Dear Freelancer: Download the App

Dear Freelancer: Download the App

Dear FreelancerHello and happy Thursday. I hope you’re enjoying this series and that you’re finding it useful. For me, these pieces of advice I’m giving you were things I learned as I went, and I would’ve loved for someone to explain them to me before I ventured in the freelancing world.

Even now that I’ve gone back to a traditional job, I access the platform and work on some orders so that I can have a little side income since I’ve decided I’m on money-saving mode. Of course, I do everything online. I can see the available orders through a website, upload the finished product and get paid through Paypal. I know that for other freelancing jobs, not everything is online-based, and if that’s your case, then probably this advice won’t work on you.

If like me you depend on the Internet to do your job, my suggestion is simple: download the app. As far as I know, all online freelancing companies have a mobile app that you can download. Granted, you probably won’t have all the features that the website offers when you access it from a computer, but the basic functions should be enough. For me, having the app means that I can see orders as they become available. I can reserve, accept or reject them even if I’m not at home in front of my screen.

Another suggestion is to turn on your email notifications for the website. Yes, you’ll probably get tons of emails and yes, out of those, you might consider a vast majority useless, but again, think about the times when you are not in front of your computer. If you work at an online teaching company, you might get an email notification every time a student books a class with you and you can manage your schedule on the go instead of having to wait until you get home.

Freelancing for me has meant relying a lot more on technology than I used to, so basically in this post, I’m telling you to make the full switch, and embrace all the tools that you’re provided.  What other technological resources help you as a freelancer? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy Thursday!

Love, Miss Camila

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