How I Use My Magical Monthly Reading Planner

How I Use My Magical Monthly Reading Planner

Hello and happy Wednesday. I am super excited to share this post with you because I love being able to help new book bloggers and reviewers whenever I can. Today I would like to tell you how I keep my blogging life organized by using the Magical Monthly Reading Planner I got in an Owlcrate a few months ago.

The first thing you’ll notice is that, yes, I put sticky tabs because I am constantly moving back and forth and writing stuff, and I need everything to be easily located.



Here we have where most of the magic happens: the monthly planner. I didn’t start using this on January 1st, so it actually begins way later. I also don’t use a specific set of pages for a month and then move to the next one, I prefer to continue on the same page because it gives me a clearer vision of my immediate blogging future.

Like I said once when I was talking about how I keep organized, I prefer a horizontal view rather than a vertical one, so monthly planners work better for me than weekly planners do. This notebook has both, but I’m not currently using the weekly planner pages. The way I plan is pretty straightforward: I write down the ideas for the day when I want to write the post and I highlight them when said post has been written. If for some reason I can’t write them that day, I’ll just scratch them off, and draw a cute little arrow or an asterisk. The horizontal disposition is also helpful for this because it helps things still look organized even after I’ve made alterations.

We then have a page which originally was titled New Releases This Month, but I couldn’t care any less about that, so instead it’s my physical TBR list. I have a column for books in English and one for books in Spanish, and the reason why I have it is that when I go on trips I prefer to take a physical book and this is a practical way to find one to take with me.






Because my reading paces vary so much depending on my mood and my job situation, I don’t really need a Monthly TBR list, so instead I have this chart so that I can expand on post ideas. Basically, I write the post title and then I jot down key points so that I know where I wanted to go when I originally came up with the post. This is especially helpful for content that is very long or specific, or that I feel that I can easily lose the focus of if I don’t have a guideline.



Finally, we have the Book Review Section. Again, I keep one page for books in Spanish, and the other one for books in English. Personally, this format has helped me organize my thoughts when I’m writing reviews. It’s way more concise than what I was used to, and so far I’m very happy with it.

Whether you have a planner like this one or not, the contents of it can be useful for you, especially if you’re getting started as a book blogger or reviewer. To me, it’s been key to have everything in one place, sitting on my desk so that all I have to do is consult it whenever I need it. If you’re a blogger as well, I would love to know about your tips and tricks to be organized. Tell me about them in the comments below.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila





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