The Empowered Woman’s Starter Course

The Empowered Woman’s Starter Course

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Hello and happy Saturday. We all know that every time I present a new product or educational resource I do it as I would present my baby to the world. In a way, the stuff I create is like a baby, only I made it by myself using my brain.

A while ago, I very proudly presented by Empowered Woman’s Starter Kit, which is a product you can get on Teachers Pay Teachers. This is basically a handbook that can help teachers introduce their students to feminism. I worked for months on it and I was very excited when it was ready. I quickly realized, however, that it would reach a very reduced audience given that I was only offering it in a platform designed for teachers and people working in the educational field.

Feminism is a topic that many people think they know about but few really do, and I think that it can’t just be reduced to academia. It’s amazing that people dedicate their lives to studying and writing papers on feminism, but the truth is that we need to make it more accessible to everyone. This is why using the starter kit as a basis, I’ve been developing The Empowered Woman’s Starter Course, a course that won’t give you any certificates or quiz you on anything, but that will hopefully give you the basis you need to better understand what feminism is, what it isn’t and why we need it in this day and age.

You’ll get access to valuable information on the subject of feminism, which let me tell you, is a very wide topic that often remains unexplored, you’ll find out about what has been said on feminism from various points of view and through a variety of formats, and, most importantly to me, you’ll have specific tasks to fulfill that will hopefully lead you to be more critical of the reality we live in now and will encourage you to change it.

Now it’s your turn to check it out and tell me what you think. Also, if you would like to suggest ideas to include in the course, you can do it in the comments below.

Happy teaching (and learning)!

Love, Miss Camila