Desktop Tour

Desktop Tour


Hello and happy Tuesday. I don’t know why I’d been wanting to do this, but the day has come and the post is here. This is my desktop tour. I’m currently spending a lot more time here than usual, so I need it to be a space where I can feel comfortable for hours.

In the background, we can see the glass board my dad gave me when I graduated from school or university or something…I don’t really remember. It’s dirty, which means I’ll probably clean it as soon as I finish this post. Here is where I’ll make a list breaking down my to-do’s and I’ll erase them as I go. It is also a nice tool for taking notes or just writing stuff down. I think if I didn’t have this board, this desk would probably be filled with note pads all over.

On the left corner, I have my calendar. Here is where I write my “big” tasks, such as working on my online courses or on TpT. Space is very reduced so I try to be concise. Here is where I write any appointments or other social engagements I might have, or just anything I need to do on that day that I might be prone to forget. I have a special green pen for this calendar.

Then there’s my Magical Monthly Reading Planner, which in reality is my blogging planner. I’ve already dedicated an entire post to it, but it is what keeps my blogging/ TpT life organized. I highlight each task and item both from my calendar and my planner so that I know they’ve been accomplished.

Next to my computer is a sweet tea tumbler from Cracker Barrel that I made into a pen holder. It seems to be overflowing with a random assortment of pens and pencils, but in reality, I’ve gone through a selection process and I’m constantly throwing old supplies away. I like to have different colors for my blogging planner. I think it makes everything happier.

My computer is my baby and the center of the show. I use one of those tray thingies with a cushioned bottom that you’re supposed to use when working with your computer while in bed, just so that it can be propped higher on the desk and I can be more comfortable. I have a mouse attached because I feel weird using the laptop one.

On the other side of the computer, I have a little health and beauty station. I have a cup with paper clips that I’ve never needed to use, a bottle of anti-bacterial spray and lip balm because I need to refresh every once in a while. Then, on the right corner, I have a jewelry box that I turned into a supply organizer. It has three drawers: the first one with flair pens, the second one with whiteboard markers, and the third one with highlighters and a board eraser. On top of the box, there are two post-its I need to have within my line of vision at all times.

What is your desk like? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila