I Tried E-Harmony for a Month

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Hello and happy Friday. When it comes to online dating, you know that I’m open to trying new apps or sites, even if I always end up going back to my beloved OK Cupid. A few months ago, I decided to test one of the most “serious” services out there: E-Harmony. The monthly subscription cost $60, so of course for that price my only thought was “man, I hope I do find my future husband on here.”

I don’t know if this is one of those sites that works wonderfully for some people but sucks for others, in which case I belong to the latter. You have to fill out a profile, just like on every site, but I found that the questions in this site were targeted towards long-term relationships. In the end, that’s what people look for on this site, no?

The first sign that this wasn’t the site for me was the fact that, even though I specified I wanted to meet guys between the ages of 24 and 30, my “matches” often were outside of that age range. Other preferences weren’t really taken into account, so I was basically getting random matches for $2 a day. There were still guys I found interesting, and according to the algorithm, we were “compatible,” so I “liked” them, or whatever you call it on E-Harmony.

I thought, “okay, I’m getting a few nice matches,” and I basically sat down and waited to see who would talk to me. Call me Miss Controversial all you want, but I very rarely message first, and I wasn’t going to change that. Was that a mistake? Probably, but still, even in my worst days on OK Cupid I get a couple of messages. Do you know how many messages I got on E-Harmony during a month? One. One guy messaged me. Do you want to know what the message said? It said “gorgeous.”

We can all agree that E-Harmony is not the site for me, or maybe I’m not the kind of person who would take full advantage of a site like this. Either way, one month and $60 later, I felt like this experience was a complete failure.

As I’m writing this, though, I feel like I have to update you on something, and it’s the fact that I might have met an interesting someone on OK Cupid. When I say “met,” I mean strictly online for now, with the promise of seeing each other in person soon. I’m telling you this because it might seem like I try all these sites and they don’t work, and what happens is that I’m trying to make the real stuff work, and for that I need to keep it to myself. I will say, though, that I’m hopeful and I’m happy, and honestly that’s all that matters to me right now.

Do you know of any e-harmony or match.com success stories? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila

How I Manage My Buys and Subscriptions

Laser Hair Removal.pngHello and happy Thursday. You and I both know that I love subscription boxes. Okay, yes, I’m a bit addicted to them, but I just love getting a box full of nice surprises each month and then telling you about it. I love shopping in general, and even though sometimes I go crazy, I’m not really an impulse buyer. Quite the opposite, actually. Today, I want to tell you about the system I have to manage my monthly purchases and subscriptions. Let’s get started, shall we?

First and foremost, I want to clarify that, for those who don’t know, I have a stable job that pays well, and that’s what allows me to indulge every month. I’ve always been very conscious when it comes to the amount of money I spend versus the amount of money I actually earn, and each month I save a percentage of my salary. I love shopping but I’m not crazy.

I have a list in which I’ve written down what I want to buy each month. In this list I even write about subscriptions I want to get or cancel. Every month, after I make a purchase, I cross the item from my list. It’s no lie, though, that subscription services make up most of my expenses. I’ll list them below and tell you how I manage each.

The Book Drop 

I subscribed to this at the beginning of last year. It’s a pretty cool subscription box because you only pay $13 a month and you get a book as well as a couple of goodies. I got the three-month subscription because it was so cheap. That’s something I would recommend if you’re into these services but don’t want to have money taken out from your account every single month. Yes, that’s going to mean spending more money on that moment, but for the following three, six, or even twelve months, you don’t have to worry about anything other than getting your box. I only wanted to try this service, so after the three months were over, I unsubscribed.


I love OwlCrate with every fiber of my being and I think it’s worth every cent of the $30 it costs. My problem with this box is that it does no good to my finances, so I’m often struggling between reactivating and cancelling my subscription. That’s why you get OwlCrate unboxings on some months, and then you don’t on others. I usually pay for the month-to-month service, although I hope one day I’ll be able to treat myself to a full year of OwlCrate. Pausing or cancelling subscriptions from time to time is also a valid option if you feel like you can’t keep making a monthly expense. As of today, I’m only subscribed to services I’ve paid for in advance, and Adore Me, but we’ll get to that later.


