Ghost Lollipops

Ghost Lollipops


Hello and happy Saturday. Yes, this is another Halloween post, and yes, it’s about stuff I give my students, more specifically candy. No, I’m not talking about kindergarten students. I made these ghost lollipops for my high school students and they loved them.

This is very simple, so we’ll make it short and sweet. I used lollipops, the cheap ones because I had over a hundred students and wasn’t going to splurge. To make the actual ghost I used white crepe paper, which I like better than silk paper because it is thicker. I used orange yarn to tie the ghost up (yes, I know how that sounded), and a black Sharpie for the faces.

It’s a very quick and simple thing to do that students will appreciate. Because the lollipops had like that swirly tip on the top, I used some tape to make them as round as possible.

Another consideration I’d have is when doing the wrapping because even if this paper is thicker, it can tear and you wouldn’t want that.

Do you give candy to your students in Halloween or do a special activity on this date? Let me know in the comments.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila