Mila Writes

Mila Writes

Mila Writes.pngHello and happy Thursday. Here’s something you probably didn’t know about me: I write. I wouldn’t say I’m a writer or an author, but I do write stuff and publish it on Wattpad.

Wattpad is a website that works exactly for what I just wrote: people write and publish their stuff there. You have a profile, which you can customize and you write stories, which you can update by adding parts, and as people read them, they can also comment and like them, and add them to lists.

There are several known authors that have started their careers on Wattpad and because of their success in that webpage their books have become known. Examples of these authors are Ali Novak and Anna Todd to name a couple. I decided to join Wattpad because my goal when writing has been obviously to express myself but also to get other people to read my stories, so Wattpad became the easiest option, really. I mean, it is free, you can write and edit on the go, and it is a community.

I’ve had an account since late September of 2015 and since then have published eight stories, three of which are finished. I love Wattpad because I don’t feel pressured to meet deadlines or to have a complete book so that I can publish it, you know? I can just go ahead and write a bit, and then get started with another story and go back and forth. Knowing that there are many other people that read and write and publish is also great because it makes the whole writing process friendlier and less lonely.

If you want to check out my stories, click here. I would very much appreciate if you read one, some or all of them, and I would be super grateful if you gave me feedback. If you have any stories you’d recommend, please message me because I’m always in the lookout for nice reads, especially if it is Larry Stylinson fanfic (yeah, I said it).

Do you write or have a creative hobby that you like? Tell me about it!

Happy Thursday,

Love, Miss Camila