Updated Wish List

Updated Wish List

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Hello and happy Wednesday. Last week I brought you my updated TBR list, so it’s only fair that today I share my Wish List. Let’s get started, shall we?

Unlike the TBR list, I don’t own any of the books in my Wish List, but I want to get them. This list is way shorter than my TBR list as well, and thanks to Kindle and Book Outlet, it is easier to make it even shorter. If you want to see the books I want to get, you can click the following link: Miss Camilas Wish List.

I like to keep a wish list to control my impulse buying because it gives me an idea of the books to buy. I think if I didn’t have one, I would just go crazy and not have any logic behind the books I get. It is also a nice tool to have when shopping online, or even in stores. Besides this wish list, I have one on Amazon called “Books to Buy” and one on Book Outlet, and I try to keep them all updated to avoid buying the same book twice.

If you download this list, you’re free to use it any way you want. You can print it or keep the digital copy. I encourage you to click the links on the book titles, especially if there are books that you didn’t know about and you’re intrigued. You can also add or remove any titles and basically manage this list however you feel like.

Is there any book you have unknowingly bought more than once? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila