IG Picks My Makeup: The Candidates

IG Picks My Makeup: The Candidates

Hello and happy Monday. Since I’m currently on vacation, I decided to do something fun and ambitious with my makeup. This time, it involved Instagram, and more specifically, the friends and family that follow me. I consider myself lucky because I know that many people who follow me are really interested in what I do with makeup, and this wasn’t the exception. I basically followed the “IG chooses my…” trend which was on full swing a few months ago. For each step of my regular makeup process, I selected two products and then made polls for the people who follow me (it feels so weird to say “my followers” when I’m talking about friends and family) to vote.

Here are the candidates:






























































































































































































































Next week I’ll let you know who the winners were. In the meantime, tell me which of these options you’d pick and why.

Happy Monday!

Love, Miss Camila