DIY Book Crates

DIY Book Crates

Hello and happy Sunday. A few months ago, I was watching Real Rap with Reynolds on Youtube, and I saw that he had these book crates on his wall and I had an idea. I’ve always thought that teachers in the States pay too much money for things that teachers in Colombia (and I’m sure many other countries) do themselves for a fraction of the cost, and these book crates are no exception.


I thought that even if Mr. Reynolds’ crates look cute, I wanted something that my students could have access to, so I thought about making book crates that I’d have on the floor. Spoiler alert: they ended up serving a different purpose in the classroom, but it was so easy to make them that I’m still going to share the steps with you. I used a cardboard box, glue, masking tape, paint, and a piece of paper.





I took  regular boxes and removed the top. Then, I proceeded to painting, which is what probably took me the longest because I first went in with white and then I added a deep, vibrant purple to one box and a nice orange to the other one. Then, as you see in the picture, I secured the bottom of the boxes from the inside. I glued a piece of paper to the cardboard, and then put tape on the edges so the paper would stay in place.





And look how cute my book crate turned out! Like I said, it is now serving another purpose, but at least it’s doing something in the classroom, right? I think that there are many items in our house that we consider trash and that can be reused to make our lives a little easier without having to spend a lot of money on stuff that, to be honest, will just harm the environment even more.

What would you store in these crates? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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