August 2019 Kawaii Box

August 2019 Kawaii Box

Hello and happy Sunday. Scheduling posts in advance, or even planning to write something with months of anticipation is funny because I always want to say “it’s been a while since I’ve done this” but you’re probably still getting those posts consistently because I wrote them a while before. Anyway, this is a Kawaii Box unboxing and I am always excited to make these, especially since my subscription is over and I will not be unsubscribing. I am a teacher, so most of the items I get, go directly to my classroom because I used to have a “market” every month and my kids could get rewards in exchange of sticker points they earned. I’m clarifying because you might be wondering why I get this box only to leave everything in my classroom.

Kawaii Desserts Erasers

I don’t know why but I love erasers that don’t look like erasers. At some point, I had a chocolate-bar-shaped one, a carrot-shaped one, and yes, I felt very tempted to keep this cute dessert plate with candy-shaped erasers for myself, but I thought my students would enjoy them more.

Nekoni Mini Puffy Stickers

I can’t see clearly which stickers these are, so I don’t know whether they went into my classroom or I kept them for myself. I like having these stickers too, even though nine times out of ten they go to my students.

Mystery Kawaii Snack 

These were matcha/powder milk snacks and let me tell you, the texture is pretty weird. I would advice to get a glass of water or milk or something with these because they’re powdery. I’m not a huge fan of matcha but these were alright.

Shimmery Mt Fuji Pen and Donut Bunny Pen

These pens are the cutest and the ink is amazing. I already have many, so I decided to leave them for my students, even though they’re still in elementary and don’t use pens yet.

Lollipop Highlighter Set

This was the first thing that one of my students got when I did the “market” thing. That is, this set of lollipop-shaped highlighters was the first thing that went, and honestly, had I been a student, these too would have been my first choice.

Shibanban Sticky Notes

In hindsight, I should’ve kept these to myself because I’m running out of ones and I never get around to buying sticky notes. I am sure one of my students is probably enjoying them now.

Fluffy Bunny Dancing Ears Hat

I’ve never worn this and I probably never will, but I’m keeping this just in case in the drawer where I have all sorts of accessories. What if one day I decide to dress up like a bunny for a lesson?

School Girl Aiko Notebook

In my class last school year I had three boys and one girl. The girl got this notebook. She always waited to have enough points to get the “big” items.

Which of these items was your favorite and why? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila