Kindergarten Teacher Essentials

Kindergarten Teacher Essentials

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Hello and happy Monday. When I was in university, I took classes on how to plan lessons, how to develop materials, and even how to apply tests to students, but there wasn’t a single class in which I was told about the equipment I would need for teaching (and the amount of money that would represent). I learned with this experience, and at some point, I hand kinda learned by heart what those essentials were. Today I’m going to share with you the things you seriously need in order to survive teaching kindergarten. Let’s get started, shall we?

1. Hand sanitizer

I used to have a spray one, and I used it for myself and my students. Kids have the ability to get their hands sticky without any apparent cause just moments before being given a worksheet, so keeping this at hand is going to be very useful. Is it going to protect you from germs? Not really, but at least it’s going to give you the feeling that you’re not covered in them.

2. Stickers and a sticker album 

It’s kind of obvious why you’ll need stickers, right? I used to have a box at home, and I there I’d have tons of sticker sheets, and what I’d do was “refill” my sticker albums which what I had at home. This means that I only took a sticker album to school. It was more practical for me to take just the album, which is the size of a small notebook, but I have had colleagues who had a box, just like the one I had at home. Anyway, stickers are a must.

3. Water bottle

If you teach kindergarten, chances are you’re going to be standing up and moving around all day. And let me tell you, coffee won’t cut it. You’ll need water to keep hydrated, yes, but also to keep your throat from going dry and your voice from being hoarse. Water is just the best thing ever, in my opinion.

4. Lip balm

Lip balm is like a water bottle for your lips. You’re talking all day long, and you need to keep your lips nice and moisturized, or they’ll crack and be all chapped and dry. Chapped lips hurt, and you don’t want to be in pain at work. Keep one in a drawer that only you get access to, and make a habit of applying lip balm every time you can.

5. Colorful markers/pens

I like a mix between these two, so something like flair pens or really thin markers. Write notes to parents with these, use them to grade papers. There’s nothing sadder than to see a kindergarten teacher use a boring black pen if they could use something happier and more colorful. I’m telling you, these are a must.

6. All the crafty stuff

Personally, I have my own stash of crafty stuff at home, so when I was at school I’d use the school supplies, but I also had my things at home when needed. Have your own stash of cardboard, yarn, glue, glitter, and all things crafty. I’m telling you, they’ll come in handy.

Those are my essentials. In the comments below tell me about an essential I might have missed.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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