June 2019 Kawaii Box

June 2019 Kawaii Box

Hello and happy Sunday. Welcome to a new episode of “stuff that probably ended in my classroom,” aka the unboxing for the June 2019 Kawaii Box. If you didn’t know, I am a second and third-grade teacher and for this school year, I had a points and rewards system going on with my third graders. Basically, they earned points through contests and class activities and once a month they could exchange them for a prize. I probably have a post in which I explain in-depth how that system works, but the reason why I mention it here is that most of the items I get in my Kawaii Box do end up as part of my rewards market.

I don’t think I have ever mentioned a box’s theme when I do these hauls, but I guess themes are relevant because they might influence how much or how little you like the items. The theme for June 2019 was Underwater Fantasy, which might be very cool to some, but I don’t really care about the ocean or mermaids too much. Let’s get started, shall we?

Aiko Little Mermaid Face Towel 

This is in my classroom but I’m the one who uses it. I actually have two identical towels and I use them for wiping the whiteboard. In my opinion, they work way better than erasers and they are easier to clean.

Puffy Narwhal Sticky Notes

I collect sticky notes and I use them really often when I’m writing book reviews, so they are home with me right now in my sticky note pencil case.

Special Surprise Treat

These were like ramen patty/crackers. They were actually pretty good, much better than what I’d expected.

Kawaii Jellyfish Ink Pen 

I love the ink of the pens that come in these boxes because it’s like the one from fineliners and I’m just into it. I have many of those pens already, so I left this one in my classroom for my students to “buy.”

Little Twins Stars Key Cover

This item is also a part of the market because I already have one too many keychains as is.

Dreamland Puffy Stickers

I recently decided to put puffy stickers in a special sticker album and to keep them in the classroom for when I have to decorate something. They have since been used by me and my students.

Mermaid Nail Stickers

These, too are a part of the reward market I have in my classroom.

Our Little Mermaid Notebook 

This notebook is in my classroom. I told you this haul was going to be that way.

Round Neko Plushie Charm

I always remove the chain from these plushies and take them to my classroom where I have a “squishy station.” I think I will be writing a post about this too, but it’s basically a box full of squishies, plushies and stuffed animals for the kids to play with when they are done with a task.

Marukawa Kirby Mix’n’Match Gum 

I can’t remember this gum for the life of me so my guess is I ate it, it was alright but forgettable. End of story.

Which of these items was your favorite and why? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila