A Family Game Idea

A Family Game Idea

Hello and happy Sunday. I’m going to share with you a game I played with my family a while ago, and that was super easy to put together, and very fun to play. To give you some context, I have always spent Christmas with my mom, my sister, and my maternal grandparents, but for the past couple of years, we’ve replaced the dinner for lunch because my grandparents get too tired at night, especially my grandma who’s the one cooking.

I’m okay with either lunch or dinner, but this change in tradition has been hard on my sister. To make it more animated, then, I decided we should play a game that could be entertaining for people between the ages of 23 and 87. We’d recently gotten a Jenga set for free at a store, so I decided to use it. I numbered each piece and then made a Word document with 48 multiple-choice questions. I obviously didn’t come up with the questions, I just Googled and selected them.

Now, that’s pretty much what we needed for the game: each person had to remove one of the pieces like on regular Jenga, but then to earn the piece, which counted as a point, they had to answer the corresponding question. It was easy to visualize how many points each person had because I just needed to see how many pieces they’d earned. Here’s a pro tip: save  Word documents to your Notes app on your iPad, so that you can access them even if there’s no internet. I’m saying this because I wrote the questions using my computer, then sent them to my email and downloaded them in my iPad, and had them saved in my Notes app. Techie, I know.

I also did medals for the contestants because we all know that when there’s an incentive people get more pumped and excited to play. And that was it, the game we played for Christmas last year. What games do you play with your family? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy teaching!
Love, Miss Camila

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