I love Ipsy and I will defend it any day. If you’ve seen my glam bag unboxings, you know that I’m always happy with what I get, and I think the products and the bags are awesome, especially consider this service costs $10 a month. I was able to treat myself to a full year of Ipsy last April, although I cancelled my subscription so it wouldn’t be automatically renewed. If I’m not mistaken, I paid for eleven months instead of twelve, so another advantage of buying “packages” of three months of more is actually getting discounts. Ultimately, when you subscribe month-to-month, you’re paying more.

Book Case Club

I don’t know how they do it, but for $10 a month, you get two books, usually a paperback and a hardcover. I only wanted to try this service, so I got the three-month subscription. In the future I’ll for sure re-subscribe for a full year.

Fandom of the Month Club

I was convinced I’d gotten the three-month subscription, but I had gotten the month-to-month and then cancelled. That explains why I only got one box. Okay, well, for $13 a month I would get the three-month subscription, especially because what you get is cool fandom jewelry.


Sensebox is a Colombian subscription box along the lines of Ipsy, only this box does carry full size products. I’ve been subscribed almost since it started, and I love it. I subscribed for a full year, but didn’t renew my subscription. If you live outside of the U.S I would highly suggest you to look for subscription boxes in your own country because that way you will at least save the shipping expenses.

Kawaii Box

This is literally a $20 box of cute stuff. I’ve subscribed and cancelled my subscription multiple times, mainly because I don’t really want to get it every single month but sporadically. The cool thing about Kawaii Box is that shipping is included in the $20 you pay, so it makes the box really cheap and worth giving a try.

Adore Me

See? I told you we would get to talk about Adore Me. I am a VIP Member, which means I sort of *have* to make a monthly purchase. I don’t get sent a random item every month, I actually buy whatever I want, and if for some reason I don’t want to buy anything on a given month, I can pause my membership. I haven’t skipped any months since I started shopping at Adore Me, and in fact I’ve gotten two free sets, a makeup bag and a tote bag.

OK Cupid A-List

Yes, I’m subscribed OK Cupid. I actually paid for six months in advance, which means I actually had to pay about half of what month-to-month subscribers pay. Six months on OK Cupid A-List cost $28.

Do you have a system to manage your monthly purchases or subscriptions? Tell me about it in the comments below!

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

Another (Super Hyped) Rant

Hello and happy Wednesday. I’m almost always late to the party when it comes to books or shows everybody seems to be loving. I like to take my time, wait for the excitement to die down, and then I’ll read said book and watch said show. That’s why even though Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher has been around for a while, and then it became even more popular after the show version aired on Netflix, I only recently picked up the book and read it. Spoiler alert, I despised it, and in today’s post I’ll tell you why. Let’s get started, shall we?

Before ranting in shape, I want to start with an obvious trigger warning for suicide. Please, if you are having suicidal thoughts of any kind, seek help in a person, preferably a professional, not a YA novel.

I went into this book sort of blindly, although that’s almost impossible when everybody is talking about it. The first thing I noticed and that I appreciated were the two different perspectives in which the story is told (you know, Clay’s and Hannah’s), as well as the formats. I don’t think I’d ever read a book in which one of the characters narrated their story through recordings, so that was a novelty.

I did like the fact that the author alternates between Clay’s “real time” voice and Hannah’s recordings, but at first it was hard for me to tell who was saying what, even Hanna’s bits were in italics. Overall, the book was easy and fast to read, which I’m thankful for because I wouldn’t have been able to endure a longer, tougher kind of book on this subject.

My problems with this novel started pretty much from the beginning, though, when Hannah says that she’s going to address the people who were the reasons why she killed herself. NO. People are not the reason why others kill themselves. Yes, I agree that teenagers can be brutal, and that bullying is a horrible thing that nobody should ever have to endure, but a person who commits suicide does so because they have mental health issues that either have been neglected or that spiraled out of control.

Now, I was already upset when I was reading because of the point I just mentioned, but then I got even angrier when I read that the author was revealing the way in which Hannah killed herself. This book is being read by many people daily, many teenagers who might be in a very vulnerable situation, and giving them Hanna’s MO, is in a way giving them an option on how they could kill themselves.

Call me Miss Controversial, but I didn’t really sympathize with Hannah’s character, and I thought her tone was snarky and I didn’t like it one bit. Yes, it’s clear that she was going through stuff at school, but I think the root of it all was her having mental health issues that weren’t being treated, and that were being triggered by what went on at school. Want me to give an example? Sure. When she addresses the first guy in her list (I forgot his name, sorry), we learn that she does everything in her power to “casually” bump into him. She even gets his schedule. What does that tell us about Miss Baker? Well, that tells me that she’s sort of a stalker, and that she’s got some pretty clear obsessive tendencies.

I could not stand Clay, or rather “Nice Guy” Clay. Honestly, he was just so annoying. And, like a typical YA character he had his moment of releasing a “breath he didn’t know he was holding.” If you know me, you know I rolled my eyes at this so hard my head hurt. The ending was just like I was expecting, honestly. It was rushed and sort of confusing, and it tried to be hopeful, but at that point I was just done with that story.

I watched the first episode of the show, and there’s going to be a post about it, so the discussion on Thirteen Reasons Why is not over. In the meantime, let me know in the comments whether you read the book and what your thoughts were.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila


I Tried OK Cupid A+ For a Month

Ebook (2).pngHello and happy Tuesday. I’ve talked a lot about online dating on my blog, and I’ve mentioned different sites I’ve used for this. My ultimate favorite one is OK Cupid, and trust me, I say that after trying a fair share of apps and sites. If you’re new to the world of online dating, check out this post I wrote with tips and information you might find useful.

Anyway, I was telling you about my relationship with OK Cupid, which has lasted longer than all my other romantic relationships. I found out about the app five years ago (really? It’s been that long? Man…) and downloaded out of curiosity. Online dating is still a taboo topic for many people, and especially in Colombia people still think that trying to meet people off the internet is just a way to get yourself into trouble.

Throughout those five years I’ve been on and off the app, but I’d always kept the same profile; I just disabled it from time to time. After the mess of 2015, you know, when I started talking to this guy and this escalated super quickly and I basically got bored of everything getting too serious too soon (click here to read the whole story), I deleted my account, and it wasn’t until one year later that I decided to create a new profile.

I recently decided to get A+, which is the upgraded version of OK Cupid. Now, I still haven’t found Prince Charming, and I don’t know if I will through this app, but that doesn’t stop me from using it. Having A+ means that I actually get to see who likes me, even if I don’t like the person back. This helps me consider all of my potential matches and know who really is interested in me.

Ok Cupid was updated, so with that update you can only text people you’ve liked, but the other person will only be able to see the message if they like you back or if found in Double Take. With A+ I get to see who’s messaged me without having to like them back. I can also see who has liked and messaged me, and out of those profiles, whom I’ve “passed” (or swiped left).

After trying OK Cupid A+ for a month, I decided to get the six-month subscription. I feel that now I can take full advantage of the app. I know what I want out of OK Cupid, and having the chance to see who’s interested in me and who’s messaged me, even if I haven’t check them out means that I can be smarter about the way I use the app.

In the comments below, tell me about your experience with paid online dating services.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila

Gray Night Makeup

Hello and happy Monday. I have to be honest with you: today’s look is nowhere near my favorites to work on. There’s something about gray tones that I don’t like at all, so I tend to avoid them. Today, though, I thought that I could take a deep breath and get it over with, to add a little something different to our Makeup Mondays. I’m pretty sure you’re as done with neutrals as I am. Here are the steps I followed to achieve this look:







  1. Primer 
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation
  4.  Powder
  5. Eyebrows
  6. Beige eyeshadow (base)
  7. Gray stick eyeshadow (eyelid)
  8. Dark gray (outer corner)
  9. Faux black eyeliner (tightline)
  10. Black eyeshadow (top and bottom lash line)
  11. Contour
  12. Blush
  13. Highlighter
  14. Nude lipliner
  15. Nude lipgloss
  16. Dewy setting spray

In the comments below tell me, what colors you really don’t like working with and why?

