Edelweiss Reads: Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend

Edelweiss Reads: Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend

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Hello and happy Friday. I probably told you a while ago that I wanted to improve my reviewing game, so today I’ll share my thoughts on a DRC I was provided via Edelweiss. Let’s get started, shall we?

I read Mom’s Perfect Boyfriend by Crystal Hemmingway between August 9th and August 11th, 2019 and gave it two stars. In a few words, I can describe this as a short read but one that is neither memorable nor entertaining. On the plus side, you won’t use too many brain cells while reading this.

According to the first page, this is based on a true story, which I find hard to believe and I think it’s probably a way to hook readers. In that case, the hook worked because it took me three days to read this whole novel, didn’t it? The format also made it a quick read because the story is constructed solely on text messages, emails, and diary entries. That’s something I’m really into, but I honestly felt that I was missing context while reading this book. I consider the texts and the messages as nice inserts that would complement a story, but not as the story in and of itself.

I should’ve known better when requesting this book because I don’t like stories about mothers and daughters in general. It makes me uncomfortable to read about a daughter whose best friend is her mom, and it infuriates me when children don’t treat their parents well. Yes, it was a mistake on my part, clearly, since the title indicated that indeed we would have an exploration of a mother-daughter relationship, and, to make matters worse, there were romantic relationships involved.

As I kept reading, I couldn’t figure out the “point” of the book. Again, I wasn’t (and still am not) sure that this was actually based on true events, so I didn’t quite understand whether the “transcripts” from the mother’s journal were legit or not. Additionally, there were “jokes” related to child molestation, which I never condone and which obviously factored in the two-star rating I gave the book.

This definitely wasn’t the book for me. It wasn’t really harmful or anything (aside from the “jokes” that were completely unnecessary), but I don’t think it was really worth my time. Do you think that you might like this book? Let me know in the comments below.

Happy reading!

Love, Miss Camila

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