June 2019 Glam Bag Plus

June 2019 Glam Bag Plus

Hello and happy Sunday. Last week I shared with you my final Ipsy Glam Bag haul and today it’s time to do the same with the Glam Bag Plus. I’m honestly not upset that I only got two boxes because they weren’t really good. I’m going to go over the items but I won’t share links because I wouldn’t recommend any.

If you remember, besides my May Glam Bag Plus being super late, it didn’t come with a booklet explaining the products. This one did, but again, I got no makeup bag. I think I made a mistake in last week’s post and I mentioned the Tetris x Ipsy palette, but I actually got it in the Glam Bag Plus, not the regular one. The color selection is a shit show: you get a matte beige, a super light brown, a purple, a pink, a blue, and a silver, all of which, might I add, were shimmery. In my opinion, there was no color story there. The Ipsy value was $25, which means that it almost covered the cost of the entire box.

Then we had the Suva eyeliner and brush, which I get, can be useful for people who are learning to apply eyeliner or who prefer a softer touch than the one from liquid eyeliners. It is also a female-owned brand, so that adds points. The downside is that you must “activate” the product using water, and that added step is annoying enough for me to either use regular liquid eyeliner or not wear any at all. The value estimated by Ipsy was $26. I’m not paying that for some black paint I seldom wear on my eyelids.

My anger is increasing because we’re now going to discuss the 111 Skin booster or whatever. It isn’t even clear what it does to the skin, and honestly, it has the texture and scent of spit. Yes, I’ve had spit on my face. Don’t ask. It is a male-owned brand, which I wouldn’t be too eager to support, and its estimated value is $180. No, thank you.

Previously I told you how I hate that I get the same type of product over and over. Well, this time I got my second tube of mascara in a month. This one is from Pür, which is a female-owned brand. The estimated value of this product is $21. I think at that point the people at Ipsy weren’t even trying to “personalize” my boxes or bags.

Finally, I got the liquid lipstick at the top. It’s from Ciaté, which is a female-owned brand, and as you can see, it is very similar to another Ciaté lipstick I have, which I got from another Ipsy Glam Bag. The color is undeniably gorgeous, although at $19 I wouldn’t buy it.

This frustrating haul has come to an end. Now I’m going to put on my PJs and play Sims. While I do that let me know your thoughts on subscription services that offer “upgrades” for an added value.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila


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