Fancy-Ass Snacks #2

Fancy-Ass Snacks #2


Hello and happy Friday. This is the last time I’ll stop by that super expensive store and buy overpriced snacks, I promise.

Today’s is a mini haul inspired by a craving I had. You see, I once had a sample for kale chips and they were actually good, so I decided to go back to the store another day and buy them. The box you see there is 40 grams of lemon flavored kale chips and cost $4.29. It’s honestly not the cheapest snack, and though I kind of enjoyed it, I haven’t had more than one serving, so to me it wasn’t worth it. At least I can truly say I tried kale chips and they’re not for me, right?

I also got two bags of pita bites. The yellow ones are cheese flavored and the red ones are cinnamon flavored. I liked the salty ones better. I think the flavor of the sweet ones was too strong and I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon in large concentrations. I also think they were too dry, so I’d maybe have a glass of water or something in close proximity. Each of these bags is $1, which might not seem too much, but I think that it’s kind of expensive for a snack.

Have you tried any of these snacks? What are your thoughts on them? Let me know in the comments.

Happy Friday!

Love, Miss Camila