Catrina Makeup

Catrina Makeup

Hello and happy Sunday. Last Halloween my team teachers decided we should all dress up as Catrinas (sugar skulls). I thought it was kind of ironic that we would be appropriating Mexican culture, given that we were the English department, but I wasn’t going to refuse an opportunity to do crazy makeup.

I actually loved the idea of trying different looks I found online, even if my colleagues were suggesting others. I didn’t really want to copy a look from Pinterest; I wanted to create my own look.

My first attempt at Catrina makeup was an all-black version. I started using white paint, and even though it was supposedly made to work on hair and skin, it was a pain to apply. My suggestion is to use a super light shade of foundation instead of putting irritating products on your face. I don’t think I drew the circles around my eyes with a pencil eyeliner, but instead used black paint (which worked better than the white one) and black eyeshadow. I just worked with the shape of my eyes in a way that wasn’t super harsh. To make the eyebrows less visible, I did use gluestick. Then, I added the details with both pencil and liquid eyeliners, and used black paint for the lips. I used my darkest contour and black shadow for the details across the cheeks.

I’m going to go back to the eyes and explain how I did them the way I would on a makeup Monday. The first thing I did was glue my eyebrows and wait for them to dry. I then added black paint on the lid and worked with my brush on shaping the eye, by connecting the lower lash line. After this, I sealed only the eyelid with a shimmery black shadow because I thought it would give the eye a more realistic look. Then I blended the outside again to make it look seamless. I added mascara and eyeliner to my tightline and that’s pretty much it.

I wanted to see how some color would look instead of an all-black eye, so I tried this blue shadow, and I think it made my eye look amazing.

What I did was “cut” the eyelid as one would with a regular makeup look, using concealer, and I think the light concealer over the black is what made this color stand out so much. I packed the blue shadow on and only blended out the crease using black to create that gorgeous transition.

I did the same with red.

And pink.

At the end, though, I did something else for my makeup. If you want to see what I ended up doing, let me know in the comments below.

Happy Sunday!

Love, Miss Camila

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