Series Saturday: My Paper Heart

Series Saturday: My Paper Heart


Hello and happy Saturday. I really enjoy working on this post series because I’m reminded not only of books I loved but also of those I really didn’t. When you have such a long TBR list, it’s good to know what to steer clear of. Sadly for Magan Vernon, her book series My Paper Heart is one I won’t be finishing.


My Paper Heart (Book #1)

I listened to this on audiobook between October 6th and October 27th, 2018 and gave it two stars, but I’m pretty sure that nowadays I’d give it two. This book follows the typical trope of a young woman from the city who is sent to the countryside and falls in love with the town’s bad boy. I literally told you the entire plot of this novel, there’s absolutely no need for you to read it, in my opinion. I think this kind of story works for readers who are looking for something formulaic, predictable, and mindless to read. It would be a good option if you needed to reach your reading goal because I don’t think this would take you more than a couple of days and just about the same number of brain cells, but you’ll be exactly the same person before, during and after reading this.


On Paper Wings (Book #2)

A Paper Trail (Book #3)

These Paper Walls (Book #4) 

What kind of book do you like to read when you’re in a time crunch? What’s a trope that gets you reading? Let me know in the comments.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila