June 2019 Glam Bag

June 2019 Glam Bag

Hello and happy Sunday. Like I told you in my post about my Ipsy subscription ending, this will be my last Glam Bag haul. Lorena, from Forty, Flirty & Fabulous commented on that post and suggested Boxy Charm, which I might try in the future, but for now, I think I’m done with makeup/beauty subscription boxes. She agrees, though, that Ipsy hasn’t been great lately, so it’s not just me.

Since this is our last Glam Bag haul, let’s change things up a little bit. We all know that I’m not going to purchase either of the products I got because 1) they’re probably overpriced, 2) I already have them, so why would I buy them again, or 3) they’re something I wouldn’t normally reach for anyway. I do have some notes though regarding which products were female-owned and which weren’t. 

The reason why I think it’s important to research the owner or CEO of the makeup brand you wear is that the makeup industry still is majorly targeted towards women but oddly enough the heads of big corporations remain to be men. We’re basically feeding a chauvinistic system by giving money to the same men who for centuries have had the power to tell us how to look. It’s ridiculous.

We all know that Ipsy was created by a woman, so it would make sense that she’d want to support more female entrepreneurs. Both the palette and the blending brush are by Ipsy in collaboration with Tetris, so they’re at least partly female-owned. I also need to add that I love the skinny blending brush and I use it often to work on my crease.

I couldn’t find who the CEO of Look at Me was, and trust me, I searched. Like I told you in a previous post when I was researching the CEO’s or owners of different makeup brands, I think that is just shady. Additionally, as you might have seen if you’ve been following these hauls, this was the third time in a row that I got sheet masks, and as much as I love them, it was too much.

Pixi is a female-owned brand and one that I really like. I don’t know if this is coincidence or what, but all the products I’ve gotten from them have come in neutral tones, which I appreciate because it’s a way to ensure I will wear them. The lipgloss I got has been one of my go-to products since. It smells like mint, which surprised me a bit, but I actually really like how it feels on my lips.

The highlighter is from Sugar Cosmetics, which is a brand I’d gotten stuff from before in my Glam Bag. It is co-owned by a woman and I really like that. The highlight is alright, but I had gotten a similar one in a previous Glam Bag, so it’s not a product I’ll be reaching for a ton.

Finally, we have Benefit, and the CEO is a guy. I got a teeny tiny tube of brow mascara, which is nice, but the size is super inconvenient. Benefit is sold in Colombia and it is stupidly expensive.

Is there any subscription service you’ve fallen out of love with? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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