July 2019 Kawaii Box

July 2019 Kawaii Box

Hello and happy Saturday. If this is the first post you read by me then, hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Camila and I’m a teacher and a lover of all things cute and sparkly. This means that a big percentage of the stuff I get in my Kawaii Box now goes automatically to my classroom. Let’s get started, shall we?

Korean DIY Kawaii Bracelet Set

I have a huge box in my bedroom closet where I keep all things crafty, including bracelet sets. I think they’re cute and I was recently talking to a teacher friend of mine about setting up craft stations for the kids to strengthen their fine motor skills, so I think this will come in handy.

Hello Kitty Mermaid Plushie

If you’re new, then you probably don’t know that in my classroom I have a box full of stuffed toys, plushies and squishies that my students can play with when they are done with a written assignment. This cutie is in that box with her other stuffed friends.

Happy Nikukyu Polar Bear Paw Gummies

As cute as these were, I didn’t really like them. There’s something weird about eating mint-flavored gummies. The texture was also kind of odd. It’s a no for me.

Kawaii Box Aiko Headphone Case

This is part of the market I hold every month for my students to exchange the points they have earned in class.

Kawaii Candy Wrapper Hair Clip

I’ve already said this in previous unboxings, but I don’t like the hair clips I get in the Kawaii Box. I think they could work for young children with very fine hair, but they don’t do anything to me. I think they are in my class market.

Korean DIY Kawaii Cupcake Set

This was cute and had it been bigger I would’ve used it in my class, but since it’s pretty much made for one person, I took it to my classroom as part of the reward market. I warned you, many of the items I get end up there.

Tiny Party Sparky Stickers

I am not sure whether I kept these or left them for my market. Either way, I hope they are being enjoyed.

Happy Day Pill Organizer

I love these organizers for keeping beads or those mini stickers used for nail decoration. I have several of these already, which are full of crafty stuff. I think they’re super practical for teachers.

Icy Pastel Popsicle Pen 

As much as I love quirky pens, I have my fair share already, so I passed on this and it is now part of my reward market.

Which of these items do you find the most useful or practical? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Saturday!

Love, Miss Camila