I Can Do Better

I Can Do Better

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Before you read about the most recent book I read or look at my latest makeup tutorial, I feel like it is necessary to make a statement regarding what has been recently happening in the United States, which is none other than the continuation of systemic (thus historical) oppression against Black people.

I am white, I am a Latina, I am a Jew. It is not my place to speak on behalf of Black people, but it is my place as an ally, as an educator, and as someone with 400+ followers in this platform to tell you to get educated, to read Black authors, to follow Black people, to support them and to be vocal about your support. I am and will continue to be doing these things. If you can’t or don’t feel like protesting, donate, get informed. This is not a matter of not being racist, this is a matter of being anti-racist, and now more than ever, silence is compliance towards the oppressors.

I will share links below of ways you can help, and please, in the comments below, share any that you deem useful. I will be updating this post as I get more information. I followed the first link and donated to Communities Against Police Brutality. Needless to say, you can unfollow if this makes you feel “uncomfortable.”



Read Audibly




Watch (on Netflix)

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