I Switched to Shampoo Bars

I Switched to Shampoo Bars

Hello and happy Sunday. We all know that I’m not the most eco-friendly woman in the world, but I try my best with small things, like reusing and upcycling stuff like boxes and jars, especially for my classroom. I noticed that, even when I only wash my hair twice a week, the number of empty jars left after I ran out of shampoo was ridiculous, and I sought a solution. This is why I switched to shampoo bars.

I am working on a post in which I’ll tell you exactly how many washes a shampoo bar lasts me so that I can be accurate when I say that it saves you money, but I’m almost certain it does. I mean, I got a four-soap sampler from Mini Meditation for $18. which means I paid $4.50 apiece. You can get shampoo for that price, of course, but I’m sure it’s not your top brand of choice.

Saving money is great, and so is saving the planet. Like I said, at least the fact that I’m not leaving empty plastic jars every time I run out of shampoo is amazing. The four shampoo bars come in the box you see in the picture, and they’re wrapped with tissue paper. That’s it. That’s all the waste they generate. Besides, they’re made with natural ingredients, which I’m sure are not as harmful as all the chemicals people put on their hair every single day. And like I said because one bar of soap has lasted me so much, and I’m talking months at this point, I’ve only had to throw that one piece of wrapping paper in the trash can.

I’m very happy with my hair in the sense that it is not extremely sensitive, so I could really use any type of product and it would look good. I cannot tell you that shampoo bars are superior in quality to traditional shampoo, but I can tell you that they’re just as good, and that’s enough for me to be satisfied. I’ve noticed that my hair stays clean for longer, so there’s that. Yes, by Friday it usually looks terrible, but it holds up pretty well during the days leading up to it.

Have you tried shampoo bars or any other eco-friendly alternative? How was your experience with them? Tell me about it in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!
Love, Miss Camila


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