New Years Glam

New Years Glam

Hello and happy Monday. I’m one of those people who like New Years better than Christmas. I like the idea of a fresh start and everything that it entails. I also like that I can try more glam looks on New Years, as you’ll see in today’s post. For 2019, I did my updated version of a look I first tried in July 2017, when I graduated from my makeup course. For this look, I’m using the Colour Pop Main Squeeze palette. These are the steps I followed:




  1. Frosé (crease)
  2. Like It’s Hot (eyelid)
  3. Home Slice (outer and inner corner)
  4. Shimmery hot pink (center of the lid)
  5. Shimmery light pink (inner corner highlight)
  6. Pink pencil eyeliner
  7. Shimmery light pink (lower lash line)
  8. Liquid highlighter (use as medium for glitter)
  9. Pink cosmetic glitter (lower lash line)
  10. Mascara
  11. Primer
  12. Concealer
  13. Stick contour
  14. Foundation
  15. Concealer (under eyes)
  16. Eyebrows
  17. Powder contour
  18. Blush
  19. Pink highlighter
  20. Pink lipstick
  21. Pink metallic lip gloss
  22. Setting spray

Which is your favorite holiday and why? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila

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