March 2020 Thankful Thursday Week 3

March 2020 Thankful Thursday Week 3

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Hello and happy Thursday. I love to see that my Thankful Thursday posts are consistently being “liked” by you, and of course, that makes me want to continue looking back and writing them. One day a while ago I decided to look into my notebook of happy thoughts, pick random ones and talk about them with you, and now I continue to do that. Let’s see what made me happy two years ago today.

March 19th, 2018: Brunch with Dani makes me happy. 

Dani is my best friend since fourth grade and if you knew her you’d wonder why we’re such good friends if we’re so different. I cannot give you a concrete reason other than we grew up together and the bond we share is deeper and stronger than our career paths and fashion choices. She is the Kate Hudson to my Anne Hathaway in Brides Wars although I am 150% sure we won’t be getting married the same day. She’s the person who keeps me sane and grounded, and honestly, any day that I can spend some time with her is a happy day in my book.

In the comments below tell me something about your best friend.

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila