What I’m Doing Instead of Finishing the HP Series

What I’m Doing Instead of Finishing the HP Series

#BookReviewBlogChallengeHello and happy Wednesday. Let me start by saying that trans women are women and whoever denies a person’s gender identity is a piece of shit. That makes the author of the H*rry P*tter series a piece of shit, which is why I will not be supporting her in any way, shape, or form. Here’s what I’m doing instead.

  • Thankfully, I didn’t have a lot of merch, only a book that was super expensive and that I didn’t even open and a sweater that I got at Primark for like 2 Euro and that will not be missed. I’m donating both.
  • I deleted all the books from this author that I owned from my Kindle and my Goodreads. I also deleted the ones I had read by her from Goodreads.
  • I contacted a foundation in Colombia, where I’m from, that protects the lives of trans people. I am waiting for them to give me info on how to donate to them.

I am clearly not going to talk about this author or her books in this blog anymore and I hope you understand the reasons why, but if you don’t, it’s fine, I’m sure that you can find other people who still talk about her and celebrate her. I think protecting the lives and validating the identities of people who have been historically oppressed is more important, so that’s what I choose to do.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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