How I Use Google Slides in the Classroom

How I Use Google Slides in the Classroom

Hello and happy Saturday. Now that I have a fulfilling and exciting job, I feel that I can be a more productive teacher blogger. Yes, tags and DIY’s are fun, but as a teacher there’s stuff I do in my classroom that can be useful to you. An example of this is Google Slides, which is basically an online version of Power Point that you can use with your Google account.

I will soon have an in-depth post about my planning and organization processes, and in it I will explain to you what goes into my Google Slides, but today I will talk more about the use of this tool in the classroom. Basically, think about this: I make a presentation for each of my classes, and that’s how I pace myself, I ensure that I’m following the agenda and the classroom protocols, and I use resources such as videos.

Now, I teach kindergarten, so I don’t just write information in slides and talk the whole time, but I look for templates, like the one in the picture, that will save me time, maximizing instructional time. The picture shows a K-W-L chart. I took an image, pasted it into my slides, and enlarged it so that it would be projected on the board and then I would fill it on the board with my students’ answers.

A normal presentation for a lesson will begin with the date, so I have a template of a slide that I project every day at the beginning. Now, I project the date but I also write it on the board, as it is part of our class protocol, meaning every kindergarten teacher must begin her class with the date. I also use a slide so that students can see the full date before I write it down because in Math we’re working on numbers, so I can easily point at a number and they’ll read it and say it for me. I have a “title” slide for each of the subjects I teach so that students know what we will be working on. They know that the math slide has numbers and that the science one has scientists.

I then present the agenda to my students, which is a series of four or five images depending on the length of the class. I write the agenda on the board, as well as the big idea, which is often an “I can” statement. Then we move on to the core of the lesson, which is whatever I projected and drew as part of the agenda. I make sure to insert the videos we’re going to work on, as well as the images that we’ll need, and I interact with whatever is projected, usually by adding to it with board markers.

I only started using Google Slides this school year, but I feel it’s a tool that’s helped me a lot to get organized when planning the minute-to-minute for each lesson, and it has given my students visual cues that maximize instruction time, like when they see the light bulb and they know I’m about to tell them the big idea.

Do you use Google Slides in your classroom or any other technological resource that you find useful? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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