Decluttering My Room: Clothes

Decluttering My Room: Clothes

Hello and happy Monday. Welcome to the third installment of the “Decluttering My Room” series. Today I will be sharing how I select the clothes I keep and those I get rid of. What I’ve found interesting about this series is that even though I’ve applied the same principles to every category I’ve decluttered: the konmari method, my own thought process has been different. I took my clothes and put them in piles, but I didn’t take all of them at the same time. I have my clothing items categorized so I looked through them according to those categories.



Here we’re mostly looking at tops. I took one by one, looked at it, asked myself whether I had been wearing that item recently and if I would continue to wear it, and if both answers were affirmative, I’d stack it in the “keep” piles. If the answers were negative, I’d stack them in the “sell” pile. I have a few blog posts on how I sell my clothes so I encourage you to check them out if you’re interested.





This is my summer/ warm weather clothes pile, and because I don’t live in a place with seasons or somewhere with warm weather, my questions had to change. For this, I’d ask myself whether I saw myself packing these clothes for a trip, and the truth is, there are items that have been hanging in my closet for years and I don’t pick them up. There are also some that I’d worn consistently, but since I’d gotten new items, I thought it was time for them to be sent to a better place. Those items were also placed in the “sell” pile.





Here’s how my closet looked after I went through my tops, Like I said in the previous post, this is no longer where I live, so the space conditions have changed. I have more shelf space for foldables but less space for hanging items, so that means that I have to be even more thoughtful when it comes to what to keep and what to sell.


This is how I used to store my shoes. Now, I don’t sell the shoes I don’t want any more unless I’ve only worn them once, I give those away.




These are the items that I’m going to sell, already packaged to be picked up by the company in charge. The items that are not considered fit to be sold are given away to a foundation, which I think is amazing.








These are my bottoms and my bags, which I hang on the bottom part of my closet. The process is the same as with tops, although I do give more thought to bottoms since I own less of these.









This is how the bottom part of my closet ended up looking.

Do you have any particular methods or strategies when it comes to decluttering? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila

Decluttering My Room: Paper and Stationery || Limpiando Mi Cuarto: Papelería

Decluttering My Room: Paper and Stationery || Limpiando Mi Cuarto: Papelería


Hello and happy Monday. For many reasons which I won’t explain in this post, I have been trying to change my lifestyle and habits, especially when it comes to my attachment to material things. I have always been the kind of person to accumulate stuff, to save everything for some other time, to not throw anything away because what if we need it, but I got to a point where I had too much of everything and it was getting ridiculous.

There was this trend all over when the Marie Kondo show was launched on Netflix, and as always, I’m super late to the party. Basically, everyone and their mom decided it was time to declutter, so you would see BookTubers doing unhauls, beauty bloggers throwing away old makeup, and lifestyle bloggers pretty much redesigning their homes and becoming minimalist. I don’t think I’ll ever get to that extreme point of only having the absolutely necessary, but I did want to reduce the amount of stuff I had.

I’m sure there’s a lot of information about it, but the Konmari method, which is what Marie Kondo uses to organize and declutter, asks the person to divide their stuff into categories. Today’s category, paper and stationery is technically the third one, but blogging has been messy these days, so we’ll start here. I included all things paper: notepads, notebooks, folders, and loose sheets of paper.

As you see in the picture, the method consists of taking all the items from a category and putting them in one place, then going through one by one and getting rid of those that you no longer need or that don’t make you happy. Now, my job does require me to have a lot of paper at hand, but I realized I didn’t need to have it at home with me, so there was a lot I threw away and some that I took to school with me, where it would be needed. After a few months, of course, I’ve gotten some more stuff, so I’m thinking about having a decluttering session soon and again, trying to keep only the necessary paper at hand.

Do you collect stationery? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila



Hola y feliz lunes. Por muchas razones que no voy a explicar en esta publicación, he tratado de cambiar mi estilo de vida y mis hábitos, especialmente mi apego a cosas materiales. Siempre he sido el tipo de persona que acumula cosas, que guarda todo para otro momento, que no bota nada porque, ¿qué pasa si llegasmos a necesitarlos? Pero llegué al punto en que tenía tanto de todo que se estaba volviendo ridículo.

Hubo esta tendencia en todas partes cuando salió el programa de Netflix de Marie Kondo, y como siempre, llegué muy tarde a la fiesta. Básicamente, todo el mundo decidió que era tiempo de limpiar, entonces uno podía ver  BookTubers sacando libros, bloggers de belleza botando maquillaje viejo, y bloggers de estilo de vida rediseñando sus casas y volviéndose minimalistas. No creo que llegaré a ese punto extremo de solamente tener lo absolutamente necesario, pero sí quería reducir la cantidad de cosas que tenía.

Estoy segura que hay un montón de información sobre esto, pero el método Konmari, que es el que Marie Kondo usa para organizar y limpiar, pide que la persona divida sus cosas en categorías. La categoría de hoy, papelería, es técnicamente la tercera, pero mi trabajo en este blog ha sido desordenado estos días, entonces vamos a empezar aquí. Incluí todas las cosas de papel: libretas, cuadernos, carpetas, y hojas sueltas de papel.

Como ves en la foto, el método consiste en sacar todos los artículos de una categoría y ponerlos en un lugar, luego mirarlos uno por uno y deshacerse de lo que uno ya no necesita o de lo que ya no te hace feliz. Ahora, mi trabajo requiere que tenga mucho papel a la mano, pero me di cuenta que no necesitaba tenerlo en mi casa conmigo, entonces hubo mucho que boté y algo de eso que llevé al colegio conmigo, donde lo iba a necesitar. Después de unos meses, claro, he recibido muchas más cosas, entonces estoy pensando en hacer otra sesión de limpieza, y nuevamente, solamente tener el papel necesario a la mano.

¿Coleccionas artículos de papelería? Cuéntame en los comentarios.

¡Feliz lunes!

Con amor, Miss Camila