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila

Tips for New Lifestyle and Beauty Bloggers

Laser Hair Removal.pngHello and happy Sunday. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably thinking about starting a blog, or you have one already and are looking for advice. Whatever the reason, I would like to share some tips with you that have helped me when it comes to my beauty and lifestyle posts. If you are a book blogger and want some advice, check out this post. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Begin by brainstorming 

When I first started blogging, I did so because I had just read a book and wanted to share my thoughts on it. From then on, the ideas kind of kept coming on their own and I would just write posts whenever I got them. This was great until one day I realized the idea for an awesome post didn’t come, and so I couldn’t blog that week. Now, what I do is write down any post idea I have so that there’s always something I can write about when I blog. My suggestion for you is, sit down one day and write as many ideas as you can. You might modify them when the time to write comes, and of course, there will be some you’ll discard, but at least you have enough material to work with for the future.

This is obviously related to the kind of posts you want to publish: reviews, hauls, tutorials, look books, challenges or tags, and so many more options. Trust me, when you do this, you open the doors to content you probably hadn’t thought about, and you start giving yourself the chance to explore different options and maybe even think about doing post series and other fun stuff.

2. Schedule, schedule, schedule 

Right now I have lots of free time to write one or two posts a day and schedule them, but when I had a full-time job, I could only count on the weekends to do this. Still, my posts were being published and people were reading them regardless of where I was and what I was doing. When you’re brainstorming, think about when you want your posts to be published. Do you want them everyday? Just once a week? Manage your posting time and based on that you can work on a writing/scheduling time. If you want your posts published once a week, then you’ll for sure need less writing time than if you were posting every day.

3. Don’t go to crazy 

What I mean by this is that you don’t have to spend all your money on expensive makeup and clothes just to have content to write about in your blog. Start by what you have; I’ve hauled everything from my perfumes to my makeup brushes. I didn’t haul any clothes I bought up until a few months ago, but still I don’t buy those clothes for the sake of a post, and I want that to be very clear. Start slowly but surely; my first beauty/lifestyle post in this blog was about getting laser hair removal and now your Sundays are filled with all sorts of content, from makeup to clothes, to weirdly placed piercings.

4. Make your blogger life easier

Finding a comfortable blogging dynamic is obviously a process. You’ll have to try and fail and try again until things are working the way you want them to. Planning and scheduling your posts is a very important step towards achieving that dream blogging dynamic, but there are other things that might help. For example, whenever I get new products I want to blog about, I take a picture of them with my phone and, using the WordPress app, I upload it and save it as a draft. I also write the idea of the post in my blogging notebook, so that when the time comes, I just need to open the draft with the picture and start writing. That is way easier than trying to remember the items in my February Ipsy Glam Bag, finding them, taking a picture of them, and then sitting down to write a post. Don’t you agree?

What are other pieces of advice you could think of for new beauty and lifestyle bloggers? Let me know in the comments below!

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila


Weird Stuff I’ve Been Told On OkCupid pt.1.2

Ebook (1).png

Hello and happy Saturday. Let’s get down to business and continue with the weird messages I’ve gotten on Ok Cupid.

“Hi how are you there. Good to see your profile there. Nice to meet you. Let be friends What’s up there” 

Yes, this is just one message, but to me it feels lie this person either had a problem with their copy/paste features or there are actually more people involved and they were all typing at the same time and then someone accidentally hit “send.” No, but really, English is clearly not this person’s first language and on top of that they were probably nervous as to what to write. It’s always kinda awkward to get “let’s be friends” messages, and I can’t help but go back to my kindergarten years.

“You’re very beautiful” 

This one is just like the “I like you” message from yesterday. Thank you, I really appreciate you telling me this, but I would like to have real conversations, not be complimented by strangers right off the bat, you know? I think it’s okay to squeeze in a compliment when you’re messaging someone for the first time, but you have to add something else to said message, something the recipient can work with in order to start a conversation with you.

“I wish all the best to you” 

This message is sweet, I’m not going to deny it. But it sounds more like the kind of thing you’d tell someone you’re breaking up with instead of what you’re telling a stranger you’d like to get to know better. When I get messages like this, I know the person’s first language is not English because there are expressions that can’t be translated literally or that when translated, lose their original meaning. This might be a way to greet another person, but I don’t know how to respond to that other than saying “thanks, same.”

