Swimwear Haul/Unhaul: Swimsuits and Separates

Swimwear Haul/Unhaul: Swimsuits and Separates

Hello and happy Friday. I have a tattoo appointment for later and I have a super long list of things to do, so this post is kind of all over the place. Today I’m going to show you the rest of my swimwear collection. Let’s get started, shall we?

This cutie is one of my new best friends. I love that it’s revealing but at the same time it’s high-waisted, which means that my insecurities are covered. I got it from Adore Me for the standard $40, and I’m clearly keeping it around for a while.



I got these bottoms from ThredUp (they were new, don’t worry), but they are tiny. I’m sure I could fit in them, but I wouldn’t be able to move for fear of making a show. I’m unhauling them.









This swimsuit is super cute but it’s also the oldest piece of swimwear I own and I think I was only keeping it for the sake of memories. I mean, I wore this before my surgery, that’s how old it is. The time has come for us to say goodbye.








I went through this phase in which I wanted to swim professionally, so I asked my mom for all the gear. I could barely fit into this swimsuit but I’d say nothing because I was kind of embarrassed, and now that I show off my bod and don’t swim at all, I don’t need this any longer. It’s a Speedo, by the way.






I’m getting rid of this Swimsuits for All top because it’s a halter and I really can’t stand the neck and head pain. It’s cute and all, but comfort comes first.









I’m giving this Raisins top that I got from ThredUp one last chance because it looks nice and because I don’t want to get rid of all my tops.









Do I have to explain why I’m parting ways with this top? Seriously though, I just got it because I spent 4th of July in the States, but I’m not going to wear this again, at least not unironically.








This top is from Swimsuits for All and, sadly, it is a halter neck, so I’m getting rid of it.









Another halter from Swimsuits for All which, oddly, is big on me. That never happens. Still, I hope that someone will truly enjoy it.








Finally, we have these bottoms that I am keeping since I’m getting rid of the other ones. These are from Swimsuits for All.

What is your preferred style of swimwear? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila

2 thoughts on “Swimwear Haul/Unhaul: Swimsuits and Separates

  1. Quite a destashing! Now it’ll be easy to pick when going to the pool or beach!😁
    I’m not sure if I have a favorite kind, I’m pretty uncomfortable showing that much skin or such a tight silhouette, no matter the cut.
    I kinda wish a shorter version of the old school “bathing costume” (but in safer materials) existed. 😅

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I don’t know when I’ll be going, but I’m taking all of them! I’m sure if you look for more vintage styles you’ll find something you like and feel comfortable wearing, which is what matters the most 💕


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