First Day of Kindergarten

First Day of Kindergarten

Hello and happy Monday. I know I haven’t done a “day in the classroom” kind of post in a long time, and that’s due to the fact that I pretty much stopped taking pictures of my lessons altogether. I think I’ve told you that I’ve avoided taking my phone into the classroom, and obviously that means I can’t take any pictures. I will be super honest with you and tell you that, unlike when I used to blog about my lessons, I am not planning the classes, and I think it would not be appropriate for me to share stuff about a class I’m executing but that I didn’t think of myself, if that makes any sense.

That being said, I want to tell you about an idea that was all mine, and it’s the activity I did for the first day of kindergarten. If you want to recreate it, all you’re going to need is stickers. Let’s get started, shall we?

I think that first approach you have with students has to be about getting to know each other. You need to learn your students’ names, and they need to learn yours and feel comfortable with you. They also need to get to know their classmates because there might be some new kids (or, in some cases, all of them are new). This is why, for the first activity of the first day of class, I like to sit on the floor, and if you have a carpet, even better.

Okay, that’s cute and all, but what about the actual activity? I sat my students on the floor in a circle, and I had my bag full of stickers. Look at the thumbnail and think like a kindergartner. What do you see? I’ll tell you what I wanted my students to see: colors and animals. I already had these stickers at home, but you can use any sort of sticker as long as it has a differentiating attribute that students can easily notice and point out.

On each sticker, I wrote the name of each of my students, so what I did was draw a sticker from the bag, ask the whole class what color and animal it was, and then call the student whose name was written on the sticker. Now, this activity will take time because you’re calling each student one by one, but in my opinion, that’s how the first lesson should go.

The year prior to that, I sat my pre-kinder boys in a circle and I had a foam ball, which I throw at them and sing this song that went “Good morning,  _____, good morning, how are you? ______, how are you?”  And they had to say good morning and tell me if they were good (thumbs up), so-so (thumb in the middle), or bad (thumbs down). I already knew most of my kindergartners that year, so we sang the animals song, that goes “hello _____, how are you? With a (they say an animal) we’re going to say hello. And what does the (animal) say?” And then we’d act like the animal.

Am I working on “academic” content in those first lessons? Yes because we’re reviewing vocabulary, but more than that, I’m focusing on introducing myself and my class to the students, and even if I already knew them, I am introducing them to the new school year. Now, in the comments,  I’d like you to share with me some ideas that can be implemented on the first day.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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