#BookReviewBlogChallenge Update

#BookReviewBlogChallenge Update

CertificateHello and happy Tuesday. I just got a very sad email from one of my students, so I’ll need a temporary distraction. Last night, Ann from Great New Reads, the host of the Book Review Blog Challenge, emailed the contestants to announce that the results for the challenge were in. If you know anything about me it’s probably this: I am an overachiever through and through, but I didn’t get into this challenge to win.

I didn’t even think I could read all the books I read for the challenge and the ones in my regular TBR! I had so much fun, though and I got in touch with different people who, like me, love talking about books.

So, no, I did not win first place, but…I got second place! And because Ann is most definitely a sweetheart and didn’t go to my school, she believes that second place winners also get a prize. Bless her soul. The prize is a $20 gift card from Amazon and a digital certificate, which I’ll make the thumbnail of this post as soon as I have it.

I know this wasn’t *my* challenge, but I want to give a shoutout too, okay? I want to give a shoutout to Michelle from Unidragronfrag because she kept up with my posts throughout the challenge, actively commented, and she even read and reviewed Number the Stars for one of her challenges, per my suggestion. Is this what having internet friends feels like? I think it does.

If you’re here to find out what I’ll buy with my $20, I’ve got you covered. Here’s my prize wishlist. Obviously, I’m buying ebooks with that money, but I don’t think that’s a surprise to anyone.

How’s your week going? What have you been doing? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila



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