I Got a Lot of New Makeup

I Got a Lot of New Makeup

Hello and happy Sunday. I feel like this haul was long overdue, but it’s finally here. Yes, I bought a shitton of ColourPop stuff and I’ll tell you all about it today. Let’s get started, shall we?

  • Mattifying Prime + Set Duo All Star ($20)
  • Count Me In Super Shock Blush ($8)
  • Spectacle Pressed Powder Bronzer ($7)
  • Black on Black BFF Mascara ($8)
  • Candy Paint Lippie Stix ($6)
  • Grunge Lippie Stix ($6)
  • BFF Pencil 2 Lippie Pencil ($6)
  • Chroma Crush Lip Bundle ($24.50)
  • BFD Cleansing Oil ($14)
  • Unt Z Liner ($5.50)
  • Crssd Liner ($5.50)
  • Electric Daisy Liner ($5.50)
  • Makeup UR Mind Shadow Palette ($12)
  • Soft Spot Ultra Blotted Lip ($7)
  • Constellation SuperNova Shadow ($7.50)
  • Ducky Felt Tip Liquid Liner ($8)
  • Boots Liner ($5.50)
  • Later Hater Spot Treatment ($12)
  • Bronde Moment Pencil Precision Eyebrow Pencil ($5.50)
  • Light No Filter Finishing Powder ($8.00)
  • Fair 06 No Filter Matte Concealer ($6.50)
  • Light 40 N No Filter Foundation Stix ($10)

Have you bought anything from ColourPop or any of its sister brands? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

3 thoughts on “I Got a Lot of New Makeup

  1. I love ColorPop products. I was recently informed that the makers of Kylie products are related to that brand in some way!


    1. I had no idea! I found out about ColourPop through YouTube and then Instagram. I was impressed by how affordable/high quality the products are but for some reason the Kylie stuff doesn’t give me that vibe.

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