On Sex Toys

On Sex Toys


Hello and happy Tuesday. Just like the title says, this post is going to be about sex toys, so if for some reason you hadn’t realize that and wouldn’t want to read about them, then by all means skip this post because I wouldn’t want to make you uncomfortable.

Now, if you decided to stay, then welcome. My name is Camila and I can truly say my life changed for the better the day I got my first sex toy. To me, they go beyond the pleasure that you feel. To me, honestly, having my toys is empowering. I have been single forever and for many reasons I don’t have sexual partners in a consistent way, so these toys are for me a way in which I can have my fun without needing another person.

Of course, if you have a partner or if you’re super traditional and think sex toys are taboo, then you might find them unnecessary. It can also happen that you have a partner and use the toys with them or on them, that’s not really my field of expertise, although good for you! Honestly, I’m all for open-minded people.

In a previous post a long time ago I mentioned that to me sex goes beyond having intercourse and there are many ways in which you can experience and enjoy it. We often think about sex being a connection with another person, but I also think that some experiences connect us with ourselves. To me wearing lingerie or sexy underwear is part of how I live my sexuality, but I often wear those revealing pieces for myself, for my personal enjoyment. I think the same happens with toys, again, at least in my particular case.

I’m not going to be super explicit here, but with my toys I obviously get my moment of pleasure and of selfishness. I basically own the world and for a while nothing matters besides me and my satisfaction. I also get pleasure just from looking for other toys, adding them to my cart and waiting to get them so that I can try them. And I do that online! I don’t go to shady sex shops, I don’t feel like everyone is looking at me and judging me; I literally just go on Amazon and look at their huge selection of everything sex-related, and then wait for the package to ship.

Like with other posts, I really wanted to write this but was struggling about what to include, what direction to take and all that stuff. I ultimately just decided to write my thoughts as they come, like I would do with a friend. I’ve had the sex toy talk with my best friend, who is way more traditional than me in many aspects, including the masturbation one. Look, we all touch ourselves, okay? It’s normal, it’s healthy, and it’s great. And I feel that sex toys help make it even better.

If you live with other people, or if like me you live with your mom, then find a place to keep them. Don’t *hide* them like they were something you shouldn’t own, but maybe don’t display them, especially not if your mom is a Latina and could most likely walk into your room to “just look for something.” Chances are you’re an adult because, well, I’m 25 and I really don’t know why a teenager would be reading this blog, so if you are I’m pretty sure your mom know by now that you’re either having sex with someone else or with yourself.

Start with something small, nonthreatening, and easy to keep, and move at your own pace when it comes to exploring other options. See what’s out there, try it if you’re interested and maybe even use your own collection while you’re at it. Oh, and if you have any sexy suggestions, share them in the comments below.

Happy Tuesday!

Love, Miss Camila

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