January 2020 Thankful Thursday Week 5

January 2020 Thankful Thursday Week 5

Copy of Copy of THROWBACK THURSDAY.pngHello and happy Thursday. I don’t know about you, but I think I was the happiest when I was at school, and then in university, I was super excited to learn the things I actually wanted to learn and not what I had to. And yes, school made me so happy that I decided to never leave it again by becoming a teacher. Even years after graduating university some people and some situations made that excitement come alive again like we’ll see in today’s happy thought.

January 30th, 2018: Having a teacher remember my name makes me happy. 

Now, I am not certain that what I’m going to tell you is what I was actually referring to in this post, but who cares, right? My sister, who recently finished university, was taking an online English class, which is a requirement for every major in Colombia. Online classes can be tricky and she had some sort of technical difficulty, for which she needed to talk to the director of the English department, who turned out to be a former teacher of mine. My sister didn’t know who the teacher was when she went to talk to him, and I didn’t know that he was in charge of that department, either. She started telling him the problem she had when all of a sudden he asked her, “wait, are you Camila’s sister?” We have the same last name, so he might have associated that and my sister’s physical resemblance to me, which is almost nonexistent. It was so heartwarming to hear that a person who had taught me a once-a-week class two years before still remembered me!

Have you had an experience like this? Did you feel as happy as I did? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila