Don’t Read Becoming Us, Read This Instead

Don’t Read Becoming Us, Read This Instead

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Hello and happy Wednesday. I’m still not sure about the name of this series so your suggestions will be kindly appreciated. Basically, I’ll be looking at the books I’ve given one star on Goodreads, and I’ll recommend an alternative to them so that you read quality content and don’t waste your time on books that are just not worth it. I have already reviewed these books, so I will just focus on why I think you’d like one instead of the other and I’ll try to link the reviews so that you can read them. Let’s get started, shall we?

I don’t want you to read shit, and Becoming Us by Amy Daws is pure shit. I think it is one of the first books I gave a one-star rating to, but rest assure that I did it for good reason. The synopsis doesn’t really tell me a lot. We have a dumb college girl who’s been “friend-zoned” by a guy and who then meets this mysterious stranger, so we know that there’s going to be a love triangle.

Now, if this is a trope that you’re into, I think you’ll really enjoy Easy by Tammara Webber [x]. I think this has a very original take in the whole love triangle deal. It also has a mysterious stranger but unlike the one in Becoming Us, this one isn’t a possessive jerk. Both Easy and Becoming us take place in college, so if that’s the vibe you’re going for, I suggest you read Easy.

I think I got Becoming Us for free or for very cheap, and it was advertised on BookBub or something of the sort. Being a small book blogger means that I take any chance I get at free or cheap books, and that’s why I got this one. Don’t read it, though. I only give one-star ratings to books that either send hateful messages or that do not handle well certain issues that are either related to mental health, abuse, or other problematic situations. Becoming Us romanticizes abusive relationships, so it’s a book I do not recommend under any circumstances. Read Easy instead, I guarantee you’ll like it.

Do you have any college-based stories that feature a love triangle? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila


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