“I would love u but never mess with U ever” 

I got this when I was at work and I seriously laughed out loud because I think many people agree with this person. I’ve been told several times that I am intimidating, which I totally take as a compliment, so you better not mess with me. I’ll probably use this quote as my header from now on so that people know what they’re getting into with me.

“Hello how you doing, Your picture has that sense of calmness, it is beautiful” 

Now, this message is the sort that people send to many different users to see who actually takes the bait and actually falls for the cheesy pickup line. I say this because in my picture I’m wearing a strapless bikini (so I’m showing off some skin in addition to one of my tattoos) and I’m kinda smiling kinda not. It’s not peaceful, it’s a selfie that conveys nothing other than I think I’m hot and I want to meet strangers online. Nice, try though.

Now, for this last message I’m not going to say anything, but I want you to tell me what you think in the comments below.

“Hey girl, i’m from Andromeda Galaxy and i’m looking for girl from Milky Way galaxy, only beautiful women can see my message and I am here to hack your heart haha ;)” 

Happy Saturday,

Love, Miss Camila

Etsy Buys: All the Random Stuff

Hello and happy Friday. Every now and then I make random purchases, and when I say random, I mean they’re not book, makeup or beauty related. Or sometimes I buy things that I don’t consider worthy of a post all by themselves, so I wait until I get a decent amount of publishable stuff because I always want to provide you with the best quality content there is.

The things in this post have been sitting around in my room or at work for a while, and they finally have a moment to shine. I really hope you find them as awesome as I did when I bought them. Oh, before I forget, they’re all from Etsy, hence the title of this post. Let’s get started, shall we?

Go Get Your Almost Equal Pay Pencil by Ugly Baby 

The pencil itself makes my heart happy. I mean, as a hardcore feminist I love stuff like this. I got the three-pencil package and gave one to my mom and one to my sister. Mine hasn’t been used. I haven’t even sharpened it. It’s on my desk at work and sometimes I just look at it to feel badass and continue working. I love the handwritten card, and honestly, just getting it makes me want to continue supporting this shop.

Antioxidant Soap by Bellecomme

I haven’t used this soap yet because I want to take it with me on vacation and use it away from home, completely relaxed. The packaging is super cute and simple, and it works if you’re giving the soap as a gift. It smells like all the good things in the world and I can’t wait to try it!





Chokers by OpenYourDollsPlease

I’m upset about these chokers because I wanted to get them for a long time, and as soon as I opened the package I realized they were going to be too big and loose for me. It was totally my mistake because you must choose the size depending on how thick your neck is and I have no idea about inches, so I just guessed and I obviously guessed wrong. They’re velvet chokers and I especially like the hot pink one, but I won’t be able to wear them.

Tell me about your most recent purchase. What did you get? Let me know in the comments!

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila

On Roommates


Hello and happy Thursday. Let me tell you straight up what I think about having roommates: it’s not for me. I’ve lived for almost eighteen years with just my mom and my sister, and for most of that time, we’ve each had our own room.

Moving out is an obvious part of growing up, and if you don’t think so, maybe you should go see a psychologist. In the US it’s common for people to leave their house to go to college, and then at some point to have roommates. Well, that’s not common in Colombia, at least not for me or people in my same social circle, you know? We are expected to move out of our house and live by ourselves or with a partner if we have one.

My situation is obviously different because moving out for me really means moving abroad, but still, it never crossed my mind to have roommates. I know that having roommates is still having your own space but sharing common areas like the kitchen and living room, and sometimes the bathroom, and also sharing responsibilities like splitting bills, doing the cleaning, and grocery shopping. The thing is, I’d rather do that for myself and all by myself than living with other people my age with whom I don’t have a romantic relationship or share a family bond of some sort.

I reached this conclusion in full force after having to spend a weekend at home with my sister and her boyfriend. My mom went out on a trip, so it was the three of us, plus our two dogs. It was supposed to be a weekend, my time of resting and doing my own thing while mentally and physically preparing for another week of work. Let me tell you, I didn’t rest one bit.

