DIY Treasure Box

DIY Treasure Box

Hello and happy Sunday. Today I bring you an idea that could work both for a classroom or a house where there are children. It’s incredibly simple, but trust me, your kids are going to love it. I’m talking about a “treasure box,” which is a cardboard box I decorated and filled with small toys for my students to play with.

I used a medium-sized cardboard box, and the only alteration I made was that I cut it so that my students could open it just by lifting the top flap.



You know contact paper is my best friend, and I used this wooden-print one because it was the only one I had around and I also liked the idea of it looking like a wooden box…it helped with the whole “treasure box/ chest” theme.











These were the toys I started out with. I kept each either in a plastic egg or a small box, and I labeled the outside with the name of the toy and my name. I did this to avoid getting the toys lost, although with kids and such small items there’s really no guarantee.










How cute is my dog’s tail, huh? Okay, to finish up, I just decorated the outside of the box. Keep in mind that even if you secure the stickers with some glue, they might fall off (or be taken off).

And that was it, a very easy way to make something cute and magical for your kids. In my case, I had all the supplies I used already at home, so I didn’t have to buy anything, not even the toys. If you were to do this treasure box, how would you theme it and what would you put inside? Let me know in the comments.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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