them with you and I really hope that you find them useful.

What do you get in this resource? You get both monthly and weekly planners. I personally use the monthly planners to write down school-wide events or deadlines I have, and the weekly planner for my own lessons. I also added weekends because I know that teachers have to go to school at least a Saturday or two a year, and that must go in the binder as well. I included a checklist, and if you’re like me, you never have enough of those, so know you can get as many copies of it as needed.

I’m a planner, so we all know I need to see the big picture, which means that monthly and weekly planners will only do as much. For that reason, I designed a yearly planning format. That’s what saved my sanity when I transitioned from my first to my second year as a teacher. Basically, during my first year, I would write down everything we did in class after it was over, and then I revised and rearranged that information, which is what I used to plan the following year. Using this format helped me reflect on what I’d done in class, and it served as a tool to improve the following year, but it was also a time saver in the sense that I already had the plan of what I was supposed to do, I just needed to make it more concrete.

I honestly hope that you find these formats useful. In the comments, let me know what you prefer to use for planning and keeping organized at work.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

My New Teacher Notebook

My New Teacher Notebook

Lovely Wholesale

Hello and happy Saturday. Yes, today I actually have a teaching-related post like we used to have every Saturday way back when. I wanted to share with you the teacher notebook I bought in Spain, which I got for about $22. Now, I know we’re all good people here and none of you would think about doing anything with the pictures of the inside of my notebook, but sadly there are people who might use the pictures to “create” and sell their own teacher notebooks, and that’s something I don’t want to risk. For that reason, I’ll just describe to you what the notebook has and you’ll have to rely on your imagination to picture it. Let’s get started, shall we?

When you open the notebook you have calendars for the 2017-2018, 2019-2019, and 2019-2020 school years. That itself is awesome because it means this can be used throughout the years. Then there is a cardboard cover and the actual “notebook” begins. You have a page to fill in your contact information, and then some blank pages. What I love about this is that every section has written “instructions” of ways in which you can use it. For example: the first two blank pages say “use this pages to past documents and information of your school, or for free notes,” and the second set of blank pages says “use this pages to glue the class calendar.

You then get a section of blank schedules to fill out, and I love the fact that they include Saturdays and Sundays. The next section was game-changing to me because its designed for you to draw your class blueprints. I would laminate that part and use either whiteboard markers or stickers to make that section reusable, but I think it’s genius when you’re thinking about how to place your students (you know I’m all for assigned seating).

There’s a section for you to add meetings, parent conferences, and school activities, which it’s divided by months, so it comes in really handy, especially when you’re doing your yearly planning. You get some blank checklists, and there are enough for the entire year, so if you organize your to-do’s into short and long term, this will be great for you. There is more space for you to jot down ideas and projects you might have, and at the end of this first section, there’s a birthday page.

Then comes the planning section. You first get a monthly planner, which is basically like an empty calendar. Then there’s another thing that sold me on this notebook and it’s the weekly planner. I love it because you get the entire week in a single page, and that is important for me because it allows me to see the “big picture” of my classes. There’s enough space to be somewhat detailed about the planning, and that’s also important for me. This weekly planner obviously takes up a big portion of the notebook.

We then have the list section, so basically there are many blank lists waiting to be filled with grades and check-marks. I personally used to struggle with the list thing because I felt that the ones I’d downloaded didn’t have enough space for grades or assignments and so I found myself having to print new ones over and over. Here you’re covered for a long time, trust me.

Another really cool section is about the students, so for example you get lists to fill with their parents’ contact information, other data and observations. I used to work at a school where parents were super involved, so it was common to meet with them regularly, and having a chart like this one comes in super handy. Then on the flip side of the information page, there are attendance lists. I think especially for homeroom teachers it is key to check attendance. Also, if you know when a student was absent, you can help them catch up because you know the exact day.

There’s also a meeting planner, which again, comes in super handy when registering one’s interactions with parents. I think that teachers nowadays have to be extremely organized, and that also includes recording any data that might be important. In this same section, there is space to write information about students and possible meetings.

The final section has a set of lined paper to take notes on meetings, and then some pages where you can write links and other contact information. There are also some plastic pockets at the end, and other cardboard pieces to use as bookmarks or separators or whatever.

I think you get the idea of why I fell in love with my teacher notebook. In the comments below let me know the kind of organizer or planner you use at work.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

My Supplies Closet Needs a Makeover

My Supplies Closet Needs a Makeover

Hello and happy Saturday. This is the second time I try to write this post, so hopefully this time I’ll be able to finish and publish it. By the title you can tell that I’m going to talk about my very messy supplies closet, the one I have at home. You see, over the years I’ve accumulated stuff that I’ve kept just in case I need it. It came in handy last year when I was working at this place where we didn’t really have many resources, so I brought things from home to use in my classes. As soon as I organize it, I’ll share an update with you, but for now let’s dig in the mess.

On my top shelf, we sort of have three sections. The one on the right is where I have a ruler and my three hole puncher. I have two shoe boxes, which I laminated with a nice contact paper. One of them has some bingo markers and also dice, as well as a small box of erasers. I like to have some essentials in stock, and I also collect erasers that come in different colors and shapes. The other shoe box is full of highlighters, which I started collecting in university.

The big box is full of all things stationery, so all kinds of paper and cardboard, as well as a few sticker books I haven’t yet used. In the middle section I have a box full of cables and wires, my alphabet stamp box, which is too big to fit in my other stamp box, an extension in case I need several power sources, and also a box of adhesive labels because I label everything I take to work with my name.

The section in the right has all the fun stuff. That’s where I have my stickers, temporary tattoos, and stamps .

The bottom shelf is really the messy one. There two sections, though to be honest I did have to open a few boxes here to see what I kept because I couldn’t remember. In the left, I have two shoe boxes. The larger one is full of supplies for crafts, like popsicle sticks, paint, and rhinestones. The one on top has all of my board markers. In this section I also have a Pirouline can with scissors. I’m into recycling and re-purposing things, so you will see a lot of boxes and cans covered in contact paper.

Separating both sections I have a couple envelopes and two of my hand pointers. The orange plastic box is my task card box. I like to do my own resources, so that’s where I store them. I also keep bookmarks, Christmas cards and other things that might come in handy someday. Behind that box I have a stack. The base of that stack is another shoe box full of all sorts of tape and bits of contact paper. I have duct tape, washi tape, transparent tape, you name it, I have it. On top of that, I have a box where I keep my flash cards and other scraps of cardboard. Then I have two small boxes, one full of silk paper and another one with rewards like mini erasers and small toys. Finally, there’s a tray-like box where I have all sorts of glue.

Now for the bottom part, we have on the left my collection of contact and wrapping paper; in the middle I have a box full of markers, colors, crayons and basically anything to draw, write or color, and in the right I have a box full of posters I’ve made.

That’s it for my messy supplies closet. If you’d like to see a more in-depth post on something I mentioned here (my sticker collection, for example) please let me know.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila