The BFG Study Pack

The BFG Study Pack

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Hello and happy Saturday. I finally read The BFG by Roald Dahl and I’m super excited to share with you all the resources I made so that you can study this novel in class with your kids. I don’t know about you, but I feel that books like this are meant to be in the classroom, with kids doing funny voices and sound effects, and there’s so much to do with it.

As usual, I created a novel study. I think of this as a booklet that you can download, print, and give your students to develop in class as you read. The questions and other exercises were made thinking about elementary students, and the limited time you might have in your classroom to work with this resource.

If you feel like you probably won’t be using all the questions or that a whole novel study with spaces to record answers is too much, especially for larger classrooms, then you can get the question list. I think that is going to give teachers more flexibility to study the book. You can just select a few questions, or use them as prompts to elicit writing or speaking. You can quiz your students with one question…it’s up to you. The questions are the same as the ones in the novel study, so you don’t need both resources.

There is a movie version of The BFG, and maybe you want to watch it with your class and do something “academic” afterwards. You can get the movie study as well and take advantage of the learning opportunities of watching movies in class.

Now, if you don’t want to do traditional book studies but you still want to work on the novel, you can get Talk Like a Giant. It is a glossary with “giant” words from each chapter of the book. The idea is that students write the definition in their own words, or a sentence using the word, and that they make a drawing. I think this is a fun way to work on writing skills and fluency.

If everything I just listed sounded awesome and you want it all, you can get the study pack. You get all the resources I’ve explained for a discount price. That means that you’ll pay less than if you got them separately.

As always, if you download any of these products, send me a message and let me know how you used them in your classroom. In the comments below tell me about other products you’d like to see in my TpT store.

Happy teaching!

Love, Miss Camila

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