ColourPop Haul #1

ColourPop Haul #1

Hello and happy Sunday. Since my Ipsy subscription ended, I’ve decided to regulate my makeup consumption and to really try to buy stuff that I’ll be using. This means that I won’t get any makeup-related subscription services, at least for a while and that I’ll buy what I consider I need or want and will definitely use from ColourPop.

I love ColourPop for many reasons: it is female-owned and employs and empowers many women, it is affordable yet high-quality, it’s cruelty-free, it ships internationally…basically, all I could ask for a makeup brand besides providing me with cute makeup, you know? Let’s get started, shall we?

I got Maleficent’s set from the Villains collection, but I think it is out of stock, so I’ll link each individual product.



Proceed With Caution Shadow Palette($15)









Main Squeeze Shadow Palette ($12) The other shadow you see there was a gift considering this palette was launched for ColourPop’s fifth birthday. I don’t think it is available for sale.

What do you think about my recent purchases and my decision to regulate my makeup consumption? I will still be playing with it, but I’ll be more mindful of what I have and I’ll try to use it up before getting more stuff.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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