IG Chooses My Makeup: My Take

IG Chooses My Makeup: My Take

Hello and happy Monday. As promised, this is the last post in the “IG Chooses My Makeup” series. Today I wanted to show you my picks, my own take in the look. As you can see in the picture, it’s pretty soft and wearable. Yes, I still did a smoky eye using the same shades I did a few weeks ago, but I didn’t wear liquid eyeliner and the pencil eyeliner I chose was yellow as opposed to black. This made the eyes look softer and more smoked out. I also picked lipgloss instead of the matte, super pigmented pink lipstick that had been IG’s choice, and I didn’t use any highlighter because I thought that would be excessive. I’m using the Shayla x Colour Pop Proceed With Caution palette. These are the steps I followed to achieve the look.




  1. Primer
  2. Concealer (eyelids)
  3. Culture (crease)
  4. Gloves On (top lash line- smudge)
  5. HZRD (eyelid)
  6. Use a clean blending brush to smudge any rough edges and blend all shades together.
  7. Yellow pencil eyeliner (waterline)
  8. Culture (lower lash line)
  9. Gloves On (smudge over yellow)
  10. HZRD (blend on lower lash line)
  11. Concealer
  12. Stick foundation
  13. Eyebrows
  14. Bronzer
  15. Matte blush
  16. Brown lipgloss
  17. Matte setting spray

Would you wear this look? If so, where? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila

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