Breaking Down My TBR List

Breaking Down My TBR List


Hello and happy Wednesday. I feel that 2020 so far has been a successful year reading-wise and part of it is the fact that I decided to break down by super long TBR list into monthly “challenges” or themes and that has certainly made my reading experience more interesting.

I’d seen book bloggers and BookTubers have reading challenges or themed months in the past, and though I’d tried to do it a few times, I’d never been consistent. Well, like I told you in that post about the ideas I have for this year, each month I will read books that have the same word in the title. This year I won’t reveal what the words are, I’ll let you guess them each month since I’m piloting this experiment and I’m still figuring out whether it works for me and this blog. 

Basically what I did was look through my TBR notebook and look for common words in the titles of the books I’d listed. Think of Books and Lala’s Buzzwordathon, only I’m reading and reviewing one book (and sometimes one ARC) every week according to the monthly theme. So far, I’ve found these themed TBR lists very fun and way less daunting than the one super long list I have because instead of thinking about the hundreds of books I have yet to read, I focus on reading about eight every month.

I have found that I have way more titles including the buzz words than the ones I can review each month, so I’m already planning a follow-up series in which I’ll do full-on buzzwordathons. If you like those types of posts, I think you’ll love everything that is coming up.

Now that our second themed month is over, tell me, which were the buzz words for January and February?

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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