I felt like there was a whole lot to do, which looking back I guess my mom does, but I ended up doing, and it made me upset that I had to do somebody else’s job. If somebody cooks and leaves the kitchen like a hellhole, then they should clean up because they were the ones who made a mess. That’s what I think, but I know in reality most people would agree that someone cooks and then another person does the dishes and cleans the kitchen. My sister and her boyfriend made pancakes one day. Do you know how long it took me to clean up all of their mess?

This might not be a thought many of you share with me, but I’d rather have a tiny apartment just for myself, and I’d rather spend all of my free time cleaning it, than having to clean somebody else’s mess. I feel that the weekend with my sister and her boyfriend was a test for me, and I believe I failed it, at least in the roommate department. No, not for me, thank you though.

In the comments tell me about yourself and your living experience. Do you have or have you had any roommates? How did it go? What advice would you give to someone who’s going to live with more people in the future?

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

Back With the Chips

Hello and happy Wednesday. I’m having a hard time introducing this post, so you know what? I’m not even going to try. If you’ve been around, you know what I mean by “chips,” if you haven’t, just keep in mind that whenever I talk about “chips” I’m really talking about mommy porn, or erotica. Today I’ll share my thoughts on Darker by E.L James, which basically is Fifty Shades Darker from Christian’s perspective. Let’s get started, shall we?

I’m going to begin by putting something out there that will for sure upset a lot of people for many different reasons, but I 100% prefer Christian’s point of view. Yes, he’s got serious issues and that’s pretty clear to me, and I hope it is to everyone reading the books, but the way he talks about what’s going on with his life and with Ana is way more appealing to me.

Speaking about Christian’s issues, I found his complaining about Ana biting her lip and rolling her eyes way more annoying than her doing those things, you know? We all know you’ve been through some tough stuff in your life that clearly your psychologist and you haven’t been able to deal with correctly, but let your girlfriend live a little.

Another one of Christian’s issues? When he talks to himself (yes, that’s not really the issue, we all do that), he refers to himself as Grey. He doesn’t call himself Christian or dude or, I don’t know, anything other than his last name. That’s pretty odd, don’t you think?

Now, because he’s so messed up, Christian avoids intense emotions. I don’t know specifically when he says this, but I wrote it down, so he said it. What bothers me is the fact that he doesn’t deal with those emotions, but wants to be the king of BDSM, which is a risky combination, in my opinion.

One thing I really liked about this book is the fact that Christian confronts Ana for not using the safe word. You want to know why I liked that? The reason is pretty obvious, actually: one of the only things that Christian and Ana did right (in my opinion) when first establishing their BDSM dynamic, was agreeing on a safe word. It is a “safe” word, as in you should use it when you feel that a situation might be getting out of hand, and this is going to have your partner either slow down or stop. Despite Christian being the one inflicting pain on Ana, it was she who had control of continuing or stopping the situation, and what did she do? She just kept quiet until Christian was done, then up and left. In this case, dear Ana, it was your fault entirely that you felt that much pain and humiliation.

Another thing I liked, at first, were the flashbacks. I say “at first” because they reached a point in which you really had one in every single page, and that just bored me. Imagine eating salt & vinegar chips or cool ranch Doritos everyday. By the end of the week, or maybe even sooner, you’d be done with those forever. That’s kind of what happened with the flashbacks; I was enjoying those bits and pieces of Christian’s life before Ana, but then I was getting so many I just wanted them to be over and go back to the real deal.

E.L James is a queen when it comes to the email exchanges. I mean, when I read those, I’m always smiling like a dummy and I often laugh out loud. I love the details when the characters change their signatures, or write the subject in all caps. I’ve seen other authors try to emulate these email/text exchanges, but they don’t come close to the ones in Fifty Shades.

All in all I enjoyed this book, and it’s because I’m not looking for great quality content, or for a flawless style. I’m looking for entertainment, for chips. This is what makes me read a 500+ page book in a week or so and not get bored. I have to admit, though, that at times I did get bored because Darker is basically Christian narrating a week of his life, and so the days become way too long. Like, at times I had to go back to the beginning of the chapter to see the date because I thought way more time had gone by. It can also be a matter of preference, I don’t know.

When it comes to books, which are your chips? Share your recommendations in the comments below and I’ll be sure to check them out!

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila