“Coco” Inspired Door Decoration

“Coco” Inspired Door Decoration


Hello and happy Saturday. Halloween is one of the holidays I like the most because I feel like I can be super crafty and creative inside and outside the classroom. I never considered myself super artsy before becoming a teacher, but I felt to develop those crafty skills was necessary to teach younger kids. Now, that being said, I think we currently live in an awesome time in which there are things like Pinterest and directed drawing videos, so if we’re resourceful we can do wonderful things even if we’re not naturally artsy.

My door is a collage of ideas I took from the internet based on the movie Coco. We went with that theme at school, so I decided to incorporate it at home as well. My objective was to use as many of the supplies I had at home as possible, to really take advantage of those, thus helping out the environment and saving money. That’s why I used small black cardboard sheets instead of a big one.

For the frames I just looked at the basic shape of a sugar skull online and free-drew a bunch of them using four different colors. The vine thingies were inspired by the actual movie banner, but I decided to keep them white because of the colorful flowers I added. When I was brainstorming on ideas for the decor, I knew I was going to put flowers in the background. You see, I have two dogs that hate children, so for a few years now what we’ve done was decorate my door and tape pieces of candy on it so that the kids can take them without us having to open the door. The candy went in the center of each flower.

As for the guitar, the maracas, and the hat, I watched directed drawing videos and drew them over brown cardboard to give them that wooden/ old time-y effect. I used mostly orange and green, also for effect and to make them seem more authentic looking.

I already have a very cool idea for next year, but I want you to try to guess in the comments. Hint: it’s going to be spooky.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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