It Was Neither Thrilling Nor Mysterious

It Was Neither Thrilling Nor Mysterious

Hello and happy Wednesday. Some of you might wonder why I keep reading mystery/thriller novels when most haven’t gotten more than three stars and the reason is, I really want to find what I like within that genre. Judging by today’s title, we know that All the Missing Girls by Megan Miranda wasn’t it.

I read this book between April 7th and April 10th, 2020 and gave it two stars. I knew I was going to give it a bad rating since the very first page because it was consistently bad. The first problem I had was that it started in the middle of a scene, which I know is common for mystery/thrillers but in this case, we get stuff explained almost as an afterthought, or at least that’s how I felt. 

Nicolette, the main character, gets a call from her brother and because of it decides to go to her hometown. Now, the reason we are told that she’s going is to have her dad sign some papers to be able to sell the house where they all used to live. Oh, and by the way, the dad apparently has dementia. I did not like the fact that dementia was used as a plot device, and I knew the moment I read about it that it was going to be used as such because it makes the character unreliable, right? That was lazy, in my opinion. 

So we said that Nic goes back to her hometown, and she keeps saying she’ll stay only for a few days, but she literally packed the contents of her entire apartment in her car before leaving. I overpack whenever I go on a trip, but I’m not going to pack my nightstand if I’m planning to stay only for a few days somewhere. That was one of the several plotholes I found in this story, which generally shouldn’t occur but even less if you’re reading to find out how a mystery happened, or who did it, or how it was solved. 

I don’t like “easy” mysteries. I don’t like when the main character finds out key information within the first minutes of talking to someone, and that happened in this book. The secret item she needed in order to advance with her “investigation” was found by chance in a drawer…on her first try. Okay. Oh, I haven’t told you what the mystery is about, right? So, Nicolette’s best friend had disappeared ten years earlier, which is why she decided to leave her town, and now that she’s back, another girl has disappeared. See, I told you it was lazy. 

Do you have any recommendations for mysteries that are actually mysterious? Let me know in the comments below. 

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila 

2 thoughts on “It Was Neither Thrilling Nor Mysterious

  1. As an aspiring novelist, I learned some things from reading your review of this not-so-stellar book. I had considered putting it on my TBR, but now I think not. I appreciate your honesty in your book reviews.


    1. Thanks! I hope my reviews are helpful, but I know I have a very particular reading taste. I am still figuring out what I like when it comes to mystery/thrillers and so far I’ve found more of that I *don’t* like. I’m not giving up on this genre just yet, though.


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