#BookReviewBlogChallenge Announcement

#BookReviewBlogChallenge Announcement


Hello and happy Friday for the second time today. I have exciting news to share with you! Last night (literally…I was already in bed and all) I got an invitation to this event from a Goodreads group I belonged to, and I didn’t really read what it was about, but still was interested so I RSVP’ed. Well, this morning I read everything carefully and it turns out there is this book reviewing challenge. I’m sure there are lots of those held year-round, okay? What’s exciting to me is that it’s the first one I’ve been invited to and the first I’ll be participating in.

If you want to join me and other book reviewers, click here. You can read the rules and guidelines and see if that’s something you’d be interested in. I’ve already set up my calendar and filled a post-it note with everything I need to keep in mind so that I’m ready to start on April 15th, and although all of that is behind the scenes stuff, I wanted to tell you how that challenge might affect my regular content.

Obviously, because there are prompts that are not decided by me, my TBR list is going to change. I might still be able to read books I had in mind, but the order in which I read them will not be the same as I’d originally planned. That being said, I’m not really replacing any books, at least not for now, but rather adding more. Thankfully, since I’m working from home at the moment, that is achievable. I also have Easter break next week so I’ll be able to read books from my original TBR list ahead of time in preparation for the challenge.

You know that this year I’ve been doing themed months, and I will continue to do them. I will continue to read books with certain themes for the duration of the challenge and I will continue to post my reviews on Wednesdays for regular books and Fridays for ARCS. I will actually use that break I have next week to finish and schedule the reviews for the books I’m reading in April.

There are eight prompts in the challenge and they are announced every Wednesday and Saturday for the duration of the challenge, so really what I’m thinking is I’ll try to post my review as soon as I’m done reading the book that responds to the challenge. I won’t be scheduling those posts. That means that some days I will have two posts, the regularly scheduled one and the challenge one. The latter will have all sorts of links and hashtags so that you know what it’s about.

UPDATE: I came up with these two guidelines for myself and I wanted to share them with you. The rules of the challenge state that participants can use reviews from books they previously read, but I don’t think there’s any fun or challenge in looking for old content and recycling it, so I will be reading a new book to fulfill each prompt. That means that for this challenge, I will read eight books that are new to me. Now, to choose the books that fulfill each prompt, I will give priority to my short physical books and to the ones that I have already saved on Scribd. Because I am already listening to so many audiobooks while I work, I will leave those for another post and focus on reading them with my eyes. Let’s recap: I will be reading books for the first time, preferable short physical ones I already own or those I have saved from Scribd. Okay, now we’re done.

I don’t think I have anything else to say other than I’m excited about this challenge and I hope that you join me, either by participating or by reading all my reviews.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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