Treats/ Thank-You Cards for Students

Treats/ Thank-You Cards for Students


Hello and happy Saturday. Yes, I literally took a screenshot from Instagram because I forgot to take a regular picture of this. Awkward, I know. What I mean by “this” is a bunch of treats I gave to my students with thank-you cards, which I gave them because they helped me with a presentation for a project fair at school.

Now, I’m sharing this post because I want to open the discussion in terms of things some teachers do that others don’t, and especially those extra details that many consider unnecessary. Did I have to buy cookies for my students and give them a card that said “here’s a treat for being so sweet”? Definitely not. Actually one of my co-teachers told me that her students sort of complained to her because I’d given my kids candy and she hadn’t. That got me thinking hard on some things I do that are pretty much second nature to me at this point, but that some teachers don’t even consider.

I came from teaching little kids, and if you had taught anything from pre-k to third grade, you know that it’s just inevitable to shower your students with nice things. I don’t mean I used to give candy to my babies every single day, but it just came easy for me to think of treats, rewards, prizes, or whatever you’d like to call them.

Because when I started teaching high school I was so overwhelmed both professionally and emotionally, I felt like I stopped putting effort into some aspects of my teaching, and that it wasn’t fair to my students the fact that I wasn’t giving them my 100%. And yes, to me giving it my all means cute decor, it means fun activities that have us all engaged, and it means that something extra.

The cookies were very cheap and making the cards took me under ten minutes, so it wasn’t like I spent a lot of time and effort in the making. And I personally love giving presents. I enjoy looking at people’s faces when I give them something, especially when they’re not expecting it. I am going to keep doing this because it makes me genuinely happy and because I feel it’s a part of who I am as a teacher.

I will try to avoid giving food rewards to my students in the future, but that’s just a personal position and a weird teacher goal I want to achieve. If you see in the thumbnail, I asked my followers whether they liked rewarding students, and I want to ask the same to you. In the comments below, let me know what kinds of rewards you use, if your answer was “yes.”

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila